Can’t Get Enough of St. John Paul II? Want to Share His Story With Others?

I know just how you feel.

And now, the creative team over at Catholic-Link have created a digitally-animated video about the life of Saint John Paul II, in light of his canonization.  There are other videos available about his life, to be sure; but what this cartoon does in fewer than five minutes is explain WHY he is a saint.

Garrett Johnson,  Catholic-Link’s English page administrator who is also the writer and producer of the video, explains: 

When considering such a powerful figure like John Paul II, it is easy to believe that his canonization is due to his significant political clout, his activities in favor of youth, or his defense of human rights. All of this is fundamental, of course, however we see the most important reason inhis encounter with Christ. It was, indeed, his love for Jesus that allowed and gave him such a strong impulse to cooperate with God and to accomplish so much.

St. John Paul II” was edited by Canva Ma, a talented young student from Ecuador who works for the Catholic-Link team. The writer and producer is Garrett Johnson, the director of the English webpage. The general director is Mauricio Artieda. 

Artieda says of the video, “We are very excited to be able to present a digital animation about a Pope’s life. Our first was about Pope Francis and now we look at Saint John Paul II. We did so because Pope Wojtyla’s life speaks so strongly of the holiness that we are all called to live. 

The message of John Paul II’s life is very clear: if you put your life in the hands of God, He will do great things through you. This is what we want to transmit with our video. God willing, it will bear many fruits of evangelization.”

Director of’s English page and video producer, Garrett Johnson, adds, “It is hard to express the impact that Saint John Paul II has had on our generation. His dauntless courage, his profound faith, and his contagious joy were all gifts he shared with each and every one of us. It is time that we do the same.

We must make sure, through our efforts of evangelization and our own lives of faith, that people know the truth of the Christian life. One convicted “Yes” to Christ, through the intercession of Holy Mary, first transforms a heart, then a nation, then the entire world.”

The video’s editor, Canva Ma, declares: “How great that the video appear on the day in which our Lady of Fatima appeared to the young pastors, and the same day on which she deflected the bullet aimed for John Paul. I hope that this video will also be like a bullet, one, though, that this time doesn’t miss its mark! That it go right to the heart and incite concretes actions inspired by the desire to be saints! Finally, I would like to I thank God for the opportunity He has given me to give back just a bit of all that he has given to me.

St. John Paul II. The Life of a Holy Pope” is initially being launched in English, Spanish, and Italian.


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