Pope Benedict, the Pianist

One of the pleasures in which Pope Emeritus Benedict is said to indulge in his retirement is playing the piano.

A skilled pianist, he was unable to spend much time at the keyboard during the years of his papacy.  Now, perhaps, he returns to that great love.

A Redditor pointed out this video this morning.  (Click the link–for some reason, the video could not be embedded.)

Besides being able to speak ten languages and fly a helicopter, the pope emeritus is at home in the music room.

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  • robert chacon

    God bless Pope Benedict! He may never be recognized as saint by the Universal Church in the Communion of Saints, but this a truly holy, courageous, intelligent talented Renaissance man of the 20/21st century who gave all his gifts to the service of the Church! He is and will always be an inspiration to me and not just the caretaker pope between John Paul II and Francis. Despite this, I for one am happy for his private life and him being able to enjoy his last days playing the piano without the burden of the papacy and to enjoy the company of his brother. Its certainly a mysterious paradox that those most needed to serve God in leadership are those who least want to be in leadership! God bless you, Pope Emeritus Benedict. A truly great man and servant of God!

  • I didn’t know he could fly a helicopter. Oh he’s definitely my favorite Pope. 🙂