WEIRD: Her Abortion Is a “Special Memory”; In a Fire, She’d Grab Her Sonogram First

Emily Letts is a patient advocate (or more accurately, an abortion counselor).  The 25-year-old works at Cherry Hill Women’s Centre in New Jersey, where she counsels women who are about to end the life of their children.

When Emily got pregnant, she made the same decision that she encourages other women to make:   to cut short her baby’s life because she “wasn’t ready to be a mother.”

I’ve got news for you, Emily:  You ARE a mother.  You’re the mother of a dead baby.

*     *     *     *     *

Letts made headlines this week in social media, in The Blaze, in the Huffington Post, by releasing a YouTube video of her own abortion, which she calls a “special memory.”

Letts’ film is a happy-clappy, nonjudgmental, non-reflective and unrepentant reinterpretation of what really happens during an abortion.  She says she “wanted women to see what abortion was like”–but the film, first place winner in the Abortion Care Network’s macabre “Stigma Busting Video Competition”, focuses exclusively on her.

We never see the doctor, never see the “uterine contents” carried off in a bucket, arms and legs jutting out, disposed of as medical waste.

The Huffington Post quotes the last lines of Letts’ video:

“I don’t feel like a bad person. I don’t feel sad. I feel in awe of the fact that I can make a baby.

“I can make a life. I knew what I was going to do was right because it was right for me and no one else. I just wanna share my story.”

Letts sputters all the usual pro-abort accusations:  People try to make you feel guilty.  Society breeds this guilt.  We inhale it from all directions….

But this statement stood out for me as the most blatant display of cognitive dissonance I’ve heard in a long time.  Letts said,

“I know that sounds weird, but to me, this was as birth-like as it could be. It will always be a special memory for me. I still have my sonogram, and if my apartment were to catch fire, it would be the first thing I’d grab.”

Here’s the video.  Watch it at your own risk.



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  • Ken H.

    that’s funny: “I can make A BABY” & “I can make A LIFE”… Soooooo – I guess she ended the LIFE of A BABY, then. Okay. I hope there is a follow up as time goes on.

    • Ricard

      I noticed that as well. A rather sick twist on Bill Cosby’s comic line to his kids, “I brought you into this world, I can take you out.”

      • Arekushieru

        If any parent tries to take their children, which naturally means they are already BORN, out that is murder. Just like defending yourself from and killing a rapist is not murder, neither is abortion. Oops.

    • Maggie

      And that gives her the right to end the life of another innocent person?

      • Where is the corpse of the “innocent person?” In what frame of the video does the corpse appear?

      • Arekushieru

        As Plum said, a fetus is neither a person nor capable of being either innocent or guilty. The right to choose how your body is used and when and how it is used via ongoing, informed and explicit consent gives a person the right to CHOOSE between abortion and gestation. It’s funny but sad that antis can’t seem to grasp this simple concept.

      • April Spring

        “In a Fire, She’d Grab Her Sonogram First”
        She likes to have a trophy of her victim. Just like Gosnell with his trophies of the babies’ feet in jars in his abortion clinic.
        Most killers keep trophies of their killings. This is criminology 101.

    • Arekushieru

      To HER it was a life and a baby. But that doesn’t automatically make one a life or a baby. If I call an adult dog a baby does that mean it’s a baby, now? Didn’t think so.

      Also, whether it’s a life or baby is irrelevant when it comes to abortion.

  • I won’t watch it. I’m already infuriated. It will push me over the top. This is evil with a happy face. I better stop there.

    • Maybe you will like the other winning video in the contest?

      • No thank you. I rather avoid evil if I can. you seem to wallow in it. God be with you.

        • God loves me absolutely. Do not pray for me. God might think I hang out with you.

          • Hahaha, nice comeback. Kudos. I’ll still pray for you becasue I want the best for you. Truly.

          • Thank you dear merciful God for forty years and counting of safe and legal medical contraception and abortion. Praise your Holy Name,

            Thank you for the Clergy whose work for reproductive justice changed perceptions and helped to bring us Roe v Wade.

            Keep me safe from people who say they want to do things for me. Amen.

          • John Flaherty

            I’d love to hear the names of these clergy. How many of them still function as priests?

            Before you answer, let’s be clear: A nun who escorts people into clinics is not a member of the clergy. Clergy are ordained priests, though we typically allow Protestant ministers the same honorifics.

            BTW: You do realize that thanking God for contraception and abortion comes within hairs of straight blasphemy?
            If you do believe in God, I pray you’ll repent.

          • You are not my teacher. Do not presume to tell how to pray or what to pray for. What hubris.

            Here is the history and a link to the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.:


            Founded in 1967, the Clergy Consultation Service on Abortion was a network of clergy who referred women to safe (though still illegal) abortions. There were 26 ministers and a rabbi at the founding of the network, and more than a thousand when the Roe v. WadeSupreme Court Decision made the organization unnecessary.

            The existence of a group of clergy willing to refer women to abortion services was important primarily for two reasons:

            safer abortions: women who consulted with the service could often find more reliable, safer abortion procedures than if they relied on their own informal networks.

            ethical statement: the presence of clergy willing to take professional and legal risks to aid women seeking abortions was an ethical statement, important in changing social attitudes towards the legalization of abortion.

          • John Flaherty

            Oh. Yes. I see.
            I am acquainted with this bunch, though only because Fr Z has mentioned them in relation to Sister Quinn’s actions. Very sad.

            I agree that clergy willing to take risks was necessary for this social change to happen. I’m quite disgusted that some have chosen this route.

            For the record, I don’t recall having suggested you should pray, though the web site does mention doing so. I don’t see anything in my comments that even implies prayer.

            …When did I claim to be your teacher?

          • You do not read what you type? Interesting.

          • John Flaherty

            Please provide a direct quote.

          • No.

          • John Flaherty

            That’s not much of a response.

          • I told you to go away. In case you did not see the comment, go away. Ta ta. Bye now.

          • Who is we? Do you have a hamster in your pocket? It certainly is not you and me and the dictionary does not agree either.

          • John Flaherty

            “We” in this case refers to ministers of various denominations. often including Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and Muslim. I have no idea what your dictionary says about clergy. Perhaps just as well.

          • I do not think YOU speak for the whole group. You certainly do not speak for me. So your “we” is you and the hamster.

          • John Flaherty

            I see.
            You’re very good at deciding which portion of American society you’ll admit at which you won’t. Those denominations I’ve mentioned generally are the ones recognized all over. .

          • Go away, Scrub. In the battle of wits you are unarmed.

          • John Flaherty

            Yet you seem unable to respond.

          • lady_black

            And you do not speak for all Christians. You don’t even speak for all Catholics. And you certainly don’t speak for any “god.”

          • lady_black

            There are Catholics, and other Christians for choice, just as there are atheists who are anti-choice. The God of the Bible has nothing against contraception or abortion. I have no idea what god you’re talking about.

          • John Flaherty

            Yes, there are catholics for choice. Sin and scandal have ever been part of the Church’s human condition. I and others can warn you, but we can’t keep you from the consequences of your choices.
            I think you’ve read the Bible pretty selectively if you think He doesn’t object.

          • lady_black

            I’ve read it completely. This “god” you’re talking about commanded that pregnant women be sliced open and their fetuses killed, children (actual born children) have their heads smashed against rocks. He isn’t a particularly charming fellow. And the Bible says nothing whatsoever about birth control.

          • John Flaherty

            Reading it won’t help if you refuse to read it with the mind of the Catholic Church. (Our fathers in faith compiled it after all.) I’m sure you can discern any number of other interpretations if you wish doing so.

          • lady_black

            I certainly CAN read it and understand it. I don’t need some celibate man in a dress to tell me what is what. Especially one who invents things out of whole cloth that aren’t in there. Like not eating meat on Friday, priests having the ability to absolve sin, purgatory, no contraception, the pope (or any human) being ‘infallible’, priests being forbidden to marry… I could go on and on. It seems to me that it doesn’t really matter what the Bible actually says to many Catholics. They substitute their own man-made rules.

          • John Flaherty

            Your general knowledge of Catholic faith and related subjects is extremely poor.
            I would suggest seeking proper catechesis.

          • lady_black

            There is nothing wrong with my understanding of the Catholic faith. I was baptized and confirmed as a Catholic. And you yourself provide such a sterling example of what it means with your criticism of my family of three children being too small. I didn’t have enough people to “lavish my love and affection on” as though that was my absolute reason for being. As a person, I don’t matter much beyond what I can provide in the form of slavery to men and the church. Go away, little man. You’re such a joke, such a caricature that you yourself cannot see how utterly ridiculous you really are.

          • John Flaherty

            Sadly, your comments reflect a very typical, very shallow understanding of the faith. You’ve learned what you think you need to learn and lived what you felt you were required. You didn’t follow the Church’s teachings any further than you felt absolutely needed.
            Then too, you seem to consider any suggestion of the value of motherhood to be a violent demotion from having value as a human being yourself. Few things could be further from the Truth.

          • lady_black

            I might remind you that I never devalued motherhood. Why would I? That would be devaluing one of the important parts of my life. Neither would I assign motherhood as the ONLY value for women. Here we have this wonderful gift of life, and you want women to limit their sphere to the birthing and nurturing of children. Will you be limiting yours? Let me tell you something about children. They grow up and have lives of their own. They don’t need eternal mothering. That’s not something to regret. That’s a cause for great celebration. That means you done good! I was given more than one gift and they ALL deserve to be fulfilled, not just the one that suits you. I was also blessed with the ability to use my hands to heal. To give comfort to those who don’t have any other hands to comfort them. If I did believe in gods, I’d have to believe that gift was to be used for a purpose, and I was not to waste it. Women are every bit as capable of being more than just “one thing” as men are. Hopefully as you grow up, you’ll begin to realize that fact. I’m a mother. I’m also a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a lover, a professional, a worker, a healer, a teacher, a friend to animals… and I’m still not finished yet.

          • John Flaherty

            Now you’re simply using various excuses for why you think you’ve done enough. If you’ve been contracepting most of your life and have been enjoying non-procreative sex for much of that, you have, indeed, devalued motherhood.

            I’m afraid I can’t continue this discussion, I need to get to work.

          • lady_black

            I don’t need any excuses. I have done enough. And by limiting motherhood to the number of children I could properly care for, I have raised the value of motherhood far above the biological animal level you are assigning to it.

          • John Flaherty

            In spite of your having raised 3 kids, I think you’ve badly sullied the idea of motherhood. You have, yourself, limited motherhood to the utilitarian level that you accuse me of proffering.
            I can’t tell precisely how old you are, but I notice that you must be within 15 years of my age. I’ll turn 40 before long and have long since grown disgusted by attitudes such as yours. You truly do cause the Church to suffer very greatly.

            In part because of your intransigent point of view, I’m realizing there’s no point in using reason or other means to speak to you. Beings I do have other things I need to accomplish, I’ll not be able to respond to further comments.

            I do wish you all of God’s grace.

          • Arekushieru

            It is precisely because of, in part, people like you that I have no desire to become a mother. You claim that being forced to give birth multiple times is not utilitarian yet accomplishing things other than what your biology is capable of somehow is for women? Methinks someone needs to look up the definition of utilitarian. Of course, I then have to ask why it is utilitarian to force a man to give up as much of his sperm as possible for procreative purposes but not utilitarian for him to pursue his educational goals? That’s a double standard and the reason for that is very obvious, no? Because you, yourself, are male. That’s misogyny.

            And, since God is not a misogynist, you do not have any of God’s grace to wish on others. So sorry.

          • John Flaherty

            I will answer this for a moment because I think your comment posits an assumption that needs to be corrected.

            You claim I’m mysoginistic and pushing a double standard, apparently because I’d insist that you give birth multiple times and not do anything else; I see an implication that I must somehow see women in general as some form of sex slave. Yet I haven’t said or even hinted at anything that would seem to me to lead in that direction.
            For a woman to give birth multiple times, she must be sexually willing with a man on multiple occasions, sometimes promiscuously with several different partners.
            Yet there has never been any rule, law, statute, or other forcible mandate that has ever required any girl or woman to be sexually active at all.

            I find this very strange: Women will insist on “controlling” their lives so much as to allow someone into their body, seeking pleasure, but then will resort to surgically excising another if their body does something as “ghastly” as conceiving a child. Even ignoring the problem that the child is also a life, women seem to treat this much like removing a diseased limb, It seems to me about as intelligent as a men who’d jab his finger into a light socket in a fit of rage, then cut off the finger when it begins to hurt from being shocked in the light socket.

            I don’t think it’d make sense for me to offer any of God’s grace to you. I think you’ve pretty well rejected most of HIs offers.
            I do think this a truly tragic state of being.

          • Suba gunawardana

            So called “Value of motherhood” cannot be taught, unless it comes from within. No one should be forced to breed unless they want to, and are able, willing and eager to care for a child.

          • Are you equating Pedophile priests with people who are pro-choice?

          • John Flaherty

            Are you?

          • You didn’t answer my question.

          • John Flaherty

            I didn’t see a competent question. I saw only an insinuation that thinking with the mind of the Church would involve thinking like a pedophile priest. Given the degree of bigotry that requires, I see no reason to answer.

          • You said, “Sin and scandal have ever been part of the Church’s human condition.” I would say priests sexually abusing children would be an accurate description of what you said.

          • Arekushieru

            That has quite often been proven to be the case. Especially when the nine-year old Brazilian girl who was raped by her stepfather was excommunicated for having an abortion, yet her stepfather was not similarly forcibly removed for raping her. Tell me, isn’t that the same thing as refusing to excommunicate pedophile priests?

        • It’s not like your going to get cooties if you click on the link.

      • lady_black

        I even like the other one better. It put things into proper perspective. Each woman going on to future achievement, future marriage, future children which probably wouldn’t have happened if she had no choice.

        • I like the other one better too. The wrong one went viral. I think the Letts video tends to incite the forced birthers who have sexual issues as so many of them do.

      • John Flaherty

        You call that a WINNING video?? These stories didn’t depict women being successful in any manner I’d consider meaningful. If these women went to college, got great jobs, and earned tons of money, that really only means that women have succeeded in becoming as manipulative as the worst of men.

        I see nothing of a woman’s dignity here, only the ability to exploit people and technology for personal gain.
        … And here I thought people should hate Gordon Gecko….

        • The contest was run by the Abortion Care Network. They called it a winning video. I think both videos go a long way to reducing the stigma created by zealots like you.

          • Rob B.

            Hey, maybe the video will inspire even more desperate young women to murder their unborn children! Wouldn’t that be wonderful!


          • Children are born. Stuff a child in a uterus and it dies. You are stupid. And you want me to join you in your stupidity. When sexpigs like you fly.

          • Dennis

            “Stuff a child in a uterus and it dies.”

            Only if you have an improper definition of “child”. Every definition of child I looked up (over 10 different sources) either did not mention being born a necessary quality or had an unborn person as one of the definitions.

            If you want to throw out an insult just so you can feel better about yourself, go for it. But since you have not provided any reason that I should expect a response more mature than that of a 2nd grade bully, I won’t be checking to see if you responded.

          • There is a fetus in the womb. I have made three children, so I know what is in there. Like I said, you are stupid and you want me to join you in your stupidity. When sexpigs like you fly.

          • Arekushieru

            Nope, please use legal/medical/non-archaic terms when discussing a contemporary legal/medical issue, next time. Kthxbainow!

          • Arekushieru

            Yeah, seeing desperate young women die as a result of an illegal abortion or pregnancy, itself, would just be so wonderful, wouldn’t it? You people are sick. Abortion isn’t murder.

        • lady_black

          I saw women being successful. None of them were Gordon Gecko. One of them was a mother of two. I went to college. I got a great job. It didn’t make tons of money, but my career has given me great personal satisfaction and affected the lives of more people in a very positive way than I can count. And along with that I managed to raise three great kids to responsible adulthood. Because I had choices. I’ve been lucky enough to never need an abortion, but have used contraception most of my life. That’s what choice is all about, sir. It’s about my life being satisfying to ME. I couldn’t care less what *you* think. You’re nobody, a stranger. You do not pay my bills, and you do not have any authority over me.

          • John Flaherty

            “It’s about my life being satisfying to ME. I couldn’t care less what *you* think. You’re nobody, a stranger. …”

            Yes, sadly enough, it is all about you.
            Consider that if you hadn’t used contraception so much, you might’ve had more than three people upon whom you could lavish love and affection. You claim to have raised three, but seem to tacitly view such effort as being even vaguely related to an obligation, not as a lifelong labor of love.

            Odd that you’d make the comment about my paying your bills; I and others will be doing so soon enough thanks to PPACA.

            You and these ladies are the latest version of Gordon Gecko.

          • lady_black

            Look, dude… I didn’t want more than three. Is that considered not sufficient to you? Too bad. The doctor said don’t do it again because your uterus could rupture, so I had my tubes tied. And I’m done raising kids. They’re grown now with families of their own. I did a great job with them. A lifelong labor of love? Pish-posh. You better call Federal Express, because I stopped making deliveries long ago at age 26. I’m a nurse, not Gordon Gecko. Not even close. That wouldn’t have been possible if I had kept pooping kids out. I went to nursing school after I was done having kids. And no, the likes of YOU will never be paying my bills, PPACA or not. Get over yourself.

          • John Flaherty

            Like I said, it is, indeed, all about you.
            You know, this is rather humorous: I don’t believe I’ve ever been referred to as “dude” by someone over 50 before.

          • lady_black

            You think your generation invented the word?

          • John Flaherty

            I’d thought your generation migh’ve matured out of that by now!

          • lady_black

            Young at heart, young of mind. Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re too old. There is no such thing.

          • lady_black

            Oh, and who else do you think my life should be all about, if not for myself. Does anyone else’s opinion even matter? Who is fit to judge me? Certainly not you.

          • John Flaherty

            Yet you’re still answering postings as though I could. I should think your life would be about your spouse, your kids and grandkids, your community, and you. …I’d also say it should be about God, but I’m not so sure you’re eager to consider Him.

          • lady_black

            My life is about me, my spouse, kids and grandkids and my community. At this point in life, it’s mostly about me and my spouse, as we’re empty nesters. We’re enjoying life as just the two of us and we’re very happy. I don’t believe in gods.

          • John Flaherty

            “I don’t believe in gods.”

            I can see that.

          • Arekushieru

            Wrong. A ruptured uterus can lead to death, and her children would have been left without a mother, the very same children YOU ignored. So, who is the one who selfishly wants women to breed as many children as possible just so that HE (yes, in this and the following example the word ‘he’ is intentionally capitalized, after all, imposing risks on others that you, yourself, know you will never have to assume and patronizingly minimizing them at the same time, is the most egregious form of hypocrisy imagineable. And God so dislikes a hypocrite.) may live as HE wishes to live, as the greedy sinner he is? Hint: It’s NOT us. TBSS.

          • Arekushieru

            Sadly enough, everything is about YOU and how you can impose your morals on others. That’s the definition of greed, which is a sin, btw. And doesn’t God require sinners to repent?

            Not just imposing morals, but imposing morals that you, YOURSELF, know can never be required of you. Another thing that proves you to be the misogynist you are.

            Our widdle lady bwainz just shouldn’t comprehend how birthing and raising children can be anything other than the glorious, satisfying fulfillment to our existence, eh? If we were men, however, pursuing our educational and employment goals would be just as equally valid an option as having children. And because women are the ones to face the risks of pregnancy, childbirth and delivery (otherwise known as the third leading causes of death worldwide for women) and are usually left with the bulk of household chores and child rearing, it would certainly behoove you to RESPECT women with opinions to the contrary of your own, rather than expect them to put a happy face on it, all the while telling them they’re failures as women if they don’t love every moment of having and raising children. After all, do you think only men abuse children? People like you make the likelihood that the circumstances under which postpartum depression frequently flourishes will increase. Andrea Yates, anyone? Oops. Just more proof of your misogyny, I guess….

            And, if you object to paying for other’s bills even though you’re the one that would love to increase the expenses for raising, not ONLY are you a misogynist you are a hypocrite. Aw… why am I NOT surprised?

          • John Flaherty

            In this posting, I see exceedingly little that would cause me to respect anyone, man or woman. I see contempt for the idea of dealing with life’s daily struggles.
            I remember hearing horror stories back in the 80’s about workaholic and inattentive men, men who needed to spend less time at the office and actually worry about raising their families.
            Now, all I typically see is the constant yammering about how great women have become at being “successful” in business, I see women proclaiming how great others are because the others have “opened doors”. We’re told how far we’ve come because women can pursue anything they want now. … And of course, IF they decide to have families, they can send them to a daycare center, then preschool, then onward.

            THIS is the great stride forward that we should thrilled about? How women can be as prone to being workaholics as men and can mostly ignore their families in pursuit of “success”? REALLY???

            In all of the grandstanding about how well women have done, have you paid any heed to the idea that these “great strides” will only last if the society that tolerates this continues to exist? Have you had the nerve to notice that this country is dying?

            If you think I’m a mysogynist because I dare to remind you that pregnancy typically comes from sex, how do you intend to react when someone else doesn’t waste time trying to reason with you?
            For all that Pro-Choice women seem to revel in bashing Christians, Catholic person in particular, I think you’ll have a different take when another group who isn’t quite so forgiving begins to take you to task for your supposed transgressions. If you think Catholics have been evil toward women, I suggest you take a look around. I keep reading about honor killings, genital mutilation, and other acts that various–hopefully mostly radical–sects of Islam seem to tolerate. I also notice that such intentions have not been growing smaller in size of groups, even here in the US.

            We can certainly hope that our Muslim brothers and sisters will come to their own “enlightened” state of mind, the better for public safety and civil life at large.
            If they don’t do so, I think some of you more “liberated” women will be in for some very difficult times.

  • Mary

    “I know that sounds weird, but to me, this was as birth-like as it could be…” I think this statement could only be made by someone who has never actually given birth. I hope that if someday she is lucky to have another child, that she can properly grieve this one, her role in the baby’s death, and come to some healing.

    • She said that and she’s still happy the baby is dead. This woman is sick.

      • You subscribe to the medieval theory of the homunculus? How quaint.

        • No I suscribe to the theory of genetics and that the child is human because of its DNA. Maybe you should get with the 20th century.

          • A fetus is alive, it is human, it may be unwanted.
            Are you for compelling married couples and single women to give birth to children they do not want and/or cannot care for by law?
            How do you feel about selective reduction of embryos (abortion) during fertility treatments?

          • Yes, I am against killing innocent human life. Fertility treatments that kill innocent human life is morally repugnant. Adoption both for the unwanted child and the infertile couple is a perfect option.

          • lady_black

            So, let me get this straight… you want to dictate to people how they reproduce. How about “NO”?

          • The no should come before you have sex, not once the child is concieved.

          • No thank you.
            You want me to tell my husband “Hey we have three kids and I do not want anymore and I will not have an abortion and contraception fails so no more sex?” That is a recipe for a fault divorce. It is called loss of consortium.
            You seem quite sexually dysfunctional. But like all zealots, you feel you should be in charge of my family/sexual life. Feh.

          • You’re amazing. You come to a Catholic pro-life site and you insult people repeatedly and expect to convert to your way of thinking? Insults are the signal you have lost the argument. Goodbye. You’re not worth my time.

          • I am a Catholic baptized and confirmed at Immaculate Conception RCC on Chestnut Street in Trenton NJ. My Catholic parents were married at St. Hedwig’s RCC in Trenton. I am PRO life so naturally I am PRO choice.

          • lady_black

            Yeah? I think my husband would disagree with that, and so do I. We want sex. We do not want children. Therefore we will have sex, and we won’t have children. Got it?

          • That says it all. Selfish to the point of killing innocent life.

          • lady_black

            I never killed an innocent life. EVER.

          • It is a really sick little asexual with an attitude.

          • Me too. I want sex and no children.

          • Adoption is a solution for not wanting to be a parent. It is not a solution for not wanting to be pregnant. You are for forcing people to give birth? Do you dislike children?
            A fetus or embryo cannot be called innocent as it has no capacity to be guilty. Dramatic but ridiculous.
            You probably should not have an abortion. You seem quite unstable.

          • The solution for not wanting to be pregnant is to not have sex, or take on the risks of failed contraception. Once you have decided to have sex, you have decided to take on the responsibilities of being pregnant. Insults only make me stronger.

          • Pregnancy is not a punishment for sex.

          • Rob B.

            No, pregnancy is a natural consequence of sex. Indeed, the telos (it’s Greek, look it up) of sex is reproduction; physical pleasure and intimacy are by-products of the act. Of course, our society has divorced the two and succeeded in breeding a generation of self-absorbed permanent children who want the pleasure, but not the responsibility or sexuality.

          • lady_black

            One can have the pleasure and intimacy of sexual congress without intending to reproduce. It doesn’t make someone a “self-absorbed child” to have plans and dreams beyond being a brood mare. You cheapen motherhood by relegating women to that role, and only that role.

          • For as long as people have been having sex women have used birth control and had abortions. This is not a new thing. Abortion is not a recent discovery. The ancient Greeks practiced birth control and abortion too.

          • Insults only make me stronger.

            ………Then why are you complaining about insults? Whiner.

          • lady_black

            People are not going to stop having sex just because you say so. And strange how you apply that only to pregnancy, isn’t it? What if I said you made the decision to go skiing, so you have to live with your broken leg. No treatment for you. Would that be fair?

          • I do not think you are going to have any luck at all criminalizing selective reduction in fertility treatment. Too many women, including women legislators, have used fertility treatment to get their children. And have used late term abortion to save their lives and/or fertility.

          • Abortions are being restricted all across the country. Pro-life is doing remarkably well as an issue. We can only keep pushing.

          • Abortion will never be restricted by you or anyone else. Women have the same number of abortions legal or illegal. I can give you the citations. The only thing that happens is some women are maimed or die self aborting or getting abortions from unscrupulous providers.

            We solved the problem when abortion was illegal by creating underground abortion networks like Jane. Jane functioned giving safe and cheap abortions for years until 1973 when RvW made such organizations unneeded. Many more women are nurses, doctors and midwives now. It will be easier.

            The leading causes of maternal death worlwide are CHILDBIRTH (sepsis and hemmorhage) and ILLEGAL ABORTION. Contraception/Abortion is a human right. How many peaches will you get if you harm the tree?

            It is a crying shame that a whole lot of women are going to be hurt in the states that are making legal abortion inaccessible. And then all the world will know about their deaths and maimings now. We have the Net. And then abortion will become legal again and will be legal forever.

          • lady_black

            I will be helping women get abortions, legal or not.

          • Women have been using birth control and having abortions for thousands of years. Adding more laws to restrict abortion won’t stop it.


          • lady_black

            Frankly, that won’t help. You aren’t helping.

          • lady_black

            Yep. Catholics too.

          • My ear has DNA. Is it a human being? Maybe my skull is pregnant?

          • Now you’re being childish and exposing your ignorance or lack of seriousness. Your ear cell is not a human being.

          • You mean you have other requirements for human being status besides DNA? So do I. A fetus is not a human being although, like my ear, it has DNA.

          • It’s factual that your ear has DNA. It’s a fact.

          • Manny does not do facts. Manny does Drama and Sanctimony.

          • lady_black

            Manny, I believe (and I’m speaking philosophically here, not medically) that what makes us persons is our mind, not our DNA. There are now living organisms with artificial DNA. The hope is that we can some day use this technology to treat genetic defects and illnesses. When that day comes, the person with artificial DNA will be no less a person. Why do you wish to reduce the wonder of humanity to DNA? Part of what makes us special is our mind’s ability to outsmart the cruelty of nature and improve our lot in life. Part of that is the ability to plan our families, and not be subject to the whim of biology. Nature is brutal. We’re smarter than that. Even you.

          • lady_black

            A dead human body is human. I wouldn’t say it’s a person. It once was a person. That’s how I look at the embryo or fetus. It may or may not some day be a person. But at the present time it’s not a person.

          • By every scientific standard, the embryo is alive, not dead. You are playin word games to justify an immoral ideological position. If that’s how “you look at it” you have a morality problem.

          • She is a nurse. You are a fetus freak. Never the twain shall meet.

          • We can do without the insults. It’s not becoming.

          • I am not at all interested in you. You disgust me.

          • lady_black

            I didn’t say it wasn’t alive. Most cells in my body are alive. They aren’t “people” because these cells would die quickly if they are removed. I am an actual person. The embryo needs to be attached to an actual person, or it won’t be alive. I can’t remove an embryo from someone’s body, and simply feed it and keep it warm and it will keep living. It’s not a person. See the difference?

          • An embryo is a living human being with its own identity. See the difference.

          • lady_black

            Great. Take it out and give it it’s shot at individuality.

          • John Flaherty

            That’s a pretty selective point of view. Very convenient too.

          • Can a zygote, embryo, or fetus breath on its own?

          • John Flaherty

            I don’t think this question relates. The original argument declared that a human being couldn’t be declared a person unless the human being could breath on its own. I pointed out that this test fails because a human being who has suffered a heart failure won’t be breathing, thus failing the test, but is still considered a person for legal purposes.

            I also notice that an unborn child will demonstrate brain activity well before birth, so that if a human would be legally defined as a person while the brain functions, then an unborn child would legally qualify as a person, even before birth.

            I’m highlighting the inconsistencies of the various arguments for why unborn children aren’t considered persons. They should be, because they pass tests we use for other, legally recognized, human beings.

          • I thought the original argument was the video by Emily.

          • lady_black

            No sir, you have mischaracterized my argument. A person who suddenly ceases to breathe is not dead at that moment, but they will certainly begin to die within 4 minutes if oxygenated blood isn’t restored to the brain within 4 minutes. Clinical death and biological death are two different occurrences. And I also said that mere “brain activity” doesn’t indicate personhood. Higher brain functions do. Sentience. Brain death is the death of all brain tissue other than the primitive brain stem. There may be just enough brainstem left to allow a heartbeat, but that is not life. Thus the term “beating heart corpse.” Everything that made that person who they were is gone. There is no thought, no awareness, no sentience (defined as the ability to experience suffering), no ability to process sensory input of any kind. You can hook them up to a respirator to force air into their lungs, but the body knows what happened. Higher brain function does not happen until late in the second trimester, about the time a fetus is capable of surviving birth (if no abnormalities exist that are incompatible with life.)

      • She is relieved she is no longer pregnant.

  • MeanLizzie

    This young woman is in need of prayers. That woman speaking a month after her abortion may be saying the words, but her face is telling a different story.

    • I feel like I have stepped into LaLaLand. You can hear her face? Most disconcerting.

      • That would be a cool trick if you could hear someone’s face. Like special powers or something.

        • Seems a lot of folks here have special powers: clairvoyance for one.

      • John Flaherty

        Interesting how the remarks grow the more ridiculous as the facts come more firmly to light.

  • Gail Finke

    She sounds pretty awful when she says, “I knew what I was going to do was right because it was right for me and no one else. I just wanna share my story.” Very slow, hesitant, almost pleading. Not confident, the way she was at hte beginning — where she also looks happy, pretty, and lively. Not at the end, though…

  • Valerie Tarico wrote “My Abortion Baby,” interleaving the story of George Tiller (murdered abortion doctor) and her own experience with abortion. She credits the abortion with her daughter that she wouldn’t have had if she’d carried to term the first pregnancy, which had deformities.

    • kathyschiffer

      George Tiller was a late-term abortionist who committed heinous crimes against humanity; having said that, his murder was also a great sin.

      My own mother had a problem carrying babies to full-term. She had seven miscarriages, and six live births; and a couple of those lost babies were, like Valerie’s, so closely spaced that both couldn’t have lived. I believe, though, that those seven humans–including my older brother Dennis–live in heaven, and I will see them someday. I suppose you believe nothing of Colton Burpo’s experience in “Heaven Is For Real”, but that little six-year-old kid got to meet his sister, who had been lost to miscarriage.

      • I saw “Heaven is for Real.” As a nice story, it works, and I said so in my review. As evidence for the afterlife, however, it doesn’t get off the ground. No, I don’t think Colton saw his missing sister.

        I have a question that I haven’t seen good information for. Perhaps you can help. Have there been studies for the reasons women give for having third-trimester abortions?

        • kathyschiffer

          I don’t know why women do that. Ineffectual, fantasy thinking that enables them to believe until the last minute that this isn’t really happening?

          I have a personal interest in this. As I mentioned, my mother was unable to carry babies to term. We were all, those of us who survived, born prematurely–some VERY prematurely. I was born at less than eight months gestation. I think of the six of us, when I hear of babies torn from their mothers’ wombs–that could have been me. Or my sister Margy, born under seven months. What, I wasn’t a person?? It’s ugly to think of.

          • I suspect that “Ew—I didn’t know that I was going to get this fat!” is not the primary reason that women get third-trimester abortions. I suspect that it’s for reasons that you would at least sympathize with as substantial, even if you would discourage abortion. That’s why I’d love to see this study—someone’s got to have done it.

            As an aside, I think that the pro-life position should say that if someone is going to get an abortion, it should be ASAP. When there’s this stigma against them, and organizations put up roadblocks, that can create a third-trimester abortion when it would’ve been an early second-trimester abortion without the roadblocks.

            I sympathize with your own family situation. We had two kids, and both were wanted. We were lucky that we didn’t have any of the complications that your mother had. But keep in mind that when a woman hears that she’s pregnant for the first time, that’s either some of the best news she’s ever heard, or the worst. Just because you have positive feelings about having a baby doesn’t mean that everyone does. You can imagine some abysmal situations into which the woman would justifiably not be eager to bring a baby.

          • kathyschiffer

            “The pro-life position should be that if someone is going ot get an abortion, it should be ASAP.”

            Isn’t that a little like telling the police department to encourage thieves to steal “just a little bit to get by” or a teacher to say “don’t cheat on the whole test, just that one question you can’t answer”? You understand, right, that I believe killing another human being is horrendous. And killing a baby–say, a two-year-old–is even more horrendous. And killing a really, really tiny and dependent person is even MORE horrendous?

            A society is only strong if it takes care of its weakest members. Abortion is a poison in this country.

            And for those women who are not eager to raise a child–there are couples waiting to adopt. There are crisis pregnancy centers that provide loving assistance in many ways, providing clothing, furniture, a place to live, job skills, more help than you imagine. Abortion is never the best option. It is never a good thing to kill one’s children to advance one’s own position financially, educationally, socially.

          • Isn’t that a little like telling the police department to encourage thieves to steal “just a little bit to get by” or a teacher to say “don’t cheat on the whole test, just that one question you can’t answer”?

            No. Stealing and cheating are wrong. By contrast, most Americans think that abortion should be an option, including many who wouldn’t choose it for themselves.

            If the choice is a first-trimester abortion or a third-trimester one, wouldn’t you prefer the former?

            And killing a really, really tiny and dependent person is even MORE horrendous?

            And would killing a single cell be the most horrendous of all? I certainly don’t think so.

            A society is only strong if it takes care of its weakest members.

            A single cell is a member of society?

            Abortion is a poison in this country.

            Is your focus on overturning Roe v. Wade? Then your focus is misplaced.

            And for those women who are not eager to raise a child–there are couples waiting to adopt.

            Have you asked yourself what fraction of unwanted pregnancies, taken to term, are given up for adoption?

            It is never a good thing to kill one’s children

            And there’s the problem. They’re not children.

          • The men of the Republican party believe that women and women alone are to be held responsible for the fact that humans have sex. Republicans lost women voters by 10 points nationally and headed for 20 points.

            My Mother had an abortion because of financial hardship when it was illegal. She and my Dad decided three of us was all they could handle. We were 14, 12 and 10. My Mom could have died. I know a past President of NJ NOW whose Mother died of illegal abortion when she was 9 years old.

            Mom was 37, working full time and doing IBEW work. Dad was intermittently crippled with a congenital form of arthritis. Another pregnancy would have been a serious social, financial and physical disruption for her and for our family. Most women who get an abortion already have children.

            It is despicable to compel folks to give birth to children they cannot afford and/or do not want BY LAW. It is Nazi stuff.

            If you are one of the “prolife” activists, I have questions for you.

            My body and its contents belongs to (pick one):

            1. You.
            2. the State.
            3. Me and my family.

            My children belong with and to:

            1. You.
            2. the State.
            3. Me and my family.

            I look forward to your answers. I will tell you something right now. You Republican ghouls will not turn me and my daughters into baby farmed corpses like poor Mrs. Munoz. We vote.

            ILLEGAL ABORTION and CHILDBIRTH (sepsis and hemorrhage) are the leading causes of maternal death worldwide. Fertility is serious business for women. Abortion/contraception is a human right. We know contraception prevents abortion. Why do folks like Huckabee want to interfere with women getting contraception? How many peaches will you get if you wound the Tree?

          • purr

            Then you should support MANDATORY organ donation, especially for kids, because kids = weakest members

          • You received all the rights and duties of legal personhood when you survived to and through birth.

          • Abortions done at 7 months gestation are rare. Women who have them are aborting a wanted pregnancy and the situation is tragic. How can you be so callous?

          • purr

            Because, Tiller saved them pain, from deformed fetuses that would die within hours once born.

        • The documentary “After Tiller” follows the four remaining doctors in the US who continue to perform late-term abortions despite endless protests, threats of violence, shot-out windows, and efforts to pass laws making it impossible for them to do their jobs. Not sure if there is a free version online but some experts are available to watch online.

          Some examples of why women have later term abortions (2nd and 3rd trimester abortions which are very rare. About less than one percent of all abortions occur after 21 weeks.)

          “Catastrophic fetal abnormality, and how they came to the wrenching decision to end the pregnancy instead of dooming their baby to a short life of suffering or years of pain with no quality of life.”
          “A college student who had been raped”
          “15-year-old whose religious parents are trying to force her to have the baby”
          “A woman who got pregnant but didn’t know it.”

          • That sounds similar to the reasons I’ve heard. I hope that people who wouldn’t make that choice at least acknowledge that these aren’t frivolous decisions.

            I read somewhere that Tiller’s office had lots of framed thank-you’s from women with their personal stories, many like the ones you list.

      • I would love to see a conversation between you and this Father. There is a continuing need for late term abortions. As far as I am concerned, those who practice medicine without a license like you are the lowest common denominator, to quote the offended Father.

        • Awesomely great video!

          • Yep. I have a lot of respect for the man and none at all for the Strega Nonna’s who attacked his wife.

        • lady_black

          The nerve of those people. I was angry FOR him. That’s my problem with “sidewalk counselors.” They judge people that are strangers to them, and then blather about “loving their brother.”

          • “Sidewalk counselors” or sidewalk harassers are bullies who pick on women. I’ve had enough of their harassment.

      • purr

        Dr. Tiller’s practise revolved around aborting fetuses with fatal deformities. Missing brains, lungs, kidneys, spinal columns etc.

    • Great point. Emily, like many women who have abortions will later go on have children when they are ready and able to do so.

      • Rob B.

        Then maybe they ought to show some self-control and not have sex until they are “ready and able” to have children.

        Oh, I’m sorry. I keep forgetting that self-control is so passe. Far better to simply rut like animals and dispose of the consequences.

        • lady_black

          Rob, I hear you. But I think it’s unrealistic to expect that married couples will abstain from sex, and I believe it to be unhealthy. Every married couple is not eager to be a parent at every available opportunity. It’s just that simple. We no longer live in a goat-herding, agrarian society where many children never survive their first year, and many hands are needed to do the work needed for survival. I get that you’re Catholic and believe that Mary remained a virgin perpetually. The Bible itself doesn’t agree with that particular viewpoint. It specifically speaks of brothers and sisters of Jesus. Now how did he get brothers and sister? How do you suppose that happened. This is why I cannot go home to the Catholic church, and why it brings great discomfort. The magisterium expect everyone to live as though it were 2000 years ago. That is, everyone but themselves. And the cloaking of the rape of countless little boys. The hypocrisy. This is why the church is being ignored and/or diminished. The butts in the pews do not agree with you. They may keep coming to church, but they probably shouldn’t because they ignore it’s teachings. The Catholic laity has to live in reality. The magisterium not so much.

          • Rob B.

            It is painfully obvious from your ranting, ladyblack, that you have not “heard me.”. Indeed, the only thing you seem to hear is the echo chamber that you and much of the rest of the world have placed yourself in, a place where sin isn’t just ignored, it’s redefined as virtue.

            And when Truth does try to make itself heard, you shove your fingers in your ears and yell, “Blah, blah blah! The Church needs to do what I want! Blah, blah, blah! Pedophile priests!”. It’s a common problem; I’m guilty of it myself sometimes. But then I grow up and I recognize that it’s not all about what I want, but what God wants. I hope you get there too, someday.

          • lady_black

            What does “god” want?

          • lady_black

            Did it ever occur to you that the magisterium is simply wrong? This stuff isn’t anywhere in the Bible. You have to really cherry-pick for some of it (and by “cherry pick” I mean take things way out of context.) And the idea that Mary was perpetually a virgin, well that’s just invented out of whole cloth. She wasn’t. And there is no reason for lying about it, because she was to remain untouched only until the birth of Jesus. Nothing said about the rest of her life.

          • Like my Uncle Marco always said “They no play the game, they no make the rules.”

          • It would blow their minds if they knew she had sex.

          • How was that a rant? It was an articulate post.

          • “Over the pope as the expression of the binding claim of ecclesiastical authority there still stands one’s own conscience, which must be obeyed before all else, if necessary even against the requirement of ecclesiastical authority. Conscience confronts [the individual] with a supreme and ultimate tribunal, and one which in the last resort is beyond the claim of external social groups, even of the official church.”
            (Pope Benedict XVI [then Archbishop Joseph Ratzinger], “Commentary on the Documents of Vatican II”, ed. Vorgrimler, 1968, on Gaudium et spes, part 1, chapter 1.)

        • No thank you. Love sex and will have it. If I get pregnant, I will gestate or abort as I see fit. Not as you see fit.

        • You do realize that married women have abortions too. Women who are in monogamous relationships also have abortions. So you slut-shamming argument doesn’t work.

        • purr

          So you want to police female sexuality.

        • Jose Chung

          My wife of 27 years and I were never ‘ready and able’ to have children. That’s what tubal ligations and vasectomies are for. No ‘disposal of consequences (there’s that word again, referring to children, thought they were blessings) necessary.

  • John Flaherty

    As I watched this video, I had the sickest of thoughts come to mind. Joseph Goebbels and his compatriots made one, big mistake: They didn’t develop a video like this to explain their efforts to “Aryanize” Europe. I should think it would’ve been pretty easy. All they needed to do was to emphasize how gassing people was such a painless way for them to die. Some of them might not even notice as they “grew sleepy and cozy” while taking a “nice, hot, shower”, as they died from oxygen deprivation. Naturally, this would’ve been so easy for the local populace to handle too, because they would be doing their countryman a “favor” by helping them to die so quickly and easily.

    We’ve come to be in a sad state as a nation when we can see death as being such a gift.

    • Who died? Where is the body? We have death/burial/birth laws. Where are the certificates of birth or death? You have a rich full fantasy life.

      • John Flaherty

        We’re well aware that the abortion lobby doesn’t wish to admit personhood for an unborn child. Thus, we can’t name the person who died. Sadly, we have reason to be confident that the body probably lies in a landfill by now.

        • The abortion lobby? I iz laffing.
          I am a retired Minister and a sometime chef and writer. The abortion lobby? Really that is hysterical. It is just little old me and my opinions and thoughts.

          • John Flaherty

            Glad to hear you think I have a sense of humor.

          • You argue by misquotation. How tacky. You are a scrub.

          • John Flaherty

            I’m a scrub? What does that mean in this context?
            I’ve typically only heard that term in relation to very new medical professionals.

          • Scrub. Google is your friend.

          • John Flaherty

            Google has been my friend many times, yes. I’m not certain it’ll tell me much about the definition you’re offering though.

          • I wish we had as much money and power as the oil lobby.

        • lady_black

          As Plum is fond of saying, a person can be behind me in the grocery check-out line. A person breathes air. This is not a person.

          • This dude is wifty.

          • John Flaherty

            I’ve heard this view before. I once inquired whether a person ought to be given CPR if they suffered a heart failure. After all, such a person, as they’re no longer breathing, would not be considered a “living person” by this logic. I still think this rather flawed thinking.

          • lady_black

            Well OF COURSE they should be given CPR. And if available, an AED should be administered. But that doesn’t mean the person is entitled to anything from my body. They would need my consent for that.

          • John Flaherty

            Logically, if a person would not be considered “alive” unless they’re breathing, they’d be “dead” if they suffered heart failure and ceased breathing. …Unless we’re discriminating based on age for reasons that have yet to be explained.

            If you consent to sexual behavior, you inherently consent to the possibility of becoming a mother. That’s biology, not politics or religion.

          • lady_black

            That’s what they invented tubal ligation for, pal. I eagerly consent to sex. Motherhood, not any more after the third. See, there’s a reason I had three kids. The reason is because I didn’t want a fourth. I had other things I wanted to do.

          • lady_black

            Oh, and by the way… just a hint… if someone is dead, CPR won’t work.

          • John Flaherty

            By your own definition, someone who is not breathing cannot be declared a “living human”, so they’re inherently “dead”.

          • lady_black

            No. But they will be if not attended to PDQ. Someone could not be breathing for any number of reasons. There might be a mechanical obstruction, or they may have been electrocuted or drowned (just for a few examples). It takes about four minutes for the brain to start dying, and THAT is when death occurs, when the brain dies. If a person is to be revived, you almost have to be right there witnessing it, or it’s not going to work. I’ve cared for brain-dead patients where they got the heart re-started too late, and I won’t go into the gruesome details, but just suffice it to say they aren’t persons either, even though their heart still beats.

          • John Flaherty

            Hmmm. Brain activity aids in determining someone’s state as being living or dead after they’ve been around a few years, yet an unborn child, who also demonstrates brain activity, doesn’t merit the same concern.
            Sounds like age discrimination.

          • lady_black

            For the record, when a fetus becomes sentient, I think abortion should only be allowed in the most dire of circumstances. Coincidentally, that’s about the same time as they become viable outside the womb, at 24-25 weeks. Of course, there are very sad circumstances where the brain or other vital organs fail to form or form where they don’t belong. The fetus will never live outside the uterus or will live in great pain. I think abortion under these circumstances is understandable. There’s nothing good to be gained in forcing the woman to carry the pregnancy to term, knowing what will happen. I don’t know what that’s like, but I know it must hurt like hell.

          • Well said.

          • purr

            they aren’t sentient, and only people are sentient

          • Rainbow Walker

            Brain activity doesn’t “aid” in determining life, it is life.

          • Pregnancy is not a punishment for having sex.

          • John Flaherty

            You’re right. Pregnancy is a gift, an opportunity to foster a new life.
            Pregnancy only becomes punishment when you abandon the unitive and procreative aspects, insisting instead on seeking pleasure exclusively.

          • lady_black

            Well, I have been having non-procreative sex for 27 years now, and I have to say sex for pleasure is the best thing since sliced bread. I can also assure you that pregnancy is not “a gift” to someone who is not interested in procreation. You speak for yourself. Everyone else doesn’t share your views. That “gift” very nearly killed my mother. I’m so glad she finally got the abortion that allowed her to finish raising my sister and me. I’m grateful for the next 36 years we were able to have Mom around. My mother was not some expendable incubator, as the Catholic Bishops view her.

          • John Flaherty

            Like I said earlier this evening, your comments make clear that your view of life sees everything ultimately as being all about you and what you want.
            Regardless of what your body may do naturally, regardless of what a man would teach about what you can be as a a woman, you’d espouse hatred for the man and Creation because you want to insist on doing things your way, not as your body would offer naturally.
            Great, great tragedy in this.

            I’m saddened to hear that your mother felt she needed an abortion to continue living. Sad that she didn’t understand the full measure of courage she could demonstrate by a different path.

          • lady_black

            What on EARTH are you babbling about? How the hell can any man “teach” me about what it means to be a woman when he has no clue himself? I hate men? Oh HELL NO. I’ve been married to the best man in the whole world for 27 years now, and I love him dearly. You aren’t fit to tie his shoes. But he knows he has nothing to teach me about what it means to be a woman and he knows it. He would laugh in your face if you said that to him. Oh and yes I certainly do insist on doing whatever I want, and my husband approves of that. He respects me for my independence. And as for my body, it’s been doing precisely what it’s supposed to be doing. My body is supposed to be non-pregnant, and that is the default condition of the female body. Please point out where the “great tragedy” is in my happy, successful and fulfilling life, and be specific. And if you told me to my face that my mother should not have gone on living, I would beat you down. How dare you. She understood far better than you do, that she owed it to the children she had to recover, and finish raising us. And she owed nothing to a fetus that was killing her and was never going to be a baby. Her life comes first.

          • John Flaherty

            Hmm. Touched a nerve, I think. I don’t recall commenting that your mother should’ve died. If that’s how you interpreted my comments, you’ve interpreted concerns according to intense fear and rage, not logic. If her doctor told her she stood little chance to survive, I’d comment that one of my cousins presented a similar dilemma to one of my aunts. Well, she survived and so did he.
            Sad that you live with such a loathing and “independent” view of life. I’ve met many women with this sort of mindset; you don’t seem to realize just how desperately you’ve enslaved yourself with your “independence”.

            You say your husband respects you for your independence? I think he rather respects you for your lust. I’ve met many people like that.

            I don’t think you understand life nearly as well as you insist.

            Sadly, I must bow out, I have lots of homework to do.

          • lady_black

            Yeah? Well stay in school, child. You have a lot of work to do. My mother was hemorrhaging and the fetus was dead. BEEN dead. Yes she absolutely DID need an abortion. You are not a doctor. You’re barely a human being. And my husband doesn’t respect me “for my lust.” We’ve been married for longer than you’ve been alive. Please, whatever you do, please make sure you accomplish what you wish while you still know everything. Because a few years down the road, or ten years down the road, you’re going to look back and realize how little you really did know. I’ve been your age. You have never been my age. Common sense ought to tell you that gives me a natural advantage over you. You don’t pack the gear to take me on.

          • Age and experience will always defeat youth and skill.

          • I’ll drink to that! 🙂

          • purr

            I think he rather respects you for your lust. I’ve met many people like that.

            It’s you patriarchal types who are obsessed with female purity and often rape their own daughters because they are mad with power

          • Jose Chung

            I respect my wife’s independence. Actually, I respect everything about her because she’s . . . her. Neither you nor I can accurately or knowledgeably quantify what other men respect in a woman, although you’re certainly entitled to value whatever you wish about the women in your life.
            Twenty-seven years of a great marriage speaks for itself, I think.

            I’m curious – are you married?

          • Suba gunawardana

            Looks like you are unable to grasp the concept of respecting someone as a person (instead of valuing them only for their bodily functions)

          • almond_bubble_tea

            Just because your aunt survived a complicated pregnancy doesn’t mean lady_black’s mom would have the same experience. It actually sounds like lady_black’s mom was literally at death’s door since there was a dead fetus involved. You don’t know the whole story so it’s not a good idea to make snap judgements.

            I don’t go around telling every deaf person I know that because my experience with cochlear implants has been mostly positive, they should all opt for this type of surgery. As in every life decision, YMMV (your mileage may vary).

          • purr

            Regardless of what your body may do naturally, regardless of what a man would teach about what you can be as a a woman

            Oh, so you’re one of those ‘patriarchal’ women are the property of men types?

          • Suba gunawardana

            Care to explain this phrase? “what a man would teach about what you can be as a a woman”

          • Jose Chung

            I wonder if he’s referring not to ‘what you can be as a woman’ but to who she can be as a **mother**.
            Woman =/= mother, though, so I’m not sure.

          • Suba gunawardana

            As evident from his response below, he can value women only one of two ways, as incubators or as whores. i.e. only for their physical functions.

          • Rainbow Walker

            You know how many wife beaters talk like you? Many of my patients [children] say their dads use almost the exact words, before they opened their mothers face with a baseball bat.

          • Jose Chung

            I saw, and heard, this sort of thing far too many times during my career. There’s a reason why cops hate domestic violence calls almost more than any other. The other, of course, is child abuse.

          • That’s why birth control is awesome. I can have non-procreative sex. And if my birth control fails I have the option to have an abortion.

          • Suba gunawardana

            Pregnancy is a gift ONLY if you want a child, and are able to provide a good life for that child.

            If either factor is missing, it becomes a burden/curse to both mother and child.

            BTW what’s wrong with seeking pleasure?

          • Rainbow Walker

            Spoken like one with no vagina.

            Research shows most often pregnancy is not welcome and is very traumatic for women. And more often they don’t want to be pregnant and more often die in pregnancy or suffer other psychological or physiological trauma.

            Some gift. How about a “gift” of a prostate infection?

          • Suba gunawardana

            Consent to sex is not consent to pregnancy, just like leaving your door unlocked is not an open invitation to burglars or squatters.

          • Rainbow Walker

            CPR is no longer necessary if they are brain dead. Fetuses are not cognizant nor “alive”. Brain activity doesn’t occur
            until right before birth.

            You have difficulty discerning the real from the fictitious.

        • Who is the abortion lobby? What’s there budget compared with ALEC or what the Koch brothers fund?

          BTW 90% of medical waste is incinerated.

          • John Flaherty

            OK, so we can say that the ashes of said aborted child now reside in a landfill, in the incinerator, or in other facilities as the “clinic” will intend.
            I must say, having visited the Holocaust Museum a few years ago, having seen models of facilities used for gassing, followed by incineration, I’m finding this turn in the conversation….quite ghoulish.

            Do you really think it grand that human remains meet their end as though they had no more value than the average bag of coffee grounds?

          • In the end we all end up as dust. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

          • I am going to end up as fertilizer for my fig trees.

          • You didn’t answer my question?

          • John Flaherty

            Your question regarding who the abortion lobby is? Well, I think we both know that Planned Parenthood is the most obvious, though others also advocate in that direction. Emily’s list comes to mind. There are many.

            How is the size of ALEC or Koch brothers budget relevant?
            If we’re debating the merits of abortion vs not and you’re complaining about the size of budgets, it’d be good to explain why it’s OK for the federal gov’t to spend tons on PP, but not on others?
            The only reference I could find to ALEC that made any sense was an American Legislative Exchange Council.
            Not following why you’d be concerned about that.

          • There is a war on women that includes lobbying efforts by ALEC and the Koch brothers. Both are well-funded organizations that have made war on women by chipping away at access to abortion.

            “The Stealth War on Abortion” quote –

            “We don’t make frontal attacks,” AUL president and CEO Charmaine Yoest told the National Catholic Register in 2011. “Never attack where the enemy is strongest.” Some abortion-rights advocates have compared AUL to the American Legislative Exchange Council, the secretive corporate-funded organization responsible for many of the country’s voter-suppression and “Stand Your Ground” laws. Each year, AUL sends state and federal lawmakers across the country a 700-page-plus “pro-life playbook,” Defending Life, which it describes as “the definitive plan for countering a profit-centered and aggressive abortion industry, while laying the groundwork for the ultimate reversal of Roe.” Among its annual features is a 50-state “report card” on the state of anti-abortion legislation, as well as a step-by-step guide, Yoest says, to help lawmakers “understand that Roe v. Wade doesn’t preclude them from passing common-sense legislation.”

            Koch Brothers Funding of Anti-Choice Groups, by Organization

            Freedom Partners
            Since it was founded in late 2011, Freedom Partners, which Politico has called “the Koch brothers’ secret bank,” has given millions to anti-choice organizations:
            • more than $8 million to Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee
            • $32 million to Americans for Prosperity
            • $15.7 million to 60 Plus

            Freedom Partners via CPPR
            Since November 2011, the Center to Protect Patient Rights (CPPR) has recieved about $115 million from Freedom Partners. CPPR also took in some $11 million from Americans for Job Security, another pass-through group with connections to prominent businessmen Bob Fisher (director of The Gap, Inc.), Charles Schwab (founder and chairman of Charles Schwab Corporation), and Eli Broad (founder, KB Home and Sun America).

            CPPR, in turn, has long had deep funding ties to anti-choice organizations. Here is a list of CPPR disbursements to anti-choice organizations by year.

            CPPR 2009
            • $2.6 million to 60 Plus
            • $2.25 million to Americans for Prosperity
            • $250,000 to Independent Women’s Voice
            • $25,000 to Nebraska Right to Life

            CPPR 2010
            • $9 million to 60 Plus
            • $1.9 million to Americans for Prosperity
            • $1 million to the Susan B. Anthony List
            • $559,000 to Americans United for Life Action
            • $45,000 to Americans United for Life

            CPPR 2011
            • $2.4 million to 60 Plus
            • $1.5 million to Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee

          • John Flaherty

            There is a war on women only from the point of view of one who advocates a rabidly feminist viewpoint. I’m saddened to see you take this stand.

          • lady_black

            No, this negatively affects all women, not just rabid feminists. If you think Catholic women are immune to being harmed, think again.

          • John Flaherty

            I commented early this morning that I cannot continue this discussion, lady black. I find your attitudes despicable, but common, and can no longer consume time on your views. I do wish you all the best of God’s grace.

          • It’s been a long time since I’ve been called rabid feminist.

          • Am I supposed to care that you’re saddened? No. That’s your problem. Can’t help you with narrow minded thinking.

          • purr

            rabidly feminist = not being a religous fucktoy /baby factory

          • Rainbow Walker

            Not a surprising response from a religious nut. You probably like child brides too.

          • lady_black

            My remains? I don’t care what happens to them. I won’t be using them anymore, they are just a shell and I will be gone. I have told my family that I wish to be cremated and have the ashes scattered at the shore, which is where I have always been happy and I’m pretty sure they’ll follow my wishes. I won’t have a gravesite. It will be a green burial, so to speak. I’m comfortable with discussing what will happen when I die. Death is as much a part of life as being born. Nothing “ghoulish” about it at all.

          • Rainbow Walker

            You are more concerned with remains then living children. Perhaps if you were more concerned with living children
            instead of fixating on remains and zygotes there wouldn’t be 400 million unwanted children in the world. Most of whom are trafficked, abused and exploited.

          • Suba gunawardana

            Why are lifeless remains more important than living breathing sentient children being abused/neglected & suffering RIGHT NOW? children who were forced into substandard lives with no thought for their well-being, to assuage some religious nut ideology? What are they, chopped liver?

        • lady_black

          It’s medical waste. Just like amputated limbs, removed organs, etc. and is disposed of like all other medical waste in a lawful manner. It’s probably been incinerated. I don’t waste much time worrying about the body parts I’ve had removed and what became of them. Seems kind of nutty to me.

        • Rainbow Walker

          Giving fetuses juridical status is impossible and poses a plethora of legal quagmires. First of all one must deny
          the rights of the women [who IS a juridical person]. The court has granted as to privacy, but there are other issues as well: the right to be secure in one’s person and slavery. Forcing a woman to have [or terminate] a fetus is
          equivalent to slavery.

          Then if we give a lump of cells right where will it end? As my law professor said “then a Jain can claim a virus or bacteria is alive and should have juridical standing. And therefore we cannot use medicine because it violates their rights.”

          That’s why the recognized and perceived individual as a juridical person under constitutional law is very narrow.

    • purr

      so should the bitch get the gallows like the Nazis did?

  • The_Starbuck

    The Anchoress brought up a really good point. Look at the micro-expressions in her face during the post-abortive video segments. She totally doesn’t buy what she’s saying. I pray someone is there for her when she really realizes it.

    • You have a rich full fantasy life. How about she is telling her truth and you are trashing her for it without evidence.

    • I thought she looked relieved that she was no longer pregnant.

  • Victor

    Anchoress! I’ve looked at this video again today which is a new day and long story short sinner vic who believes that he’s really a god and says that he owns about 95% of little old me. Anyway longer story shorter, he tells me that he spoke to the unborn child of this good looking wo man.

    Come on folks, how can I even think of listening to so called gods who keep writing stuff like…..

    Go Figure brothers and sisters in Christ?

    God Bless Peace

  • I disagree with Kathy Schiffer analysis of Emily Lett’s abortion video. Kathy Schiffer thinks Emily’s actions and words are weird. But it doesn’t matter what Kathy thinks because it’s not her experience, not her life. Emily trained as a doula which to me makes her actions seem logical and not weird at all.

    Kathy states, “We never see the doctor, never see the “uterine contents” carried off in a bucket, arms and legs jutting out, disposed of as medical waste.” You don’t see the doctor because Emily wanted the focus to be on her experience. Emily was very early in her pregnancy when she had an abortion and at that state of fetal development there are no arms and legs. If you want to see a photo of what the uterine contents look like after a six week abortion see,

    • Victor

      Please expect_resistance , we alien gods ask that you don’t be too hard on Victor for spreading all this silly so called Fertilize her cause he’s been kind of Drawing attention to some of Adam and Eve’s spiritual snakes, “I” mean reality sperms who are interested in your world. Long story short, what good would “IT” do to send Victor’s 5% bodily cells of this so called “Jesus Host” back to a mental hospital again?

      Truth be known, “IT” really is not his fault cause he simply comes from a hard line of love.

      Go Figure brothers and sisters? LOL 🙂

      God Bless Peace

      • Victor, are you taking your meds? You have to take them. If they make you feel bad, go back to the doctor and get new ones.

        • Victor

          Forgive me Plum Dumpling but the only time I feel bad is when I read some of the stuff where you’re giving your so called professional advice to people.
          God Bless

          • You come off really crazy Victor. I mean that most sincerely. Take care of yourself.

          • Victor

            ((( You come off really crazy Victor. I mean that most sincerely. Take care of yourself. )))
            If you’re saying that because I’ve made you think that Abortion is nothing to brag about then I accept your comment as a complement.
            God Bless

          • lady_black

            Really? That isn’t what I took out of your messages. They sound like the ramblings of a schizophrenic. I couldn’t make any sense of them at all. Thanks for clarifying what all that stream of consciousness meant. I never would have guessed on my own.

          • Then don’t read it.

        • That’s what I was wondering too.

          • Victor

            Manny was right! No more time to spend on silliness.
            Time to Pray!

          • Who’s being silly? I’m very serious.

          • Me too. Serious as a heart attack. Victor is in trouble.

          • Always a good idea to pray.

          • Victor, I’ve learned that to argue with morons is just not worth one’s time. Especially when they are a bunch of insulting bitches.

          • Aww, did we hurt your darling precious feelings? Good.

          • That doesn’t sounds very Christian of you to call someone an “insulting bitch.”

          • Victor

            (((Victor, I’ve learned that to argue with morons is just not worth one’s time. Especially when they are a bunch of insulting bitches.)))
            Whow Manny! For a split second there, I thought that you were sinner vic, YA know that skitso who thinks he owns about 95% of my DNA cells but “Truth” be known, my “Five per sent age ‘Jesus’ Godly cells” could teach his angel friends of Lucy Fire and Satan a few tricks.
            I hear YA! But they would need to go through “Super Man” and “The Avengers” First! Right Victor? 🙂
            You’re funny Manny! LOL
            God Bless Peace

          • Jennifer Starr

            I’m sure there is some universe where the words you put together actually form a coherent statment. Though I’m afraid that I don’t know what universe that might be.

          • Oh I’m a sinner too. Hey my language gets saltier than that! I grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and half the clowns were future mobsters…lol.

          • purr

            yeah, they are morons because they aren’t talking about spiritual snakes and reality sperm


          • I am not wondering. I am a fellow traveler. I know he is nuts.

          • As a fellow traveler too I understand. I hope he be okay too.

      • Jennifer Starr

        I’ve read this over and over and it still doesn’t make any sense. Spiritual snakes? Reality sperm? I think I need more coffee.

        • Won’t make any sense after the coffee either. Can we say nutz? Yes we can.

        • Maybe “spiritual snakes” means penises? Very strange.

    • Kathy believes myths about abortion. She seems intelligent. If she did some investigation she would know what a 10 week abortion looks like. There is no “bucket.’ The contents of the uterus at 10 weeks is about 4 ounces of biological goo that can be sucked up a large straw (cannula).

  • Robert What?

    We seem to have entered the Bizarro World like in the old Superman Comics. Is she weird for celebrating the killing of her unborn child or am I weird for not getting it?

    • Celebrating? I did not see any crepe paper or party decorations. You definitely do not get it, that is truth.

      • Robert What?

        Keepsake sonogram photos? “Feels like the closest thing to giving birth”? Seemed celebratory to me.

        • Only if you think pregnancy is a party. Life is so easy for fetus freak men.

          • Robert What?

            Your reply made no sense so I assume it was an attempt at deflection. She wasn’t celebrating a birth, she was celebrating a death.
            I don’t think it should be outlawed, but I never see abortion as a good thing. Just something that sometimes has to be dealt with as well as possible.
            “Life is easy for men”? What universe are you living in?

          • Life is so simple and easy for fetus freak men. It is more than a little disgusting. You equate your puny two minute spasms to pregnancy and childbirth and multiple orgasms. And you think we must need and want your advice and hectoring.
            You really are a putrid rotting little brussels sprout. Close your mouth; you are stinking up the room.

          • Robert What?

            OK well thanks for clarifying that with your lucid, well thought out position. Let me guess – you’re single?

          • So lame.

          • Robert What?

            Yes you are – and I congradulate you for admitting it. I try to discuss – you fling invective and spittle. I truly hope you are single because I pity the man who would have to live with you. I’d probably chew my own arm off.

          • I am not at all interested in you. You skeeve me. Ho hum.

          • Alex Sawyer

            I doubt that much of anyone is interested in you, honey.

          • Speak for yourself.

          • Do you think Alex is Robert’s sockpuppet or his boo?

          • It’s hard to say.

          • Rainbow Walker

            I vote boo.

          • Maybe. That would make Robert a homosexual and not part of the reproduction game necessarily. So why the attitude? I think it is his boo as well.

          • Robert What?

            Oh and I was so wanting you to like me. Have a nice life and enjoy your cats. Bye.

          • What do you have against cats?

          • That’s quite dramatic. What do you really mean ?

          • lady_black

            I agree with her. And I’m not single either. You have to realize we aren’t your mother, and we don’t think it’s cute when you drool.

    • Suba gunawardana

      What’s wrong with being happy with your decision? If you are upset about it, that means you didn’t make the right decision.

  • Ruby Sara

    Someone posted a link to what a six week abortion looks like. You can’t see anything from a distance in those jars. HERE is a link to a six week old baby looks like: Looking into the eyes of Emily at the end of her video, it is plain to see she is in grief, and I will pray for her. Her, wanting to keep her sonogram of her now dead baby, is one of the strangest stories I have ever heard. While many condemn her and wish bad for her, I really hope she may go on one day to have a baby and see the gift that life truly is.

    • I aborted/miscarried into the toilet at 10 weeks. I poked through the goo. Nothing that looked at all human was there. A six week embryo measures 1/4 inch and is the size of a lentil. That photo is a doll and an extremely ugly doll.

      • Rainbow Walker

        Yes it’s sad when people fabricate to elicit emotion.

    • lady_black

      That doesn’t look like a baby to me.

    • Victor

      Ruby Sara! Truth be known, I just looked at the link that you provided and any one who watches your supplied picture will agree that this is not a baby as we know it and no where in the article does it claim to be a normal baby.
      Longer story short! There’s so much more that I want to say but my wife is calling me and life does continue in reality and it is not easy all the time but I know that having un-necessary abortions and especially while bragging about it then claiming that we’re doing it because we’re protecting a woman’s right to chose is wrong, so wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????
      Call me crazy if YA like but t I’m getting a little UP SET with GOD LEFT, “I” mean RIGHT NOW! LOL 🙂
      Got to go………………………..

    • purr

      it looks like any other viviparous vertebrate embryo

  • Mary

    Emily I can’t watch your video and there will come a day that you won’t be able to watch it either. When that day comes God will be there with his Mercy!

    • Which God. Jehovah is a proabort. Hosea 13:16.

      And these are the rules that Jesus followed:

      Jewish law not only permits, but in some circumstances requires abortion. Where the mother’s life is in jeopardy because of the unborn child, abortion is mandatory.

      An unborn child has the status of “potential human life” until the majority of the body has emerged from the mother. Potential human life is valuable, and may not be terminated casually, but it does not have as much value as a life in existence. The Talmud makes no bones about this: it says quite bluntly that if the fetus threatens the life of the mother, you cut it up within her body and remove it limb by limb if necessary, because its life is not as valuable as hers. But once the greater part of the body has emerged, you cannot take its life to save the mother’s, because you cannot choose between one human life and another.
      Sh’ma Yis’ra’eil Adonai Eloheinu Adonai echad.
      Hear, Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One.
      Barukh sheim k’vod malkhuto l’olam va’ed.
      Blessed be the Name of His glorious kingdom for ever and ever.

    • You should watch it if you’re going to judge it or write a critique of it.

    • purr

      citation needed

    • Suba gunawardana

      If god cares about the unborn, why doesn’t he step up to protect them now?

  • myintx

    She killed for 15 minutes of fame. Proves that abortion isn’t used as a last resort. She makes Pro-aborts look even worse than they are.

    • Jehovah is a proabort. Hosea 13:16.

      • myintx

        Doesn’t take religion to know that killing an unborn child is wrong.

        • No it just takes an uninformed person to think a fertilized egg is a person.

          • myintx

            It’s a human being. If it’s killed as a fertilized egg or at 38 weeks gestation or at birth that human being is denied a chance at a full and productive lifetime. If you support killing it in the womb you might as well support killing it at 38 weeks too.

          • lady_black

            Oh well.

          • I’ve already answered this at Mother Jones. Stalker!

          • Victor

            ((( I’ve already answered this at Mother Jones. Stalker! )))

            Gee! No kidding why must YA be so private and so vocal in your approach to US (usual sinners)?

            We’re YA sent by GOD?

            Sorry Manny!

            sinner vic had to come for a visit and I hope that his skitso friends don’t turn into spiritual Dr Jekylls and Hydes cause then I might be in need of Father Damien of Molokai to ask his friend Mr. Robert Louis Stevenson to see if he’s interested in helping the unborn child who don’t know that they are living in death chambers disguised as “Mother’s Womb”. I’m sure that he knows that Father Damien would give his life to defend these poor souls.

            Forgive me FATHER for involving YOU but “I” know not what “I” do.

            God Bless The Unborn.

          • purr

            Your post doesn’t make any sense.

          • Victor

            ((( Your post doesn’t make any sense.)))

            Gee! What can “I” say, another man and/or woman who want to help little old me and for some reasons, I just won’t co-operate.

            Anyway on this Sunday I want to wish all mothers that you might know a happy mothers day.
            I hear YA! Victor you’re your own worst enemy.
            Go Figure brothers and sister in Christ


          • myintx

            You’re the one replying to my posts on here…

          • You’re just mad because you got busted lying. You’re a liar and a stalker. Get a life.

          • myintx

            Emily L is the one that proves pro-aborts are liars… Abortion isn’t a decision of last resort. It’s a decision of selfishness.

          • You got caught lying red-handed and blame it on someone else. How interesting that you can’t accept responsibility for your own action. That’s really sad.

          • myintx

            Lying about what? I’ve had people post after me that I’ve seen on other forums.. doesn’t make them stalkers….

          • Read up thread you said you posted here first!!!!!!

          • myintx

            You have no problem dismembering and killing unborn children but you’re worried about an alleged stalker on a comment board? Yep.. typical pro-abort, only worried about themselves and no one else.

          • Have you read Victor’s comments? He makes more sense than you do.

          • Victor

            (((Have you read Victor’s comments? He makes more sense than you do.)))

            Please don’t use me as an example expect_resistance cause everyone of human animals alien godly parasites cells living with US (usual sinners) would sooner side with myintx . Long story short, they need to protect the unborn simply because they’ve been doing this for billions of years now and will continue to do so until they can convince humanity that they don’t need
            GOD and then “IT” is Armageddon where parasites will be home free if YA get my drift? 🙂

            I hear YA! You’re really crazy Victor?

            Go Figure! LOL 🙂


          • myintx

            I haven’t lied about anything.

      • Oh look who followed us here.

        • Stalker pervert all the way. And its lonesome.

          • myintx

            Looks like you were the one who followed me. I posted first. STALKER.

          • Jennifer Starr

            Seeing that your profile is private while Plum’s isn’t, I find that hard to believe. I think you were the stalker.

          • myintx

            I was the one who posted first… then she posted after me…

          • No, I posted here three days ago and you first posted here two days ago. I know reality escapes you but get a grip.

          • myintx

            So that makes me a stalker? No.. it makes me a person reading articles and posting comments on them. Get a grip.

          • You are a stalker and a pervert. But then, I have told you that before.

          • myintx

            Nope. And, I don’t support the slaughtering of unborn children either.

          • It followed us here from MJ. *sigh*

          • You followed us here from the link I posted at Mother Jones. Duh. You’re the stalker.

          • myintx

            Oh, so we’re on the same forum together and you think I’m a stalker? lol…

          • You know we were on the same forum because you followed me here from Mother Jones. Stalker! And I’ve already told you I’m sick of talking to you. I’m only responding because you are telling lies about me. What exactly is your problem? On second thought don’t answer I don’t care,

          • myintx

            I have commented on other Patheos articles before. This isn’t my first time on Patheos… If you’re sick of talking to me then go away.

          • I am moving on to a thread at RH Reality Check. If you say you’re not a stalker I know you will not follow me there. Ta ta.

          • myintx

            You won’t get any resistance over there… you’re wasting your time on that forum, no one to try to convince that you think that slaughtering unborn children is OK.. but, knock yourself out.

    • purr

      She is a hero.

      • myintx

        She’s a killer

        • purr

          Would you like to see her get life in jail or the death penalty?

        • No she’s not.

          • myintx

            If she did have an abortion she killed her unborn child.

          • Just what you need, a company that provides personhood funeral services at

            From the website, “We, as Christians, know that life begins at conception. For a married Christian woman who is trying to conceive, the chances are high that many times when the menstrual cycle arrives it is actually a miscarriage of a very, very young child. If your period is late, even by a few days, it is likely that you have just lost your child. Your precious baby, just a few weeks old, and still microscopic, is dead. This is a time for you to mourn. It is also a time to prepare your child to enter Heaven. Personhood Funeral Services, LLC provides funeral planning, memorial service planning and caters to the needs of grieving Christian families.”

            A photo from the cite of a tampon coffin.

          • myintx

            You’re sick…

          • How am I sick when you’re the one arguing fertilized eggs are persons, as you say “unborn babies.” I kindly provide you with a useful link and then you call me sick. Who’s selfish now?

          • myintx

            Women who intentionally kill their unborn children for senseless reasons, like Emily Letts, are selfish.

          • Do you believe fertilized eggs are persons?

          • kathyschiffer

            Hello, Expect– Let me pop in here. Fertilized eggs have 26 pairs of chromosomes, and are unique and non-repeatable. They are not simply parts of the mother, the way menstrual blood or fingernails are. They fit the scientific definition of “person” well; just not the pro-abort political position. But it is you, not myintx, whose viewpoint is supported only by faith. The pro-lifer knows that fertilized eggs have all the genes that he or she will carry into adulthood, and we have science to back up that view.

          • purr

            Zygotes have none of the objective traits associated with personhood. They are mindless genetic blueprints. Blueprints are not people.

          • kathyschiffer

            Are newborns “people”, then? And I take your insult toward unborn children personally. See, I was born prematurely. By the standard of a pro-abort, I was not a person. Had I stayed inside my mother’s womb instead of coming out early, you could gladly have had my arms and legs hacked off and my brains sucked out. Nice guy you are!

          • Suba gunawardana

            No, only your mother could have done that, if she chose to. (And if she chose to, you would never have known, or got a chance to feel bad about it).

            That’s the whole point. The woman carrying the fetus should have the right to keep it or expel it as she wishes. It’s not anyone else’s business.

          • purr

            Get over yourself. None of us were persons when we were zef’s.

          • Science has not defined when personhood starts and neither have you. Science doesn’t back up your statement.

          • Guest

            Oh, so “Chris” DOES know how to spell her name correctly after all!

          • myintx

            You’re sick because you support the slaughtering of millions of unborn children and then joke about miscarriages.

          • Jennifer Starr

            That’s not a miscarriage.

          • If a fertilized egg fails to implant there is no pregnacy, thus no miscarriage.

          • Guest

            Aww, “Chris,” that’s a rilly, rilly sad story. Here, have a tissue.

  • Suba gunawardana

    What’s the big fuss about? This abortion is just like any other abortion, except for being out in public & showing that there’s no gory scary “dismembering” crime scene constantly touted by the anti-abortion movement.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with dismembering (when it concerns non-sentient beings)…

  • Mike

    If i was just “goo” at 4 weeks when did i become me? at 24 weeks? How did it happen that after birth i become me even though i was still attached to my mother via the u. cord? When did this magical thing happen that transformed me into me from bio goo? And if it happened to me after birth, how long after? Why is killing a one week old ok if she’s one week from conception but not if she’s one week from birth?

    If we aren’t sure when bio goo becomes a person shouldn’t we at least err on the side of caution in case we end up killing one by mistake?

    • purr

      The fetus does not develop the capacity for sentience/consciousness until at least 24-28 weeks.

      Prior to that it’s just a mindless animal organism – human DNA, but no personality, no self, no mind.

      Why don’t we err on the side of caution and not enslave women in service of something that you aren’t even sure is a person.

      • Mike

        I wish i could agree that it is not a person but it was me and you, you were once a week old and only an inch and it wasn’t your brother or a kidney but you…i am sorry i don’t know how to get around the fact that i was once that big too.

        PS are you saying that after 24 weeks we should stop killing the growing, living, but not person, things?

        • purr

          *I* was never a zygote an embryo or a fetus. The zygote is merely a genetic blueprint. The embryo is a bit further along, but it is still only potential. Same with the fetus. Until born, and developing a personality, the ZEF is only a potential person, nothing more.

          • Mike

            I know exactly what you mean and i would agree with you IF: once the sperm and egg “met” the new thing maybe disappeared into the womb, it didn’t have a distinct unique dna and it i don’t know incubated for 2 weeks and then it either “dissolved” into the surrounding tissue or in some circumstance began developing into a human being a person. I’ve even made this argument to my wife that in this case “abortion” would be morally neutral (but then bc it wouldn’t be abortion after all would it). I’ve also thought well what if humans procreated spontaneously that in that case it would be hard to “impose” the pregnancy on people.

            Look i know you honestly don’t believe that “you” were ever a zygote but i also know that you know that when your mother had a zygote in her womb about 9 months before you were born, that that zygote was not your brother, or your aunt or a piece of a liver, or some deformed sperm agglomeration or whatever but it was really you. It had your dna your eye color your hair your height maybe even your sexual orientation were already set.

            I used to be “pro-choice” until i started looking into embryology and those web sites that show you what your baby looks like at 4 – 9 weeks or whatever.

            I honestly wish that we laid eggs, i am 100% in agreement that whatever happens happens INSIDE of a women and that that is no trifle. There is no getting around the FACT that no matter what we say it happens inside another person’s body and that presents real “issues”. But there’s something else i am 100% certain of and it’s that intentionally expelling a growing human being out of it’s mother’s womb is morally wrong.

            Are you familiar with the double effect principle the Catholic church teaches? That if you are getting radiation therapy and the secondary unintentional effect is to kill the fetus then it is morally ok?

            Here’s the other issue: and i know you think this is totally insane but when you say “potential person” it really does make me cringe bc it well honestly reminds me of what we used to say about slaves or women who couldn’t vote bc they weren’t “real” citizens or when poles and jews were considered not really human.

            Anyway i honestly wish you were right and that these ZEF really weren’t human and unique and etc. If they really were like pimples etc. this debate would cease immediately and would never be brought up again, never. But alas things aren’t that clear.

            Thanks for engaging, much appreciated.

          • purr

            Unique DNA does not a person make.

            Its a privilege to be born, not a right. Our mothers are not SLAVES.

          • Mike

            I guess i would ask who gets to decide who does and doesn’t get to be born? I suppose the fathers don’t deserve a vote?

          • purr

            If you ejaculate inside a woman does this give you ownership of her body and potentially her life and health?

          • Mike

            No of course not but if you are the father of the child she will carry doesn’t that at least give you a say?

          • purr

            You can say what you want. But, I think it would be wrong to use the law to force her to gestate a fetus for you.

          • Mike

            yes you may be right about that…but if women could expel the fetus by themselves i think that would be a real cause for privacy but as far as i know women can’t on their own expel or kill the fetus…by themselves means totally naturally without pills or doctors.

            i understand you believe this would enslave women.

          • purr

            They used to, with the help of midwives. This service is growing again now that clinics are closing. And women are ordering chemical abortifacients over the internet.

            BTW mike, you sound like a genuinely nice person. Thank you for that. Its refreshing.

          • Mike

            thanks. like i said i was on your “side” only 5 years ago so i think i understand the genuine concerns. I’ve made the argument that if women could really privately expel the fetus or whatever simply by their i don’t know psychic powers or say by starving themselves then unfortunately i don’t think laws outlawing that could be constitutional bc then they would really be infringing on privacy but as it is women require a pill produced by a corporation or a midwife with tools etc. etc. so the procedure is never private.

            ps when i was about 17 my mother told me she was pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby; we were poor and i panicked; immediately i told her i wouldn’t help her raise it; my father lived a world away and they were divorced. A couple of weeks later she told me not worry and that she was sorry for scaring me and that she had had an abortion. I remember not understanding quite what that meant but was relieved to know i wouldn’t be saddled with this. Today i believe 100% that if she hadn’t aborted that the girl or boy would have helped to repair the wounds that have plagued my family – my brother is a drug addict, etc. etc. Plus the child was a mix of middle eastern/arab and european blood so would have been gorgeous. Sometimes i try to picture them and their curly hair and olive skin. My wife and i carried a child to term last year after our 20 week ultrasound revealed he wouldn’t be able to breath outside. When we delivered him we got 2 hours with him and my mother cried so hard for 2 days it made my inlaws wonder, but i know who she was crying for.

            All the best.

          • Victor

            ((( My wife and i carried a child to term last year after our 20 week ultrasound revealed he wouldn’t be able to breath outside. When we delivered him we got 2 hours with him and my mother cried so hard for 2 days it made my inlaws wonder, but i know who she was crying for.)))
            Mike! I’m sure that I’m not the only person who found a few tears in their eyes after having read your comment.

          • Mike