This Beetle: Maybe I'll Name Him Benjamin

So there I was, bustling about the house getting ready for work, and this Big Brown THING caught my eye. It was a beetle, moseying along on the living room carpet.No husband in sight to rescue me, I did the best I could: I scooped it up in a wad of Kleenex and…..…crushed it to smithereens? No. …dumped it in the toilet and flushed? No.What I did, actually, was carry the little guy outside and carefully place it on a  leafy bush not too close to the door, where it’s unlikely to find its way … [Read more...]

BXVI Has a Message for Youth

From Pope Benedict XVI's address to the youth gathered today in Madrid: Dear young people, listen closely to the words of the Lord, that they may be for you “spirit and life” (John 6:63), roots which nourish your being, a rule of life which likens us – poor in spirit, thirsting for justice, merciful, pure in heart, lovers of peace – to the person of Christ.  Listen regularly every day as if he were the one friend who does not deceive, the one with whom we wish to share the path of life.  Of cours … [Read more...]

Spiritual GPS: Advice to Youth and to the Rest of Us!

Young people attending World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid need a “Spiritual GPS” tuned to three things:  the Word of God, the Bread of Life, and the Virgin Mary.So says Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, Archbishop of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and president of Caritas Internationalis.  The cardinal also served as president of the Latin American Episcopal Conference (CELAM) from 1995 to 1999.The Honduran prelate is one of the bishops selected to offer catecheses to the youth gathered  in Madrid this … [Read more...]