Major Pro Golf Championship Winners Who Attended the PGA Tour Bible Study and/or Champions Tour Chapel

The four major championships in professional golf throughout the world are The Masters, the U.S. Open, the British Open, and the PGA. The following professional golfers who won one or more of these championships attended the PGA Tour Bible Study or the Champions Tour Chapel or both. Some attended regularly, and a few were leaders. * means he won that tournament before he began attending the Study or Chapel.

Archer, George (*1969 Masters; d. 2005)

Azinger, Paul (1993 PGA)

Brewer, Gay (*1967 Masters)

Cink, Stewart (2009 British Open)

Coody, Charles (*1971 Masters)

Crenshaw, Ben (*1984 & *1995 Masters)

Janzen, Lee (1993 & 1998 U.S. Open)

Johnson, Zach (2007 Masters)

Jones, Steve (1996 U.S. Open)

Langer, Bernard (*1985 & 1993 Masters)

Lehman, Tom (1996 British Open)

Mize, Larry (1987 Masters)

Nelson, Larry (1981 PGA, 1983 U.S. Open, 1987 PGA)

Player, Gary (*1959, 1968, 1974 British Open, *1961, 1974, 1978 Masters, *1962, 1972 PGA, *1965 U.S. Open)

Pavin, Corey (1995 U.S. Open)

Rodgers, Bill (*1981 British Open)

Simpson, Scott (1987 U.S. Open)

Simpson, Webb (2012 U.S. Open)

Stewart, Payne (*1989 PGA), *1991 U.S. Open, 1999 U.S. Open)

Watson, Bubba (2012 Masters)