The Purpose of Most of these Golf Posts on Mondays through at least 2013

Posts about professional golf are made on this blog on Mondays. Throughout 2013 and perhaps into 2014, these posts will represent brief chapters of a book I’m writing entitled Christ on the PGA TOUR. It will be about the influence Christianity has had especially on the regular PGA TOUR and its Champions Tour (formerly Senior Tour), but perhaps other pro golf tours as well. Most of these posts will be stories about (1) Touring pros who believe in Jesus Christ and (2) incidents that happened to them in professional golf.

A centerpiece of these stories will be the PGA Tour Bible Study. It was started in 1965 on the PGA TOUR in the USA. It still flourishes today, even with the same name. Over the years, it influenced Christian women professional golfers in the U.S. to form their Christian fellowship on the LPGA Tour. Then the Senior/Champions Tour Chapel was founded in the late 1980s. After that, such a fellowship was established on the Tour. And similar groups were started on other pro golf tours around the world.

So, the 50th anniversary of the PGA Tour Bible Study will be the year 2015. My hope for this book is that it will be a testament and a catalyst for celebration about how God has been revealed through Jesus of Nazareth in the world of professional golf in especially the past fifty years.

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