Let’s Go Back to Typewriters

Ha! Protect our security–go back to typewriters. Russia’s Federal Protective Service–a KGB successor agency with the responsibility of protecting President Vladimir Putin and his government officials–has ordered 20 typewriters at a cost of perhaps $750 each. If anybody has saved their old typewriter, sell it to Vladimir and make a big profit.

It’s about breaching electronic security. It’s because of all of these recent leaks of classified U.S. government documents. It started with young Bradley Manning, a U.S. Army soldier who had access to classified government databases. He gave some of this information to Australian former editor and journalist, Julian Assange, who is the founder of WikiLeaks. And now, it’s also because of young Edward Snowden, who worked for the U.S. National Security Agency and has leaked some of their documents. Snowden’s leaks have revealed details that have embarrassed the U.S. government, about how its intelligence agencies have spied on nations which are important U.S. allies.

So, none of this would have happened if the world hadn’t gotten all of this sophisticated electronics, which includes computers and the internet and data storage–all of which is involved in this post I’m writing. Go back to typewriters? My 93-year old mother would love it.

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