Interactive Map Shows Genetic Makeup of Populations

The University College of London has a Genetics Institute. It’s website says it is “a world-leading centre to develop and apply bio-statistical and bio-informatics approaches to genetic research.  Its major, although not exclusive, remit is to focus on clinical and human population genetics.”

Last week, the UCL Genetics Institute and the University of Oxford made public for the first time its “interactive map” which shows the history of genetic mixing of ninety-five current populations in Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America which go back 4,000 years. It’s all done by DNA sequencing and the genome, yet it corroborates historical events in which there were invasions of one population by another. This map is one of various efforts to  identify the genetic derivation of populations.

I believe the time will come when Palestinians will learn that their genetic makeup generally derives from the ancient Philistines. Why? Certain biblical prophecies concerning the endtimes mention “Philistines” living on the Mediterranean coast side-by-side Israel (Isaiah 11.14; Zephaniah 2.5; Zechariah 9.6). And I think this knowledge could affect the settling of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in which the Palestinians will get their own, independent state.

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