Predictions of the End of the World, Yet We’re STILL HERE

Harold Camping, founder and owner of the large Christian radio network Family Radio, died at 92 years of age on December 16, 2013. He had predicted that the world would end and Jesus would return on May 21, 2011. But the next day we were STILL HERE.

When I won my first pro golf tournament on the PGA Tour–the Kaiser International in Napa, California, in 1968–I listened to Family Radio the entire time while driving to and from the Silverado Country Club and my motel in St. Helena, thirty minutes away. That’s beautiful wine country, and it was a memorable time for me. I then donated a small portion of my winner’s check to Family Radio. For many years thereafter, my wife and I listened to Family Radio in our home.

The Mayan calendar predicted the world would end on December 12, 2012, though there was some debate about that. Yet that date came and went, and we were STILL HERE.

Now, the annual Viking Festival is being held this weekend at York, England. The Viking calendar predicts that the world will end tomorrow, Saturday, on January 22, 2014, the last day of this festival. Norse mythology says the end of the world begins with an epic battle between the gods. Odin (the Allfather god), Thor (the god of thunder), Freja (the goddess of love), and Loki (the trickster god) all duke it out. When their battle ends, all land mass on earth will sink beneath the oceans to engulf all humans as they drown. Then, why not just get in one of those sea-worthy Viking ships? But never mind that. I predict we’ll all stay dry and be STILL HERE.

Why? Read the first two books of my nonfiction series on Bible prophecy entitled STILL HERE–“a nonfiction alternative to LEFT BEHIND Theology.” Book 1: The Third Day Bible Code. Book 2: Warrior from Heaven. Still unfinished Book 3 will be entitled The Late Great Plastic Empire. Why? Hal Lindsey is the author of the mega-bestselling book on Bible prophecy entitled The Late Great Planet Earth (1970). We are from the same church in Houston, Texas. Lindsey is the person who turned me on to Bible prophecy in 1960 when I was a freshman in college at the University of Houston.

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