The Bible Predicts Future Metal Scarcity

Two days ago, USA TODAY had an article by Ray Locker entitled “Western militaries risk losing access to resources.” It begins as follows:

“Western militaries may lose access to critical materials needed for weapons and other systems, because of the growing demand for new technologies, questionable supply lines and production in unfriendly or dangerous countries, NATO documents show.

“‘Key strategic materials are those that are crucial in the manufacture of sophisticated military hardware or components such as airframes, gas turbines, rocket motors, munitions, armor and electronics,” according to a newly released NATO request for information. ‘These materials are becoming increasingly scarce.’

“‘Most troubling, the NATO report says, is that ‘many of these materials and products are not produced within NATO countries.’ Instead, they come from rival nations, such as China and Russia, or those mired in internal conflicts and civil war, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo. That limits NATO’s access to the metals and minerals that make up key parts of important weapons and aircraft.

“Competition for these resources is also coming from a variety of developing technologies, such as alternative energy and semiconductors, which also need the same materials. For example, the metal gallium, which is used in military electronics, is also used in the burgeoning solar energy and computer fields as part of solar panels and semiconductors.

“NATO says it and its partner governments have been working since 2008 to find a way to maintain access to these critical materials. Its new report cited a 2010 study outlining 41 critical materials that are at risk, including 14 with a combination of high economic importance and a high supply risk.”

This article by Locker then informs about three of such metals: cobalt, tantalum, and tungsten.

Soon after I began this Kermit Zarley Blog, on April 19, 2013, I wrote and posted a piece entitled “Someday, No More Guns.” (Access it in Categories/Eschatology.) In this post I quote about a page from my book Warrior from Heaven (2009) in which I explain briefly that certain biblical prophecies regarding the endtimes indicate that there will be a serious scarcity of certain metals then and that one result is that militaries will only use primitive weapons.

Thus, it must be concluded from such biblical prophecies that by the time of the end of the age/world, all the nations of the world previously will have disarmed themselves of not only all weapons of mass destruction but all conventional weapons as well. One of the preeminent prophecies which indicates this scenario is Ezekiel 38-39. The key to understanding such passages is that they must be interpreted literally, and their contexts usually support this hermeneutic.

Of course, nowadays we are many years away from such world disarmament. This indicates that the future return of Jesus Christ to the earth with his kingdom must also be many decades away. That’s what my Book 1, The Third Day Bible Code (2006) is about. Warrior from Heaven is Book 2 of my STILL HERE book series on eschatology, which is “A Nonfiction Alternative to LEFT BEHIND Theology.” Ten books are planned in this series, and only Book 1 and Book 2 have been published so far. Book 3 of this series has a chapter about this metal scarcity which both tells about several metal ores being depleted from our earth’s crust due to mining and approximately how many years it will take before we will have no more earthly resources of such metal ores.

It is largely due to this foreseen metal scarcity on earth that some companies are gearing up to mine metals literally “out of this world.” U.S. billionaire and former Microsoft executive, Naveen Jain, is one. His company, Moon Express, recently received a $10 million contract from NASA for moon data services. And other billionaires, including Google executives Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, are planning to mine near-earth asteroids for metals.

In conclusion, once again we see from a comparison of current events and biblical prophecies that developments are taking place in our world which are precursors to the fulfillment of certain biblical prophecies regarding the future, this one being future metal scarcity.

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