Donald Trump Is a Narcissistic White Supremacist Dividing America

NFL-PlayersDemonstratePresident Trump appealed to his political base last week in Alabama–a southern state with a very racist past due to slavery–when he criticized NFL and NBA black, pro athletes who have demonstrated against police brutality or just spoken out that they don’t like him. This weekend, he caught hell for it from the NFL–both the commissioner, some owners, and most of the players. The NFL players are 75% black. NFL players demonstrated at televised games yesterday against President Trump’s comments by kneeling and locking arms. Trump is dividing this country.

Trump spoke about a demonstration at Charlottesville, Virginia, weeks ago, in which he exonerated White Supremacists. It was shocking. And he only got worse in subsequent remarks he made about it days later. He certainly showed that he is a white supremacist. He has no empathy for people of color who are minorities in this country. I don’t care how much he says he’s not racist; his actions show that he is. If he’s not racist, then he is more stupid than I think he is.

But the worst thing could be Donald Trump’s heightened rhetoric against North Korea. In his UN speech last week to the world, he called North Korean President Kim Jong-un “rocketman.” He purposely disrespected the man to the world with such a term, which he had been using over Twitter in previous days. He also said in that speech that if North Korea attacks the U.S. or its allies South Korea and Japan that the U.S. will “totally destroy North Korea.” That was an absolutely stupid thing to say. That was not presidential. In the past, Trump even said the U.S. would attack North Korea even if it only “threatened” the U.S. That was an INSANE comment. He clearly will not back that up. That’s just one of his many lies. The guy is a great big liar.

Now, the North Korean government said yesterday that in the UN Trump speech, Trump declared war on North Korea. They then said that any U.S. bombers that fly close to North Korea, even if still over international waters, they will shoot them down. Last Friday, for the first time the U.S. flew bombers over North Korean waters in a show of force. What a lunatic thing to do!

Donald Trump said the NFL athletes demonstrating at games Sunday by kneeling during the national anthem was a disrespect of our military. Baloney! They were demonstrating against police brutality, the president’s remarks, and showing their solidarity in it. I’m all for them doing it. I admit that choosing to do it during the national anthem is questionable. But their intention is not to show disrespect for this country but to protest racial inequality and especially unnecessary police brutality.

As a guy who served in our military for over seven years, I think Donald Trump was a draft dodger. He got out of our military draft with a medical exemption for what he said was a bum foot at the time. When he was later asked by a media reporter which foot it was, he had no answer.

U.S. Congress–Donald Trump is not presidential. He’s dividing this country. He makes race relations worse. His rhetoric against North Korea lately is atrocious, which could throw the U.S. into a nuclear war. Therefore, Mr. Donald Trump he is incapable of governing this country, and he needs to go.

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