“Lock Him Up”

JaredKushnerPresident Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who is not a government employee and doesn’t have a position in the federal government. Yet he has been conducting foreign government business under the direction of the President while using a private email server. That is the same thing Hilary Clinton did as Secretary of State. The FBI investigated it last year and declared that she committed no crime. But that isn’t good enough for President Trump. He has called for the Department of Justice to reopen that investigation.

President Trump has constantly said that Hilary Clinton committed a crime and that she still should be prosecuted for it. That is why during his political campaign against Mrs. Clinton for president, and even as president right up until now, Donald Trump has constantly said “lock her up,” meaning that Hilary should be found guilty and serve time in prison. So, Mr. Donald Trump, to be fair you now have to say about your son-in-law, “lock him up.”

The whole thing is stupid! Hilary Clinton has repeatedly said she made a “bonehead” mistake in using the private email server. It turned out to be a poor decision. But in my opinion, and I think that of most Americans, it certainly was not a crime because she was not motivated that way. Motivation is a core issue here. It was a honest mistake. It only involved how you use electronics to conduct your business in a secure manner.

President Donald Trump spoke at a political rally last Friday in Huntsville, Alabama. Someone in the crowd yelled “lock her up.” Trump smiled and said, “You’ll have to speak to Jeff Sessions about that.” Sessions is the U.S. Attorney General. Trump is a disgrace to this country to keep on saying “lock her up.” The man is not presidential. He talks about all kinds of things to the world by means of speeches, but especially with Twitter, that he has no business doing. Case in point–what he said at Huntsville about the pro athletes.

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