U.S. Senate Confirms Russian Meddling in our Election

Yesterday, the Republican-chaired Senate Intelligence Committee, in a major disagreement with the Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee, announced that it was in full agreement with the U.S. intelligence community–such as the CIA and FBI–that Russian government operatives under the direction of Russian President Vladimir Putin seriously tried to disrupt our 2016 presidential election to get Donald Trump elected and therefore for Hilary Clinton to lose. Both Republican chairman Richard Burr and Democratic vice-chairman Mark Warner issued statements about this.

Yet President Donald Trump throughout his sixteen-month presidency has railed against the Justice Department’s special counsel Robert Mueller in conducting his investigation into this Russian meddling and perhaps collusion with the Trump campaign during the election, calling it a “Witch Hunt” and a “hoax.” I think this constant barrage of attacks against the FBI and Department of Justice is an attempt to obstruct justice by getting the American public to try to end the Mueller investigation through their elected representatives in Congress. In this blog, I have been saying this throughout most of Trump’s entire time in office.

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