25 Russians Indicted Is a Witch Hunt?

In February, U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein–who is overseeing special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation under the auspices of the Justice Department into possible Russian government meddling in our 2016 presidential election–announced a federal indictment of 13 Russians and three Russian companies in interfering in that election. There is no extradition of alleged criminals agreement between the U.S. and Russia since Russia is still the premiere enemy nation of the U.S. even after the decades-long Cold War ended in about 1990. So, we very likely will never so those men brought to our justice.

Then, last Friday, AG Rosenstein announced another indictment of 12 officers of Russia’s intelligence agency GRU for, again, meddling in our election by stealing and releasing about 30,000 emails from former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s email server at the time when she was running in the election against Donald Trump.

A few days prior to Trump leaving on this trip to Europe this week, Rosenstein had told President Trump about these indictments and that he was going to make them public. Nevertheless, while Trump has been on his trip, he was in England with its Prime Minister Teresa May when he publicly denounced, again for the umpteenth time, Mueller’s investigation by calling it “a witch hunt.” How pitiful that our president–on foreign soil and about to meet with none other than Russia’s President Vladimir Putin tomorrow in Helsinki, Finland–so castigates his own Department of Justice with some of its heads having been appointed by him. It sure looks like he’s got something serious to hide from the American people. Any rational person who is innocent of colluding with the Russians and having no one in his election campaign who did so, as he claims about both issues, would as a patriotic American want his Justice Department to find out if the Russians had been inferring in our election, the mainstay of our democracy. Trump can’t be doing all that at the expense of perhaps obstructing justice only because he wants to look like he won the election fair and square. He could get impeached by Congress only on the basis of obstruction of justice if proved in court.

Trump constantly says other nations are “laughing” at the U.S. because they have for years gotten away with maltreating the U.S., especially economically in trade deals and both trade and defense alliances. What a crock! Rather, much of the world is astounded that the highly-unqualified Trump got elected president, and they are increasingly laughing about it, making fun of him. I think it is an embarrassment to our country.

Furthermore, Robert Mueller’s team has had several key characters in Trump’s orbit flip, including National Security Advisor and former Army General Michael Flynn, and therefore cooperate with the Mueller questioning. The next one to flip appears to be Trump’s “personal attorney” for the past ten years, hardball player Michael Cohen.

Who should we Americans believe about whether or not Mueller’s investigation is a witch hunt? After indictments of 25 Russians, half of them military intelligence officers, I think it’s about time for patriotic Americans in the Republican party to wake up and see the light, that this certainly is not is a supposed witch hunt. The hammer that special counsel Mueller is wielding on behalf of our justice system looks like its about to drop many more times in the future, and if so its not going to be pretty for Mr. Trump. I suspect it will make The Watergate Break-in of 1972 look like a Sunday school picnic.

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