Trump Raging Against the Ladies–Warren, Clinton, and Whoever

President Donald Trump gave a speech last night at a political rally in Montana in which he criticized Senator Elizabeth Warren, again, about her claim to have American Indian ancestry. Trump challenged her to take a DNA test to prove it. Warren should tell Trump she’ll do it if he makes public his income tax returns of the past several years.

Trump again went off about Hilary Clinton and her email server. Republicans are always telling Democrats to “get over it” about Trump winning the election. Well, Trump should get over it about Hilary Clinton. Instead, he whipped up his crowd to yell repeatedly, “lock her up.” That could come back to bite him.

Trump is yelling about the wrong women. He should be yelling about Stormy. Warren and Clinton cant’ hurt Trump one bit, but Stormy can. The FBI has already raided Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, and this week he gave an interview for the first time since then that sounded like he’s ready to flip on Trump. No more taking a bullet for The Donald, who appears to be throwing his “fixer” under the bus. All of this has a lot to do with Stormy.

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