Is the Formation of Assyria Near?

Iraq is barely functioning as a state. It's parliament began and was soon canceled this week due to political upheaval. There have been large demonstrations in the streets of Bagdad, Iraq's capital. The radical jihadist organization ISIS had militarily taken over much of northern Iraq two years ago. Iraq is still trying to rebuild its previous oil-producing infrastructure that was destroyed in Iraq wars.U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden showed up Thursday to try to calm the political tensions … [Read more...]

Boehner Says Cruz Is “Lucifer in the Flesh”

U.S. Republican politician John Boehner of Ohio served as Speaker of the House of Representatives for the past five years. I like Boehner--he plays golf. He says he's a golfing buddy of Donald Trump, the virtual Republican nominee for U.S. president this year.Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is the only candidate left in the Republican race against Donald Trump for president with any possible chance to beat him on the first ballot at the Republican convention. Ted Cruz is a strong … [Read more...]

Yom Kippur Depicts Israelites as the Scapegoat

Patheos Public Square is featuring essays on "The Sacrifice: Religions and the Role of the Scapegoat." In the history of religions, I don't think there has ever been any greater focus on sacrifice and scapegoat than what the nation of Israel did during antiquity on its most important religious holiday of the year--Yom Kippur, which means "the Day of Atonement." The seriousness of this holy day was further indicated by requiring all Israelites to fast throughout this day and confess their sins to … [Read more...]

A New Nuclear Arms Race in Space?

The U.S. and China are developing a new type of nuclear weapon called a "hypersonic glide vehicle" (HGV). It is a smaller warhead mounted on a booster rocket that can be launched at up to 17,000 miles per hour, travel through the edge of space, and re-enter earth's atmosphere to be precision guided to its target. Unlike conventional nuclear weapons ballistic systems, in which the warhead travels only through the earth's atmosphere in the path of an arc, this HGV warhead rises almost vertically … [Read more...]

Review of Ben Witherington’s Book, “The Problem with Evangelical Theology”

(All scriptures references are taken from the New Revised Standard Version.)Ben Witherington III is a New Testament professor at Asbury Theological Seminary. It is an Evangelical, Wesleyan school located in Wilmore, Kentucky, near Lexington. Ben is a leading New Testament scholar and a prolific author, with many theological books to his credit.I know the friendly Dr. Witherington, who likes to play golf. Last November, I was rooming with my close friend Professor Scot McKnight at the … [Read more...]

Danny Willett Wins the 2016 Masters as Jordan Spieth Collapses

Englishman Danny Willett won the Masters golf tournament today in a surprisingly upset victory when Jordan Spieth suffered a complete collapse at Amen Corner.Spieth looked like a shoe-in to win his second Masters in two years at only twenty-two years of age as he started the last nine holes with a five shot lead on the field. But as I posted this morning, Spieth has a serious flaw in his swing that causes him to miss full shots to the right of his target, especially during pressure … [Read more...]

Jordan Spieth and His Blocky Left Arm

Jordan Spieth finished his third round yesterday in the Masters with the one shot lead with which he started the day. His game from tee-to-green was wanting. He miss-hit many full shots to the right of his target. Even though he is such a golfing phenomenon, this is a problem he's been having sometimes under pressure in the majors. It especially happens in the closing holes, when he would typically feel more pressure, as it did yesterday. He had a four shot lead with two holes to play yesterday. … [Read more...]

The “We” of Team Spieth

In my day, golf was an individual sport. Not so for Jordan Spieth, the world's number 1 professional golfer. In media interviews, he constantly relates what "we" did not the golf course rather than what "I" did. In doing so, he refers to himself as well as all of the people who assist him regularly in his pursuit winning professional golf championships. That includes his caddie, his swing instructor, family members, etc.This is Masters week. Just minutes from now, Jordan Spieth will begin … [Read more...]