If ISIS Attacks the U.S., Then What?


ISIS, also known as the Islamic State, threatened yesterday in a video that he is going to attack the U.S. in Washington, D.C. ISIS has been predicting that it would attack certain major nations that are involved in attacking ISIS's military operations in its territories overtaken in Syria and Iraq. It predicted it would do so with Russia and France, and it has delivered only days later. ISIS's affiliate in the North Sinai claimed to have brought down the airliner in which all 224 passengers, … [Read more...]

Tom Wright Says Jesus Didn’t Know He Was God


I know Tom (N. T.) Wright of the UK. He is a most charming fellow and an engaging public speaker. He also is one of the top theologians in the world. Many of his peers would say he is the world's preeminent New Testament scholar. Tom Wright is also a Trinitarian.In Tom's book, The Challenge of Jesus: Rediscovering Who Jesus Was and Is (IVP, 1999), he states, "I do not think Jesus knew he was God" (p. 121). I think Wright is right about that. And he certainly is not alone; many distinguished … [Read more...]

The Blessed Hope of Christians is Resurrection, Not Death


I love evangelist Billy Graham. For me, he was probably the greatest man of God in the twentieth century. I achieved one of my life goals in meeting this world-famous yet humble man. He spoke to our PGA Tour Bible Study multiple times. He even endorsed my first book, The Gospels Interwoven. In my new book, Solving the Samaritan Riddle: Peter's Kingdom Keys Explain Early Spirit Baptism, I tell a story from my friendship with Billy, when I asked him what he thought of evangelist and faith-healer … [Read more...]

Where Will the Righteous Go at the Resurrection?


Everyone should have a worldview. What's that? It's having an opinion about reality. It's answering questions that science and religion grapple with, such as: How did the universe originate? How did I get here? What is my purpose in living? Where am I going? Without a worldview, we're like a ship without a rudder, an airplane without wings, a car with no wheels. We don't know what's up or what's happening.One of the things that makes Christianity stand out concerning truth claims is its … [Read more...]

The World Jewish Congress Needs to Wake Up and Get Real


Yesterday, the World Jewish Congress had a full-page ad, that they paid for, in the New York Times. It was a six sentence message from WJC President Ronald S. Lauder. It first informs that Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will come to the U.S. and meet with President Barak Obama next Monday. The purpose of the ad is to call for improved relations between the two allied nations--Israel and the U.S.U.S. President Obama has had a somewhat stormy relationship with Israel's Prime … [Read more...]

Attending SBL


Every year for the past seventeen years, the highlight of my year has been attending the Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature. (I joined this organization in 1999.) It is always held for four or five days the weekend before Thanksgiving in a large city in North America that has a downtown convention hall large enough to accommodate the affair. Many of the leading biblical scholars in the world, but especially from the U.S. and the UK, attend this annual gathering. They do so to … [Read more...]

Earthquake Last Night in Arizona?

That's right, folks. Last night at 11:30 PM I was reading in my home office when I heard some strange, light, grinding noises for about five seconds that seemed to originate from underneath my condominium and then BOOM--a loud noise and my condo shook very noticeably for about one second.I immediately jumped out of my chair and went outside on my balconey. There was not a cloud in the sky nor a breath of wind. And there were no neighbors walking out of their houses to question what had just … [Read more...]

Did ISIS Shoot Down that Russian Airplane?

Early Friday morning an Aerojet commercial airliner crashed in the North Sinai, forty-six miles southeast of its capital and largest city, El-Arish on the Mediterranean coast. All 224 people were killed, and all but three of them were Russians. The airplane departed from Egypt's primary resort city, Sharm El-Sheikh, headed for St. Petersburg, Russia. It is the worst aviation disaster in Russian history.Hours later, an affiliate of ISIS, called Sinai Province of the Islamic State, claimed to … [Read more...]