10 more things I bet Romney doesn’t know…

So apparently, way back in 2004, Mitt Romeny is on record saying “I didn’t know you had families,” to the LGBT parents standing in his office.  You can read one blogger’s take on this (unsurprising) stone-cold ignorance.

Thinking this over (while enjoying a fried chicken and collard greens lunch at work) a few things came to mind that I bet Romney doesn’t know.

Here’s 10 I came up with, what 10 would you like Mittens to know?


10. That I drive my family around in a nearly decade-old, American-made minivan (and that growing up my dad put food on our table, a roof over our head and paid his taxes as a union-member iron worker while my mom stayed home and took care of us kids.  Aaaannnnd, that while a brain tumor was killing my mamma the medical bills nearly killed my father).

10.1 [updated 9/13/12 as I thought more about this post] That because of the way I was raised I have lived into a particular kind of family rhythm that includes waking up early enough (4 am many weekdays) so I can get a little work done before waking the kids up early enough to help them get ready for school.  We make fresh breakfast, have conversations and work together to prepare healthy lunches for everyone to take on their day.  Our days also include sitting down at a dinner table in the evening around healthy meals that we plan and shop for on Sunday and prepare each night with fresh ingredients and a dash or two of love.  Oh yeah, and we like to say a blessing before we eat too.  Sounds a little Rockwellian when I type it out but guess what Mitt, that is just a slice of our family’s values.

9.  That I shop at locally owned small businesses (and eschew big-box, mammon worshipping corporations that put profits over people).

8. That I helped build a public charter school in the inner city of Atlanta (because I believe in locally run, innovative public schools that value critical thinking over inane regurgitation).

7. That I read my bible (and I take it seriously because I don’t take it literally).

6. That I go to church (and love my neighbors who go to temples, mosques, woodland hikes, funky coffee shops and pub patios on their holy days).

5. That I pray (and believe that God knows with infinite compassion but does not behave like a cosmic vending machine).

4. That my wife and our daughters are the center of my universe (and that love makes a family).

3. That I am sometimes afraid (for my children, my wife, my self and my community).

2. That I pay taxes (and expect that my rights as a citizen to be equal to those of of non-gay citizens).

1. That I vote

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175 responses to “10 more things I bet Romney doesn’t know…”

  1. I bet he couldn’t even imagine that my wife and I visited my grandmother in her assisted living home for over two years, every Sunday, until she died. That my grandmother (my Catholic one, not my Jewish one) loved my lesbian Jewish wife – she told her that she loved her and considered her a grand-daughter by marriage. We had our weekly stitch n’ bitch, crocheting and knitting, and she was always proud of what we made and bragged about us at the home’s dining table.

    Ann Romney might pretend to understand me inheriting her yarn stash, crochet hooks and knitting needles, that is if she could understand lesbians doing traditional feminine things like yarn arts with hooks and needles. Of course, I don’t know what they would think of the crochet book grandma gave me to learn some patterns from: “Stitch and Bitch, the Happy Hooker.” It is a great crochet book.

    But what would probably blow both their minds is that my grandmother, who planned every step of her funeral months before she died, insisted that I get the Old Testament reading, Proverbes 31. That’s right, I got to read “A woman of valor” at my grandmothers funeral. To the best of my knowledge, that is the first time in the history of the Holy Roman Catholic Church that a married Jewish lesbian read “A woman of valor” from the pulpit during mass. The preist didn’t know what I was and I certainly didn’t go up for communion, but my whole family knows what I am, my wife was there with me, and they all got it – grandma had a heck of a post-mortem sense of humor. And she really loved me. And I really miss her.

    And now my Jewish grandmother recently moved into my state, and I can once again visit my grandmother every Sunday to crochet with. WooHoo! Yes!


  2. You know, it’s funny…if he had said “I didn’t know you had families” in an embarassed, bemused, self-conscious tone, I think it would’ve went over easier, admitting one’s prior ignorance and accepting being educated by others. I’ve said a couple times to myself, and this sounds equally ignorant…”they’re just so…normal!” But I guess it’s a difference in tone and intent. I think he should’ve acted on the knowledge he’d just acquired about who these folks truly are.

  3. Kimberly (and anyone else),

    If you are looking for a good book to read, this one has been an eye-opener:


    This, frankly, scares the sh*t out of me. From a story on NPR about a month ago: 93,000 people (< 0.001% of the world's population) account for between 21 and 32 TRILLION dollars in 'hidden' wealth (more than the combined GDP of US and Japan) — Cayman Island, Swiss banks etc. — a good chunk of which came from US foreign aid to dictators like Pinochet or Marcos, or military juntas in Brazil or Venezuela back in the 70's and from loans arranged through many of the banks that were bailed out after 2008. It also makes me unbelievably angry.

    Really makes me want to see Mitt's tax forms….

  4. I couldn’t get past the fried chicken and collards for lunch. Maybe if Willard ate more like that he’d understand what the rest of us already know.

  5. Here’s my 10 things I wish Mitt Romney knew:
    10) That I lost my last full-time job in December 2008 because the Wall Street collapse decimated my non-profit publishing employer’s resources.
    9) That I haven’t had a “regular” full-time job since December 2008 because of the state of the economy and the collapse of the publishing industry. Everything I do now is free-lance, short-term independent contracting.
    8) That our “Millennial” son — along with many of his friends — hasn’t had a full-time job since 2008, either, and considers himself part of “Generation Screwed.”
    7) That because of the obstructionist, GOP-dominated Congress, the jobs bill that could have helped both my son and me find permanent employment has been stalled FOR A FREAKING YEAR!
    6) That if it weren’t for the Affordable Care Act, our family would have little hope of finding health insurance because of pre-existing conditions. I am currently in the Texas high-risk pool and our son has no health insurance at all.
    5) That my husband is forced to commute 100 miles round-trip every day to a job that pays almost half of what he previously earned. With four people living at home right now, our family officially fell below the poverty line last year. We are no longer middle class; we are the working poor.
    4) That if Romney is elected and follows through on the GOP plan to increase taxes on the “middle class,” we will have to ask for help from the very church-related food ministries on whose boards I’ve served for nearly 20 years.
    3) That I pray daily for the welfare of our entire country, including Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and other leaders, as hard as I find it to love them as Jesus commands his followers.
    2) That my American citizenship is shaped by my Christian faith, but that I don’t expect anyone to be forced to submit to my own theology.
    1) That I think gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgendered people — my neighbors, friends, co-workers — are human beings that God loves unconditionally. So are women, children, African Americans, Latino Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, people of mixed heritage like me, jobless people, homeless people, undocumented immigrants, migrant workers … in short, all of the marginalized people that Jesus hung out with most. We are 99 percent of the American population, and all I can hope now is that as many of us as are eligible register and vote in this year’s presidential election.

    • Right on Cynthia! Let’s get a bunch more of these critical lists and maybe we can actually send them all to Mr. Romney!