Which blog post next?

I want to write all the things.  I write one thing at a time, removing one festering foible at a time to make room for the next to bubble to the surface. Friends, I have been writing in fits and starts since just before my father died but I have a head full of swirling thoughts [Read More…]

This weekend’s homosexual agenda

So that you have ample time to stock your apocalypse shelter and say goodbye to the world as you know it, I thought I should share my homosexual agenda for the weekend…be afraid, be very afraid. Hang around on FB Put on favorite old work clothes (some right out of the hamper) Run to Flying [Read More…]

Always Queer, Never Quiet

Friends, it is time to introduce you to another guest blogger.  It is my pleasure and honor to lift up the powerful work of Marcus Patrick Ellsworth.  I met Marcus at the Veritas gathering in Chattanooga where communities of faith came together for an afternoon of love, grace and solidarity with the LGBT community of [Read More…]

Even straight folks have closets

…and we are all bigger than our closets.   Ash Beckham, at TEDx Boulder, discusses the current state of homophobia in our culture challenging even the word “homophobia” itself. There is no fear, just loathing. Hating things we don’t understand, people we don’t know or anything that is different than our day to day. “Homophobic” [Read More…]

The scandalous heterosexual agenda

Every once in a while I run across something I wish I had written.  This is one of those times.  The following is an excerpt from a brilliant blog written by J. Barrett Lee. J. Barrett Lee is a Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and the pastor of North Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where he [Read More…]

STOP SAYING “homosexual lifestyle”

Stop it. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times but apparently it bears repeating on a daily basis because I still hear or read it a few times a day (sigh, maybe I should revisit my Calvin and Hobbes collection). There is no such thing a monolithic “homosexual lifestyle”. So, unless you [Read More…]

In the valley of the shadow

We buried my father one week ago today.  There’s so much I want to tell you about the death of my dad but in order to do so I need to tell you just a little about his life. As I look back over my journey of last couple of weeks, and really my whole [Read More…]

Digital Detox

I have so many wonderful things I want to share with y’all via the interwebs this weekend but it is time to give myself a digital time-out. Maybe a weekend, maybe a week, maybe 30 days. Because of the constant stream of hateful email, private messages and blog comments I experience throughout the week I’m getting [Read More…]

Grace Light Love Truth

night sweats of self-loathing evaporating in the sweltering century are laced with toxic doctrines ingested against my will sweet words swallowed as my body convulses rejecting rancid subterfuge of dogma slipping like slick freon through the crystalizing chambers of my soul as i search the the beckoning abyss under the vast bending arc of Grace [Read More…]

Undulating lace

With synapses well lubricated by gauche wine after a day of staining our tiny, ragged deck, I watched the first fire of the fall burn savagely in her hearth. I stood from my thread-bare lawn chair and sunk to the ground as my rouged toes grasped the wily weeds that were holding on for dear [Read More…]