Praying for Peace with Pope Francis


“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God.” Matthew 5:9   Gracious and loving God we turn our faces to you as our eyes search for truth in these kaleidoscopic days fractured with conflict and confusion. Prince of peace unfurl our clenched fists that our hands may reach for our [Read More...]

A scourged soul and a loamy heart


Some days I write a coarse passage plucked from the scarred landscape of a scourged soul. Some days I write a tender verse lifted from the loamy soil of a hopeful heart. Some days the words move through me. Some days the words move in spite of me. I am grateful for the grace extended [Read More...]

You might be a Pharisee if…

Pharisee (1)

If you exile a family for the unconditional love of their gay daughter, you might be a Pharisee. If you “pray” for the continued discrimination of any group of people, you might be a Pharisee. If you exalt harbingers of fear and hate as righteous in the eyes of God, you might be a Pharisee. [Read More...]

Letting her go – with a little help from my friends


In all my time blogging I rarely if ever mention the names of my children or wife.  This is as much for their protection as it is about a respect for their way of figuring out how to live into this crazy thing we call family. And though it feels like I am taking a [Read More...]

The importance of my gag reflex in accepting who God made me to be


In response to the Gospel Coalition’s post from earlier this week, I am not going to write about how desperately unchristian the “pastor’s” rant was.  I am not going to point out in excruciating detail how emotionally manipulative, and thus abusive, his post is.  I do not need to point out all the lies, straw [Read More...]

Sex Slam, Smoked Oysters & Saintly Neighbors: Wild Goose 2013


By this point I imagine most of y’all are sick of hearing about how amazing Wild Goose 2013 was but I am going to to add my voice to the chorus of praise being heard around the blogosphere. I waited a week to put down in words my reflection because I needed to understand if [Read More...]

I see you


I see you in all your strength and in your weakness I see you in all your beauty and in your mess I see you in all your certitude and in your doubt I see you in all your courage and in your fear I see you when you are clothed in pride and when [Read More...]

Create in me a clean heart

“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God” (Mt. 5:8)   What is purity of heart? What does it mean to see God? How the hell does one go about being pure of heart in order to see God? When pondering the imponderable mystery of pure hearts, my mind drawn to the [Read More...]

You keep calling yourself a “Christian”, I do not think it means what you think it means


Some days, ok most days, I am beyond grateful for my calling to make room at my table for a myriad of disparate voices.  Most days I feel blessed to serve spoon-fulls of of love, generous dollops of peace, steaming bowls of slow-cooked reconciliation and a sweet slice of Grace. And then there are days [Read More...]

Living in the now while believing in the not yet

It is my call as a follower of the Third Way made known through the Incarnation to pray for and WORK for the type of radical, paradigm shifting change that will truly allow us to beat our swords into ploughshares. That means my faith calls me to: Look squarely in the eye of systemic evil [Read More...]