STOP SAYING “homosexual lifestyle”

Stop it. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times but apparently it bears repeating on a daily basis because I still hear or read it a few times a day (sigh, maybe I should revisit my Calvin and Hobbes collection). There is no such thing a monolithic “homosexual lifestyle”. So, unless you [Read More…]

In the valley of the shadow

We buried my father one week ago today.  There’s so much I want to tell you about the death of my dad but in order to do so I need to tell you just a little about his life. As I look back over my journey of last couple of weeks, and really my whole [Read More…]

Digital Detox

I have so many wonderful things I want to share with y’all via the interwebs this weekend but it is time to give myself a digital time-out. Maybe a weekend, maybe a week, maybe 30 days. Because of the constant stream of hateful email, private messages and blog comments I experience throughout the week I’m getting [Read More…]

Grace Light Love Truth

night sweats of self-loathing evaporating in the sweltering century are laced with toxic doctrines ingested against my will sweet words swallowed as my body convulses rejecting rancid subterfuge of dogma slipping like slick freon through the crystalizing chambers of my soul as i search the the beckoning abyss under the vast bending arc of Grace [Read More…]

Undulating lace

With synapses well lubricated by gauche wine after a day of staining our tiny, ragged deck, I watched the first fire of the fall burn savagely in her hearth. I stood from my thread-bare lawn chair and sunk to the ground as my rouged toes grasped the wily weeds that were holding on for dear [Read More…]

You can do better Candler

Yesterday I attended chapel at Candler School of Theology as part of a response to the dean’s unfortunate and painful decision to celebrate intolerance of LGBT people. Leaders of Sacred Worth and other students had invited folks to wear red and show solidarity with those children of God that the United Methodist Church still believes are incompatible with [Read More…]

Paradigm Shifts & Miracles: Seventh-Gay Adventists

I am honored to introduce you to a Daneen Akers.  Daneen is an independent documentary filmmaker from San Francisco, CA where she lives with her husband and producing partner, Stephen Eyer, and their 4-year-old daughter, Lily.  I had the amazing opportunity to spend an afternoon with Daneen just a couple of weeks ago.   We [Read More…]

Candler School of Theology to Honor Anti-Gay Minister: An open letter to Dean Love

Dear Dean Love, Good morning, I imagine this is not the first or last communication you will receive regarding your decision to confer honors on Rev. Dr. H. Eddie Fox but as an alumna and advocate for the full inclusion of LGBT people in the church I feel it is very important to add my [Read More…]

Should family members of homosexuals be expelled from church?

An open letter to Gary Massey, personal injury attorney and pulpit preacher at Mountain Creek Church of Christ, Chattanooga, TN Dear Gary, I recently watched your sermon entitled “Should family members of homosexuals be expelled from church?” as delivered to Mountain Creek Church of Christ in Chattanooga, TN last month. I am writing as a sister [Read More…]

I walk the line

By now many of you have seen the NALT project co-founded by John Shore and Evan Hurst. But just in case, NALT stands for Not All Like That – meaning that not all Christians are like “that”.  Like what you ask?  Well you know the type, the Pat Roberston, Tony Perkins et al type – [Read More…]