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the purpose of life is to discover your gift.the meaning of life is giving your gift away. … [Read more...]

140 children are going to school.with uniforms and shoes and socks and supplies and meals and everything.busy doesnt begin to describe it.more joy than i can handle doesnt either.:) … [Read more...]

she called me heart swelled up into my throat. i have only known these little people 4 days and i feel a love for them that is different than my love for anyone else. this is love that wants to protect, and comfort and take away all pain. this is a love that consumes my every move. she called me mommy.our God is a God of miracles. about an hour ago, my oldest daughter was discharged from the hospital with the diagnosis of a broken collar bone and some soft tissue damage. of all things … [Read more...]

January 13

“What is it? I know that you love Africa, but I’m just not sure why. So what is it?”Let me tell you a story…It is Sunday morning and church is packed with beautiful, mahogany people dressed in their Sunday best. Amidst all the noise and cheerful greeting of neighbors, one hardly notices the small boy, who slips through the crowd to stand in a corner. The boy is about twelve, though small for his age of course. His clothes are torn and his barefoot, cracked, dirty feet are evidence that he has w … [Read more...]