"So this is what the Sovereign Lord says: See, I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation; the one who trusts will never be put to shame."Isaiah 28:16 "For this battle is the Lord's, and He will give them into your hands."1 Samuel 17:47 "God sets the lonely in families..."Psalm 68:6 "Not ONE of God's good promises failed, every one was fulfilled."Joshua 21:45 "The Lord will fight for you, you need only be still."Exodus 14:14 Some things are going on here … [Read more...]


Do not forget in the darkness what you have been promised in the light.It happens all too easily. A rough day (or several in a row this week...) and I forget. We all do. It becomes to easy to look around and think. "Why? Why do I do this?" "Why take one more child, why live with less so we can give to others more, why leave family and friends to go to a land of strangers, WHAT am I doing here?" I do not usually forget the answer, "For Jesus. Because He called me to this." But far to often I … [Read more...]


*be warned: I always re-read things before I post them. I didn't re-read this one, it is liable to be messy...I am processing so many emotions right now; I'm just going to go ahead and let you know that this post will not be eloquent or well written. It will not be a beautifully worded story, but just the ramblings of a mom who is tired today. It will just be, and it will be good enough.On Thursday of last week,I went to check on Michael, a sweet little boy from the Karamajong village that we … [Read more...]


It is my 16th Birthday and I am eating sushi at my favorite restaurant with my parents when I tell them that I would like to explore the possibility of taking a year in between high school and college to do mission work. This is unheard of in my family and they say they are not sure and will think about it. I am nervous, but somehow I know it is right. He changes their hearts.I have just turned 18 and find an orphanage online. I beg my parents to let me visit over break, just three weeks. A … [Read more...]


warning, this is going to be a long one…

I have 4 kiddos with malaria and all 14 of us have an awful cold, tis the season in Uganda.so I decided it was a perfect day to send Christine to her sister's (she is the only one of us that isn't sick and I would like to keep it that way), stay in our pj's, make some fresh squeezed orange juice, and pop in High School Musical for the kids while I cleaned my whole house top to bottom.Funny, cleaning my whole house can actually make me feel BETTER. (yes, I inherited this from my own mother!) Its … [Read more...]

Hello Journey followers! The good news is you get a blog, the not so good news; it's not from Katie. This is PAPA, formerly known as Scott and Dad. Katie's girlsasked what she called her grandfather and she said PAPA, so guess what? PAPA it is, and I must say after spending the week with these 13 beautiful girls,I hope I am their PAPA forever.If you are looking to read an unbiased story about Katie, you should probably not go on. The Dad in me just can't be unbiased, especially after what I've … [Read more...]


update at 8:30 pm, wednesday: Sumini has severe malaria, please pray for her! Seein her so sick brings back many emotional memories for Momma...Friends and Family (and stalkers, just kidding!),This week has been a wonderful, hard, emotional roller coaster for me. I was hesitant to mention in my writing before that this week my brother, my dad and Ben will be here. Some of you know and some of you don't... Ben was my highschool boyfriend and though I am absolutely still in love with him, the fact … [Read more...]


Home sweet home.I probably have about two people who still check my blog after such a long absence, but it was much needed time to be still with the Lord and love on and be loved by dear friends and family. The last two weeks have been a whirlwind. I cannot describe the blessing that took place on July 17th at our dinner. It could not have been more God-orchestrated. From the songs that were sung to the words that were spoken and the people who filled the room to listen to God's heart for the … [Read more...]


The Lord gives, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord! Job 1:21 Lots of emotions, too many words to really even write. Above all else, I am resting in knowing sweet Happy is whole and rejoicing with Jesus, Oh thank you sweet Lord. Yesterday I was sad and frustrated. Not sad that Happy was with our Creator, not frustrated that she had passed away - I know that was His plan for her sweet little life. But seriously. 4 months old. 4 pounds. 9mm hole in her heart. The doctors … [Read more...]


Happy is with Jesus …

This is Gwen here ... Katie does not have internet access right now ... Here is her message ..."It has been a long day, Happy went to be with Jesus at around 4 this morning. I am devestated but rejoice in knowing that she is whole. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support. I will update tomorrow ... Love Katie " … [Read more...]

The last few days have been simply unimaginable. So much so that I can hardly type. Last week was pretty trying; I discovered that what I though was a nasty break out around my mouth was actually impetigo, a staff like infection that causes open sores that weep, then scab, then crack and bleed, all over the face. The good thing is that this led us to diagnose Jane's impetigo, which we had written off as bug bites that she had scratched and irritated (hers are on her legs and trunk). The next day … [Read more...]


This month….

I fell in love with a baby named Barbara, and did not bring her home with me. This should be considered a milestone. ;)Jane decided it would be an awesome idea to give herself a haircut.My children discovered the joys of taking all the sheets and blankets off of their beds and turning their room into the greatest fort ever.We had the priviledge of feeding, and bathing, and loving a WHOLE lot of beautiful Karamajong children, many of whom now are working toward a beautiful relationship with Jesus … [Read more...]