So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.1 Corinthians 3:7 Our task is not always easy, but it is always simple: LOVE, because He loved us first. … [Read more...]

OH! The faithfulness of our Lord!For weeks, maybe even months, I have been feeling restless. I have felt God calling me somewhere, but I haven't had a clue where to go. I never doubted the feeling, I have become pretty good at seeking and hearing God's voice, but for weeks I have wondered in desperation, "God, you put me here. You gave me 13 children. You can't actually be asking me to move?" Still the wind whispers, GO. I can't sleep at night. Those closest to me have heard me say often … [Read more...]

well since you asked…

I LOVE getting comments on my blog. They are so uplifting an encouraging. It is so nice to know that I am prayed for and prayed with. So thank you for all of your encouraging words regarding potty training and all your prayers for precious Maggie!Pretty much daily Gwen answers comments that are in reality questions. I think its time I answered some of them publicly myself, so that Gwen doesn't have to keep explaining things like my "faith doctrine" to total strangers.Since I am still potty … [Read more...]

Sweet friends,I come to you today on my knees, asking, begging you to join me. My family and I are staying in prayer today over sweet Maggie Oatsvall. She is the daughter of my dear sweet friend Gwen (yes! who answers all your questions and comments, haha). Maggie had surgery on her head last month (she had a scalp extender put in to prepare her skin for reconstructive surgery later on; her head was badly burnt in China when she was an infant.) The scalp extender was injected … [Read more...]

I have entered a new phase in my life. Potty training.I decided to just buckle down and do it since right now is a pretty slow time for me (if life can be slow with 14 kids?). All the children in our program are in school with all of their supplies until a new semester starts after holidays in May, cold and flu season is ending meaning less sick ones to take care of (THANK YOU JESUS!), we pretty much have our feeding program down to a science, and my employees do a fantastic job keeping home … [Read more...]

My heart is pretty sad today as my sweet "vis-tas" (my children's pronunciation of visitors) leave. But, as in the goofy picture above, I am reminded that while I am sad when I have to kill a chicken, I am so blessed that my children are able to eat meat. While I am sad my dear friends are leaving, I have been so extremely blessed by their visit! We had an absolutely marvelous time and I am so thankful that God ordained this trip, worked out every detail, and held us all week in the palm of His … [Read more...]

I am so blessed and so full. I can't even think straight enough to write. Most of you have probably seen the button on the side of the blog linking you to "Joining the Journey," the Mayernick Team's blog. I encourage you to check it out, as I have given them my internet connector for the week and probably won't be on much. They will keep you updated on what we are up to.Suzanne and Mike (Amazima Board members, not to mention wonderful friends of mine), their two oldest children, Grace and … [Read more...]

sometimes, life is a bit confusing.I have been trying to see God's lessons in everything, big and small. The following are several unrelated stories and thoughts from the past couple days.. And I am trying to make sense of the lessons... It has been particularly hot here recently. It is supposed to be rainy season, but the rain won't come. This makes for extra sticky sweaty days. On one of these days when I was feeling especially nasty (think sweating profusely in the middle of all the swirling … [Read more...]

i believe in miracles.mostly, i believe in LOVE. God's love.big, extravagant, unconditional.LOVE that moves mountains and changes the world.LOVE that was given freely, that we may also freely give it to others.Grace can WALK. Not well, just a few steps with bent legs, but she can walk. Two weeks ago Grace came to our family and her grandmother explained to me that she was "lame". At three years old she could not stand, walk, hold her spoon, or complete a sentence. Unbelieving I took her to a … [Read more...]

Twice in Scripture Jesus is asked what needs to be done in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Twice He answers.The first time, He says to Nicodemus, "In order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven you must be born again, baptised in water and the Spirit." We take this quite seriously and celebrate baptism with joy.The second time, Jesus is asked the same question by an unnamed rich man. This time His answer is this, "In order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you must sell everything you have and give … [Read more...]

Wellll. I am just going to stop using the sentence "My life is crazy." Because as soon as I utter those words, it just gets crazier. I have SO many stories for you. I also have 1,200 pounds of food to give out today, so I am not sharing these stories right now. :)I just wanted to say thank you. I have had comments, emails and text messages from so many people who are praying for Sarah (whose name is now Grace, since we already have a Sarah), her legs, my strength. It is so uplifting and … [Read more...]


This is my life. My REAL life. People ask me sometimes, "No way that is real right? You do know how to tell a story though!" Let me tell you, as I fall onto my bed at the end of the night, I look up at the sky amazed and wonder, "No way is this real, right?" Yes. It is. Even those closest to me sometimes voice their disbelief, "How is that POSSIBLE?!" Most of the time, I really don't believe it either. Sometimes I pinch myself to make sure I am awake. I am. Yes, it is happening. 11 children. … [Read more...]