the classroom i teach in is between the animal feeding grounds and the pit latrines, so my classroom is constantly filled with the smell of waste, animal and human.the weather is stifling here; the moment i step out of my icy shower, i begin to sweat.i sleep under a mosquito net to avoid getting bit by mosquitoes infected with malaria among other diseases, but i still cant avoid ants and crickets in my my bathroom lives a rat the size of a house cat and there are a few bats in the shower. … [Read more...]

sometimes working in a third world country makes me feel like i am emptying the ocean with an eye-dropper. and just when i have about half a cup full of water, it rains: more orphans from the north migrate to where i live, more abandoned and dead babies are found, more people are infected with aids. it is enough to discourage even the most enthusiastic and passionate person. and yet the discouragement lasts only a moment and God tells me to keep going. that He loves me. that he loves these … [Read more...]

september 6, 2007they have finally stopped treating me like the queen of england here at canaan, and decided its ok if i work. i am so so happy. i spent the morning doing laundry with the 5 and 6 year girls, and the saddest part was that of all these little children, i am the worst at doing laundry by hand. i love that here at canaan, everyone is expected to contribute to the family. the children help do the laundry, the dishes, help me cook, and help bathe and dress and take care of one … [Read more...]

september 4, 2007i cannot go anywhere without being followed by at least 6 orphans, hungry for love. i cannot walk into the gates of my orphanages, or through the local villages without being ambushed by 60 children who all want hugs and kisses. i cannot sit down without having my lap instantly filled. and this life for me is heaven.i think i fall in love with canaan more each day. yesterday, i taught the kids how to play tic-tac-toe and hang man in the dirt with a stick; we played for hours. … [Read more...]

waking up to a chorus of children chanting "auntie katie" at my windowa soaking wet, sweaty head planted in the middle of my formerly dry tshirtbeing covered head to toe in red dirt at all timesgifts of flowers, weeds, rocks, shells, feathers and leaves, all presented as if they were worth a million dollarstickle fightsconstant laughterlate nights with no power, a trillion candles, rice pudding and missionary friends, sharing stories about their days or life reminiscing about life back … [Read more...]

I AM LEAVING IN ABOUT 40 HOURS. and oh, i am so excited :) … [Read more...]

God is good, so so sooooo good.and He loves these babies.Let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice-Psalm 105:3 … [Read more...]