I will not leave you as orphans;I am coming to you... Because I live, you also will live.John 14:18-19 … [Read more...]


if my people PRAY…

most of you who have been on this journey have been able to watch me go from a little "brentwood girl" who loved shoe shopping and her yellow car, who relied on God a little but mostly on her cell phone and her money and her mommy and daddy, to a woman, all alone in a foreign land, with nothing to rely on but The Lord Almighty. you have laughed and cried with me as i have put my trust in God to do the little things like kill the bat in the shower or hold off the rain on a long walk home, and the … [Read more...]

and there it was."God sets the lonely in families..." Psalm 68:6the last week has been filled with encouragement. it doesn't make it hurt any less, but it lifts my heart to a place where the hurt is at least tolerable. i feel and see God working. i hate that my time in the US away from my kids is necessary. but with each new encouragement, each new person that gets involved or old friend that is still excited about helping me, i fell God's purpose for my time here. to everyone who has donated … [Read more...]


It was a cold, rainy night as I headed out of the supermarket on Main Street. Huddled on the street corner was a little boy, sopping wet and shivering. at the moment, all I really wanted to think about was getting home, getting dry, and crawling into my little bed, but a voice inside told me to stop. I took the little boy inside the supermarket to dry off a bit and bought him some biscuits and juice. I gave him my sweatshirt, a small wooden cross that I carry in my pocket, and some change for … [Read more...]


this is what its like to be an african mamma... … [Read more...]


Just when I think that the world might crash down around me, something miraculous happens and our Lord catches all the pieces and puts them right back where they need to be. The second semester of school ended yesterday, which means HOLIDAYS for all 150 of my children. It also means that I HAVE to pay the schools the money I owe them in order for my kids to be able to return in September. As of yesterday we owed quite a sum of money, but upon checking the bank account, there was just the right … [Read more...]


my youngest, Sumini and her friend Christinapicking the stones out of the beans to prepare for friday night madness :)making some music in the fromt yardfriday night fellowshipthe food line in my back yard. we go through about 50 pounds of rice and beans in one night!my daugther Scovia's 6th birthday party. (since none of my children actually know their birthdays, i wrote the numbers 1-365 on a paper and had them each select one. now they all have their own special day - they are so proud!) i … [Read more...]


Last night there was a rat in my room. I really wanted to go to the bathroom, but when I heard his little feet scratching around, I literally couldn’t move. I was paralyzed with fear. Now, I’m usually a pretty fearless person and have been told so on many occasions. Why did this little mouse scare me so? I don’t know, but it led me to think about how often, as human beings, we are crippled by our fear. We are afraid of change, of losing, of being hurt. We cling tightly to what we have because we … [Read more...]


For the last two days, I have once again woken up to a tiny brown hand rubbing my face. "mommy, mommy, mommy its time for wake up". Once again I have remembered how much I truly enjoy a big bowl of rice after a long hot day. Once again I feel, every minute of every day, humbled beyond belief. This morning, Agnes looked at me and said "There it is! It came back!" When I asked her what, she replied "that light that lives in your eyes". Yes. Its back. The light that lives in my eyes and the joy … [Read more...]


a piece of paper tumbles in the wind. on it is a picture that we have all seen - the face of a white male with long brown hair, a matching beard, and a crown of thorns. a child looks up from picking through the garbage pile and snatches the paper. "auntie kate!" he grins, "this is Jesus!" i look around me. at his bright dazzling smile, a stark contrast to his dingy, torn clothing and mud-caked feet, at the small yellow flowers peeking through the trash and overgrowth. i feel the warmth of sumini … [Read more...]


“Who will sing my lullaby?Who will hold me when I cry?When I awake and no one’s thereWho will sing my lullaby?” Africa is a beautiful place, a place that I love to call home. When writing, I try o paint a picture of this Africa: a place where people love each other and the Lord, a place of hope and resilience, a place of blind faith, of renewal and life. But today, I want to tell you a story that breaks my heart. It is my hope that it will break yours too. I hope that tonight you will struggle wi … [Read more...]


its this feeling of euphoria that overwhelms the whole of me. its the feeling i get after spending three hours slashing my grass in the hot african sun and then tumbling into my freezing shower sweaty and exhausted. its the feeling i get when there are 30 kids taking a bath in my house and soap and water is flying EVERYWHERE. its the feeling i get when i am woken up at six am by being jumped on by three beautiful girls who call me mom. its the feeling i get after a long and usually hilarious … [Read more...]