Wedding Crisis Averted – Rising to the Occasion

Katie and Alyce after Wedding

I admire problem solvers, situation handlers, risers to the occasion. These are the people you call on to change a tire in record time, figure out exactly why your computer isn’t running like it should, sync any of your devices to any other, pinpoint the reason water is dripping through the ceiling of your garage, [Read More...]

A Father’s Day Meditation: Love Divine, All Loves Excelling

Love Divine

We got the news Friday May 18, 2012, that our choir director Rusty King’s daughter Ann Michele had entered into Hospice care. The family has graciously given me permission to share this meditation. Ann Michele, a beautiful, vibrant twenty five year old woman, was nearing the end of her valiant eight year battle with cancer.  Rusty, [Read More...]



Monday, May 28, 2012 at 11:30 am, Lee Dell Thomas, Jr. climbed up into a construction crane on the campus of Southern Methodist University where he held out in the sweltering heat for over 15 hours in a standoff with police. Bystanders stood with binoculars observing his every move. I heard them say things on [Read More...]

What is Your Expiration Date?


“Throw away everything from before May 2012.” These were the instructions from Dave, our team leader. Sunday afternoon I joined a group of 15 or so volunteers from my local church in a clean up day at the temporary residence facility in a neighboring community called Samaritan Inn. The Inn houses 100 people in transition [Read More...]

“Where are You Supposed to be Right Now?”


It was a sunny Monday morning in June and I was sitting at my home computer wearing t-shirt and shorts making a list of details to take care of for a conference on preaching I was organizing. The phone rang. It was Herbert Coleman, Director of Recruitment and Admissions at Perkins School of Theology where [Read More...]

“He Ascended into Heaven…”


“He Ascended into Heaven…” Thoughts on Ascension Day 2012 Ascension Day is rapidly approaching. What are we to think about this mystery? What are we to teach and preach, if our task is to communicate its meaning to others this Sunday? I  like to break mysteries down into what, why, where, when, and who. At least [Read More...]

My Route Guidance is Finished??


Last Saturday I was invited to be the retreat leader for a Sunday School class from a large church in Dallas. One of the members has a lovely vacation home in the wilds of east Texas near Chandler. I was to arrive by 9 am, have breakfast with the group, and lead a daylong session on the parables of [Read More...]

What You Focus on Grows


My yoga teacher says the same thing at the end of every class every Monday night at 9 pm. After we’ve all lay prone in the dark with our hands at our sides for several minutes, she has us sit up in the lotus position and she reminds us “Take yoga with you this week, don’t [Read More...]

No Time for Saplings


It’s almost graduation weekend at the University where I teach. A high value is always placed on quality landscaping and a pleasing aesthetic for the campus, but especially so when parents and alumni gather. Then the campus needs to be in prime condition, pleasing to the eye. And I am not against this by any [Read More...]