One practice or many?

Photo by Kurt Thomas Hunt,

Last week, there was a significant debate over on Sermons from the Mound about whether it’s possible to fully participate in two faith traditions.  As someone with training in — and deep commitment to — two traditions, I tend to fall down on the side of yes, but I also believe that people vary.  My choice to pursue two traditions comes from a lot of things, and but circumstance deserves significant credit.  I find that my second tradition fills in spaces that my first tradition doesn’t lay claim … [Read more...]

Practicing together

Photo by me!

One way that practice can be helpful is that it keeps our intentions at the forefront of our minds.  In a world where everything from beloved friends to beeping gadgets competes for our attention, holding on to our own centers is something that takes attention and effort.  For this reason, the practice I’m going to invite you to join me in is one that has to do with attention and intention.Each Monday, I invite you to join me in comments or on your own blog to note something you’ve noticed, s … [Read more...]

Introducing myself


I had been a Pagan actively practicing in a community for well over a year before anyone even suggested to me “hey, this would make a good daily practice.”  My passion for daily practice started before then, but as a new Pagan who wasn’t engaged in a formal training program, I didn’t have a teacher or tradition to give me a daily practice or the tools to make my own.Since then, I’ve had formal training in two traditions and have established a strong practice that is one of the most important … [Read more...]

What is practice?


A practice is anything you do regularly that nurtures you. You can probably think of a dozen forms of formal practice off the top of your head: prayer or meditation, lighting candles or incense, ritual, chanting or singing, dancing.  All of these are ways that practice can happen.  Creative work can be a practice: writing, painting, collaging, taking photographs.  So can exercise or daily tasks, done with intention.You probably already have dozens of practices of varying levels of in … [Read more...]