Moving Day

For the past five years, I have blogged here at First Things. I was surprised and grateful when Matt Schmitz first offered me this prominent venue, and I remain humbled at the privilege and the astonishing freedom I’ve had to write and publish to my heart’s content.

A huge thank-you to Rusty Reno, Matt, the FT tech team, and others who have had a role in making this blog what it is.

On August ??, though, I’m moving my blog to Patheos. The blog will continue to bear the “Leithart” name it’s had since I started blogging in the early 2000s. That will be a sign of continuity, and a constant reminder that I don’t speak for anyone but myself. 

My blog will continue to be what it has been – a public notebook, where I explore biblical and theological topics, post notes from my reading and research, comment on politics and culture. 

The reason for the move is simple: Patheos will pay me for blogging, something First Things is not in a position to do. I’m at a moment in life where I need to get paid for as much of my writing as I can. Readers won’t have to pay to read, but Patheos will provide a welcome supplement to my livelihood.

This move doesn’t signal a breach between First Things and me. No one asked me to move my blog and I have no complaints or grievances, personal or ideological, against FT. I will continue to write a bi-weekly column at and an occasional article or review for the magazine, participate in Evangelicals and Catholics Together, speak as a “First Things” lecturer, and share, as I have opportunity, in the other initiatives of the Institute on Religion and Public Life. I’ll be delighted to remain a part of the First Things family.

I hope you’ll visit the new site. It may be edifying, and, besides, you’ll be helping to send young Leitharts to college.

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