Welcome to Leithart

Welcome to Leithart August 14, 2017

Welcome to Leithart the blog. For those who are coming to the blog for the first time, please allow me to introduce myself.

I am Peter Leithart, President of the Theopolis Institute, a study center and leadership training program based in Birmingham, Alabama. After spending several decades in the Presbyterian Church in American, I currently serve in the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC) as Teacher at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Birmingham. In the past, I have served as pastor of two churches, one in Birmingham and the other in Moscow, Idaho. I am married to Noel and we have 10 children and (currently) 9 grandchildren.

I have written 30-some books, some of which you’ll find linked here at Patheos. I studied systematic theology, and everything I write is a form of theology, whether I’m writing about Shakespeare or Jane Austen, a commentary on 1-2 Samuel, essays on the Trinity, or a historical study of Constantine. I plan to post excerpts from some of my books over the next several months, to give new readers – if any there be – a better sense of what I’m about.

I started blogging with a solo site in the early 2000s. For the past five years, my blog was generously housed at Firstthings.com. Leithart the blog has died twice, and we’re on to the second resuscitation. (For those who are wondering, my blog archives are moving over to this new site; the archive transfer will be complete shortly.)

As I explained there last Friday, I moved my blog here because Patheos pays bloggers and I need to be paid for the time I spend writing. I’m grateful to Bart Gingerich for offering this gig, and for his work, along the work of many others whom I have not met, to make sure it was a smooth and painless transition.

Leithart the blog is a public notebook. I write short essays on biblical texts and themes, interact with essays, books, and topics in theology and other disciplines, comment on contemporary politics and culture. My doctoral supervisor John Milbank described himself as a theologian interested in everything and in the God who is beyond everything. In this respect and in others, I am of Milbank.

Here’s the plan: I post one or two essays a day, Monday-Thursday. On Friday, I bring together shards and fragments gathered through the week in a Friday Flurry.

Once again, welcome. And enjoy.

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  • Anonymous
  • davidpgoldman

    Congratulations and Godspeed. Looking forward to your work as always.

  • Daniel Eddy

    I am glad indeed to see your writing receive a well-deserved “tithe”! When I saw over at FirstThings that you were “moving” I had a very brief moment of dismay: I have developed the habit of consulting your blog whenever I write a sermon (credit always gratefully given!). May the Lord continue to bless your words and may they continue to be a blessing to all who read them!

  • Gene

    Whatever it takes to keep you blogging and your archives available! Patheos floods my browser with so much advertising that it sometimes locks it up! But I’m willing to pay the price! Like Mr Eddy, I regularly consult your blog and archives. Indeed, I’ve followed your blog for over seven years now. God bless and thank you for your work and especially for making it publicly available.

  • C. R. Wiley

    Welcome. Great to have you here.

  • moshebaruch

    Looking forward to reading you on Patheos. God bless!