Jesus Daily: Not Just a Popular Facebook Page Anymore


Jesus Daily is a popular Facebook page with over 27 million “likes”, but it’s also now a handy daily devotional that you can use every day of the year. Here’s the blueprint: Based on the major themes found on the most active Facebook page in history, JESUS DAILY is a 365-day interactive devotional that goes [Read More...]

Angelic Voices Herald Christmas in Harvard Square


I was there that night and saw it with my own eyes: the kindling of the spirit of Christmas and the joy when that spirit leaped into life! It may have started off like any other bustling Saturday night. College students enjoyed a night off from studies. Shoppers peeked though store windows while restaurant diners [Read More...]

Jean Heimann: Seven Saints for Seven Virtues

Jean Heimann

In March of this year, I had the great blessing to spend a good amount of time with an advance copy of the beautiful book Seven Saints for Seven Virtues by Jean Heimann. Jean’s publisher had invited me to pen the book’s foreword. Honestly, for me this task of writing something to compliment an author’s [Read More...]

Thou Shalt Not Cyberbully


On this morning’s episode of The Son Rise Morning Show, host Matt Swaim and I looked at the topic of cyberbullying. The conversation was prompted by a Vatican press conference this week on the topic: Entitled “Stop threats on the internet,” the conference was organized by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace and the [Read More...]

3 Easy Ways to Share Your Faith when Hosting “Holiday” Parties

3 Easy Ways to Share Your Faith

My ears are still ringing this morning from the awesome party we threw at our house last night. I’ll be scraping red frosting off the floor and finding half filled plastic wine cups around the house for the next few weeks. But hosting close to a hundred of my husband’s work colleagues in our home [Read More...]

How I’ve Been “Renewed” by the Work of Father Robert Reed

father robert reed

I’m a huge fan of the work being done by Father Robert Reed, who is a priest of the Archdiocese of Boston and the president of the CatholicTV Network. Father Reed is wildly gifted at using the tools of the New Evangelization to win hearts and souls for Jesus and the Church. But more importantly, he [Read More...]

Drawing Near to the Poor–Sweet Tweets for 12/05/14


What do you think of when you hear the word “poor”? I was praying about this when I read Pope Francis’ tweet from earlier this week. In it, he challenged me, “the Church is called to draw near to every person, beginning with the poorest and those who suffer.” I was praying about it when [Read More...]

Regina Doman on Ten Years of “Angel in the Waters”

Regina and Cora Regina

I remember the day my copy of Angel in the Waters arrived. My boys were really “too big” for picture books, yet I still shared the treasure with them, trying to remain composed as we read aloud the prose and marveled at the illustrations. Today, ten years later, Angel in the Waters still impacts me emotionally in this very [Read More...]

Greg & Jennifer Willits Interview Me… And YOU Can Win My Book!


Several years ago, Greg and Jennifer Willits gave a “Yes” that has had a major impact on my life and work. Greg and Jennifer have given so many remarkable “Yeses” in the years since I’ve known them. But the “Yes” that first drew me to them was their commitment to their very first podcast, the [Read More...]

Scott and Kimberly Hahn Invite You into Their Home for a Live Webinar


Did you ever dream about having a peek inside the home of noted author Dr. Scott Hahn and his fellow author and wife Kimberly? If you answered “Yes”, then mark your calendar for this Friday evening, December 5th at 4 pm ET. Here are the details: Joy to the World is the new Christmas book by [Read More...]