The Message of the Cross — Sweet Tweets for 8/29/14


Turning on the news is challenging lately. It seems that at every moment, we are confronted with so much pain and suffering that it becomes impossible to take it all in. How can we begin to fathom the pain of a mother whose son is beheaded (or the nameless dying in urban settings every day)? [Read More...]

Mass Friends: Do You Know Their Names?

Mass Friends-

On Sunday, I sat in my usual spot at my home parish. These days, I hesitate to call the center of the third pew “my spot” because I’m only in it about once or twice a month due to frequent travels. But when I do worship on Sundays at our home parish, I’m a creature [Read More...]

Accept Iraq’s Bishop Saad Sirop Hanna’s Challenge to Pray Today

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 2.20.39 PM

On his Facebook profile, Bishop Saad Sirop Hanna, Auxiliary Bishop of the Chaldean Catholic Patriarchate of Babylon, challenged his Facebook friends (and their friends) to spend 30 minutes in silent prayer on Tuesday to pray for peace in Iraq and for the refugees who are suffering in his part of the country. Post by Bishop [Read More...]

Praying for Napa Families in Quake’s Wake


If you don’t know much about California or the agriculture industry, you might have laughed off the early morning Napa earthquake on Sunday with thoughts of your favorite wine and how the price might rise. Because when we hear “Napa”, we think “wine”, right? In reality, this earthquake is likely to have devastating economic impacts [Read More...]

Sweet Tweets for 8/22/14 – Children of God


I love this week’s lead “sweet tweet” from Pope Francis, which reminds us that we are each “children of God”. What a precious notion – we parents know how much we love and would give our lives for our children. Many of us are sons and daughters of living parents who would do the very [Read More...]

What Is Your Parish Doing to Aid Caregivers?

What Is Your Parish Doing to Aid

A great article ran at OSV this week “Parishes could offer a solution to the problem of a caregiver’s 36-hour days”. The article shares how prevalent the role of caregivers is in today’s society: By one count, the overall total of caregivers in America now stands at more than 65 million, which is around 30 [Read More...]

USCCB Calls for Special Collection For Victims Of Violence In The Middle East

A make-shift shelter protects an IDP family from the elements.On June 5, 2014, the Islamic State of Iraq or ISIS and aligned forces began a major offensive in northern Iraq and the Iraqi Government. This conflict led many Iraqis to flee their homes in search of Safety. Caritas Iraq and CRS have been supporting these internally displaced civilians.Photo by Kris Ozar/Catholic Relief Services

If you’ve been watching the nightly news and wondering how in the world you can possibly help amidst the rising tide of violence that seems to be running rampant, mark your calendars for September 6-7. Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz of Louisville, Kentucky, president of the U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has called for a special collection [Read More...]

Bethany Hamilton’s Faith SHINES in “Dolphin Tale 2″

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 5.21.24 PM

I haven’t seen the film yet, but this little clip featuring superstar surfer Bethany Hamilton makes me so anxious to see the soon-to-be released film Dolphin Tale 2. In this video, Bethany (who lost her arm in a shark attack but remains an awesome inspiration for so many) shares how her personal faith in Christ [Read More...]

Am I a Shepherd Pasturing Myself?


In my prayer time this morning, I was rushed and distracted. As a result, I almost skipped reading today’s first reading from Ezekial 34. I’ll be honest — all too often my daily prayer time, spent partially contemplating the day’s gospel, is simply another “to do” item on my list. But something caused me to [Read More...]

Do My Irish Need an Ethics Lesson from Golfer Cameron Tringale?


The Fighting Irish faithful are again licking our wounds as headlines of a potential cheating scandal make news in advance of the season opener on August 30 at home against Rice. I know that blogging about Notre Dame on a Catholic website is tantamount to opening the floodgates. But because of something I read today, I can’t [Read More...]