We Can’t Neglect the Call for Prayer Amidst ISIS Religious Persecutions

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Perhaps you were like me: you missed watching this video on 60 Minutes Sunday night: More than 125,000 of Iraq’s Christians have been forced to flee the homeland they have lived in for nearly 2,000 years because of ISIS violence and threats. Lara Logan reports. We’re reminded by the USCCB that we each need to [Read More...]

University of Notre Dame Invites Us to Pray During Holy Week

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I always enjoy my regular mailings from the Alumni Association at my alma mater, the University of Notre Dame. This week, I was happy to learn of the plans on campus for alums to visit virtually during Holy Week (from the Alumni Association‘s newsletter): To prepare for the celebration of Easter, the Notre Dame community [Read More...]

Pope Francis Makes a Statement with Distribution of Pocket Gospels

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  From yesterday’s Angelus prayer: Pope Francis offers pocket Gospels from the hands of the neediest As he did last year during Lent, the Pope offered all those present a pocket-sized Gospel, which was distributed by some homeless people who live in Rome. “Here we see a beautiful gesture”, he remarked. “Those ones most in need [Read More...]

“Catholic Moments” with Sr. Mary Lea Hill and Roxane Salonen


I’m happy to share the recording of the most recent episode of the all new “Catholic Moments”, which is now airing as a bi-weekly radio program on Radio Maria USA. In this episode, we were honored to feature the work of Sr. Mary Lea Hill and Roxane Salonen. Listen: Listen here or visit RadioMariaUSA.com to [Read More...]

Is It STILL Lent? Top Catholic Tweets for 3/20/15

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How is your Lent going? Mine seems interminable. Although this Lenten season has been filled with amazing blessings, there are some days when it feels as though the season will never end. When I have days like that, I try to unite my tiny, tiny “sufferings” with Christ, asking God to help me grow more [Read More...]

“Do You Believe?”: Movie Challenges and Inspires


New out in theaters this weekend, Do You Believe? is the latest film from the creators of God Is Not Dead.  The movie brings together a strong ensemble cast and invites the viewer into a compelling storyline filled with action and relationships. Here’s a brief synopsis: With compelling performances and a gripping plot, “Do You [Read More...]

On Air with @LinoRulli: A Catholic Mom’s Dream Comes True!

Mom behind the mic!

Last week, I partially ticked an item off of my bucket list. I say “partially”, because when I wrote “co-host a national radio show” on that list way back when, I imagined that my co-host would be in the same studio as I was. As it turned out, my amazing opportunity to be a part [Read More...]

It’s Not about Green Beer: Celebrating the TRUE Spirit of St. Patrick

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Although I haven’t set foot outside my own home today, I know the rest of the world is draped in kelly green. Like Christmas, the annual celebration of St. Patrick’s day seems to start earlier each year. There’s one person in my life, not a person of faith, who faithfully replaces their Valentine’s day pink [Read More...]

Top Catholic Tweets for 3/16/15

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This week’s news comes on the heals of a very busy week for me and for our Church. I’ll be back in the next few days with posts on my experience as Lino Rulli’s co-host, my time at the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Religious Education Congress and much more. But until then, take some time [Read More...]

Anticipating #RECongress: Finding Our Voice in the Body of Christ

opera singer

Today is simultaneously one of my most exciting and most nerve wracking days of the year. Tomorrow, I’ll head over to Anaheim to be a part of this year’s Archdiocese of Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. I’ll make my way through crowds of catechists, Catholic school teachers, priests, sisters, volunteers, young adults and kids–and protesters [Read More...]