Your Yes for 2015

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Participate in Lisa Hendey’s “Your Yes for 2015” by receiving a brief daily email for 15 days, beginning on January 5, 2015 to help you prayerfully discern your “Yes” to God’s will for your life in the New Year.

Each day, for fifteen days, we will walk through the various graces that contribute to fully giving our best to God, our Church, our communities and our families. Inspiration from scripture, saints, Church fathers and other helpful resources will be included. Based on the concepts of The Grace of Yes: Eight Virtues for Generous Living, this project is designed to be an ongoing commitment to giving your best to God and to the world around you.

Participants will receive a check-in reminder on the 15th of each month in 2015 to help you continually renew your “Yes to God” for the New Year and keep on target with your goals.

Fifteen Day Challenge Links:

  1. Day 1: What Is This?
  2. Day 2: What’s Your Yes to God?
  3. Day 3: Who Is a Part of Your Yes?
  4. Day 4: Belief as a Part of Your Yes
  5. Day 5: Relationships as a Part of Your Yes
  6. Day 6: Work as a Part of Your Yes
  7. Day 7: Integrity as a Part of Your Yes
  8. Day 8: Humility as a Part of Your Yes
  9. Day 9: Vulnerability as a Part of Your Yes
  10. Day 10: No as a Part of Your Yes
  11. Day 11: Rebirth as a Part of Your Yes
  12. Day 12: Surrendering Our Needs
  13. Day 13: Time in the Desert
  14. Day 14: Gospel Inspiration for Your Yes
  15. Day 15: Discern, Decide, Do

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