Discern, Decide, Do–Your Yes for 2015: Day 15

Discern, Decide, Do–Your Yes for 2015: Day 15 January 19, 2015

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Welcome to Day 15 of our “Your Yes for 2015” Adventure. If you’re joining us today for the first time, find the index of all of the days here.


Seriously, wow!

When we embarked on this fifteen day challenge on January 5th, I had no idea what I was really doing. In all honesty, the project was a little brainstorm that happened in a November conversation with very little planning or direction. But on the morning of the 5th, I was wise enough to give this whole endeavor over to God for his purposes. You did that as well by consenting to be a part of this process. And God has seen us through.

In reality, while today is the end of our first “chapter” of this particular book, we’re really just getting started. Those of you who remain on my reminder mailing list (see below to sign up) will be receiving a regular check in from me on the 15th of each month. In those emails, I will be asking you to assess your progress towards the “Yes” you hoped to give God in 2015. Remember those things we wrote down earlier in this process? Keep them handy, as we’ll be coming back to them! I will also periodically email you with other news, information and tools that I feel might be helpful to you in this process.

In my prayer time this morning, something I read inspired me about how to end the challenge. Since we’ve proclaimed 2015 a year of intentional action, I will leave you with three actions:


Continue to prayerfully seek God’s will for your life and for this year. When you begin to doubt or second guess your “Yes” goals, take them to prayer. God may indeed by taking you along a different path. When your resolve weakens, surrender yourself and your struggles to your heavenly Father. When you find success or experience a breakthrough, remember to bow your head in thanksgiving to the Source and Summit of all goodness. To God be the glory!


Some of us are still not fully committed to the “Yes” goals we want to give God in 2015. Don’t give up simply because you haven’t committed yet. But today, I’m encouraging you to decide on at least one definitive, intentional goal for this year. Decide for “Yes”. Write it down. Commit.


We can discern and decide, but if we don’t “do” we will have made zero difference in our relationship with God, in our lives, or in our service to the world around us. We must “do” in order to give a full and worthy “Yes”. So let’s get busy–we have a God to serve and a world greatly in need of the gifts we have to offer.

I will leave you today with a beautiful saint quote shared with me by my friend Sarah Reinhard. Sarah is an important partner for me in giving my “Yes” to God and a beautiful gift to many. I love that she provided a perfect pearl for you to take with you as we embark on the next phase of our “Yes” challenge:

Not the goods of the world, but God.
Not riches, but God.
Not honors, but God.
Not distinction, but God.
Not dignities, but God.
Not advancement, but God.
God always and in everything.
Saint Vincent Pallotti

To Ponder:

  • How will daily and intentional discernment be a part of your 2015 “Yes to God”?
  • What definitive decision have you made about your “Yes” for 2015 as a part of this process?
  • What will you do this year to draw you into closer connection with God and into greater service for others?

Let Us Pray:

God, help me to hear and discern your will for my days this year. I commit to actively loving you through the service I offer to those around me. Be with me in my moments of weakness and frailty. I offer any success as a witness to your glory. Take my “Yes” as a sign of my love. I am yours.  Amen.

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