My Exciting News: #CRSMedia Mission to Tanzania in 2015!

Tanzania Journal

Friends who follow me on Facebook saw a status update a few days ago that intrigued them. I posted a very unflattering photo of myself decidedly not smiling. That’s unusual for me: In reality, it was truly hard to contain my smile in that photo. The purpose for an updated passport pic is my big [Read More...]

Which “Master” Am I Serving? – Sweet Tweets for 12/19/14

In his tweet for this week, Pope Francis sent a message that is helpful to remember during the busy Christmas season: Today, as I worry about Christmas presents to purchase and holiday parties to dress up for, I’m asking myself if I’ve misplaced my priorities, if I’m serving the wrong “master”. While my intentions for [Read More...]

USCCB & Bishop Oscar Cantú on Release of Alan Gross and #CubaPolicy

This has been a busy week for Bishop Oscar Cantú, who is Chairman of the USCCB’s Committee on International Justice and Peace. Just yesterday, I posted his statement on the torture report. Today, we have his statement (included below for your reference) on the release of American Alan Gross from Cuba and the shift in the Administrations [Read More...]

Avoiding the Sins of the Media

, Archangel Michael in St. Sophia monastery, Kiev, Ukraine, courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc.

Have you sat down and watched television lately? I mean, really, truly watched it? I’d guess that I’ve spent approximately ten hours in the last month watching TV. That figure comes from my estimated five hours of watching my favorite show, Survivor, and five hours of sitting next to my husband working while he watches football. [Read More...]

Bishop Oscar Cantú on U.S. Senate Select Intelligence Committee Report on Torture

Bishop Oscar Cantú, chair of the USCCB’s Committee for International Justice and Peace offered a formal statement from the USCCB on the U.S. Senate Select Intelligence Committee Report on Torture “The Catholic Church firmly believes that torture is an ‘intrinsic evil’ that cannot be justified under any circumstance. The acts of torture described in the Senate Intelligence Committee’s [Read More...]

@USCCB Lanza Lecturas Diarias De La Misa En Español En Línea

Consistently on my personal “must do” list for the last five years have been four few simple words: Learn to speak Spanish! In crafting my list of “resolutions” for 2015, the words are there again. Living in California and endeavoring to serve my Church reminds me at least once per week that to communicate effectively [Read More...]

Archbishop Fisher Urges Prayers for Sydney

From the Archdiocese of Sydney’s website: While a hostage siege continued in Sydney’s CBD for most of the day  Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP called for prayers for the hostages and their families and for a peaceful resolution. Archbishop Fisher said; “We are all shocked and saddened by what is happening in Martin Place today. My [Read More...]

SNL’s “Christmas Mass Spectacular”–Yes, I LOLed!

Ok, lucky for me there is a penance service at Church tonight. Because I probably broke numerous commandments by laughing so very hard at this Saturday Night Live skit, shared with me by a fellow parishioner: How many of these jokes hold true at your parish? For the record, my Pastor is definitely NOT “Pastor [Read More...]

Father Valencia’s “Frozen” Confession Cover: “Let It Go”

Found via Facebook! Take a few minutes and watch this precious priest encourage us to find God’s forgiveness in the Confessional! This was created in June but I just found it. And just in time for Advent penance services! Click on the video below to watch via Facebook. Post by Ariel A. Valencia. Video Link [Read More...]

Let Nothing Discourage You–Sweet Tweets for 12/12/14

This incredibly busy season of the year can feel daunting for all of us. So much to do, so little time! Personally, I feel the pressure of social engagements, gifts to be extended, and the general calendar-filling that accompanies December. To be sure, it is all wonderful stuff. But I feel so very busy. On [Read More...]