Following the @USCCB #PeacePilgrimage Online


As a Catholic geek, I love the fact that when our Bishops do something as important as take a “Peace Pilgrimage” in the Holy Land, they go out of their way to share it with the faithful using the latest tools of technology. An overview of the trip is provided by the USCCB: This week, [Read More...]

Let’s Answer the Call to Fasting and Prayer for Peace


Recently, I received the following press release about an excellent event that is being held this month. I wondered at the fact that this is the 22nd “International Week of Prayer and Fasting”, but only my first time to know about it. The nine day event will be kicked with an international conference on September [Read More...]

Trusting in Jesus and His Mercy — Sweet Tweets for 9/13/14


If you could please spare a prayer, I am at a family funeral this weekend. As we gather to grieve the loss of a loved one, I am reminded how moments like this are at once filled with sorrow, and with tremendous grace. In the transitions of life, we also experience moments of great potential [Read More...]

CRS Video from Iraq Will Melt Your Heart: Watch, Pray, Share & Give!

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 4.12.21 PM

Not many words are necessary to accompany this amazing firsthand look at those impacted by the ongoing crisis in Iraq. Catholic Relief Services’ Communications Officer Caroline Brennan shares from the heart about what is being done to aid those most impacted by the ongoing violence in the region: If you can get past the frames [Read More...]

Watching Our Actions and Words in the Digital Age


In the past few days, I have been peripherally involved with three situations involving potential bad behavior. All three situations occurred in digital arenas. None of the three overtly said, “I am going to ____”, but each of them were phrases that indicated physical or emotional harm. And these weren’t kids cyberbullying. They were grown [Read More...]

A Long Week & Lots of Love — Sweet Tweets for 9/5/14

our lady of sorrows

Why do short weeks sometimes feel sooooo long?! I started off the week with a post about how I was in a bit of a funk. I have to share that I was so very moved by the many kind messages I received from so many of you who wrote to say that you were [Read More...]

Of Venerable Fulton, and Bodies


I’ve been praying all day about what to write today. My day started early with a radio segment on the Sonrise Morning Show where host extraordinaire Matt Swaim and I had a scintillating conversation about the iPhone-Jennifer-Lawrence-nude-photo-icloudgate situation. We agreed to skip beyond talking about why women would choose to photograph themselves au naturel and [Read More...]

#Defunkifying — What’s Your Strategy?


As rarely happens to me, I have been in a dark mood for the past few days. I don’t have a good excuse. And try as I might to simply “snap out of it”, my funk has lingered beyond its welcome. I’ve tried all of the usual strategies in my arsenal: prayer, more prayer, the [Read More...]

The Message of the Cross — Sweet Tweets for 8/29/14


Turning on the news is challenging lately. It seems that at every moment, we are confronted with so much pain and suffering that it becomes impossible to take it all in. How can we begin to fathom the pain of a mother whose son is beheaded (or the nameless dying in urban settings every day)? [Read More...]

Mass Friends: Do You Know Their Names?

Mass Friends-

On Sunday, I sat in my usual spot at my home parish. These days, I hesitate to call the center of the third pew “my spot” because I’m only in it about once or twice a month due to frequent travels. But when I do worship on Sundays at our home parish, I’m a creature [Read More...]