Doing the California Drought: Is a Brown Lawn Holier?


My husband and I are blessed to live in a lovely home, in a beautiful neighborhood, in a fabulous city. We are blessed. But the city we live in is in the state of California, where the water shortage has been well chronicled. We in the Golden State are in a serious drought. A serious [Read More...]

Three Video Views on the World Communications Day Message


This past weekend, I spent some time putting together a small video consideration of this year’s World Communications Day message, featuring our families: After I’d done this, I found this one from the Philippines! Great minds think alike… Theirs is FAR more indepth – I truly loved watching it! To see the content of [Read More...]

Where I’ve Been: When a Writer Writes


Although none of you have asked for it, I feel I owe an explanation to any readers of this blog to explain my sporadic presence here of late. I’m “writing”. I don’t know if you have any “writers” in your life, but perhaps you recognize some of the traits of this strange breed: We ponder, [Read More...]

“Catholic Moments”: The George Family and Danielle Bean


On this week’s episode, Lisa chats with the George family, authors of the inspirational book “Heart of a Lion” – let John Paul George’s complete trust in God completely inspire you! Danielle Bean shares on motherhood and her terrific new project “Momnipotent”. [Read more...]

Top Catholic Tweets for 05/08/15

Image credit: Shutterstock

This week marks the final installment of Top Catholic Tweets here at my blog. It is moving over to its rightful “home” with its author John Clem now serving as its host. It’s been an amazing opportunity to share this feature with you each week and to see firsthand the news of the world and [Read More...]

Archbishop Aquila to Release Pastoral Letter on Restored Order of Sacraments of Initiation

Image based upon artwork by Alekjds (Own work) [CC BY 1.0 (, GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

I was very happy this week to get a sneak peek at an amazing project coming out of the Archdiocese of Denver‘s Office of Evangelization and Family Life Ministries. The three minute video accompanies a major announcement that will be forthcoming from the Archdiocese on May 24. Per the “Saints Among Us” website: Archbishop Aquila’s [Read More...]

@BishopCoyne’s Appeal Video Offers a “Best Practice”

Photo by Rmaloney78  [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Announced on his Twitter feed today, Archbishop Christopher Coyne’s Annual Appeal video for the Diocese of Burlington in Vermont offers a great example of how our bishops can use tools of social media for great results: Annual Appeal 2015 from Christopher Coyne on Vimeo. The list of current services and possible programs, including a Catholic [Read More...]

What Keeps Me Hanging On?

Image credit: Pixabay

Last night, I slept in my bed, next to my husband, for the first time since April 3rd. I’m often on the road, so Greg functions quite effectively around here without me. But this past month of travel has been unusual in that it wasn’t for work or fun. Some work was done and a [Read More...]

A Letter (to Me) for #NDMom Celebration


One of the best gifts my parents gave me was my education, and particularly the opportunity to study at the University of Notre Dame. Those years prepared me for so many things, including my vocation as a wife and mother. This week, I’m honored to share a letter that I was invited to write as [Read More...]

#TheLensCTV: A New Way of Doing Catholic Television


Set your alarms! Tonight at 9 pm ET, CatholicTV treats us to “The Lens”. If you weren’t lucky enough to catch Episode 1 which aired a few weeks ago, this new show may have slipped past you. Here’s an overview: In this interactive, social engaging series, Matt Weber looks at what’s trending through a faith-based [Read More...]