Day Twelve: The Mind of Christ Constantly Inspires You

You are never alone! Help is on the way! Guidance is as near as your next breath! Wisdom is your constant companion! This is the heart of the Holy Adventure.

Moving through every thought and emotion is God’s presence in “sighs too deep for words.” While all religious traditions recognize that life is challenging and temptations abound, they also affirm in various ways that within life’s complexities the voice of Spirit, God, and the Eternal speaks. Enlightenment would not be possible apart from a movement toward wholeness and peace within each one of us. It goes by many names: the Buddha nature, the Tao, Atman-Brahman, the Soul, the Spirit, the inner light. But, each name describes a lively and ever-present wisdom that is essential in the unfolding of our spiritual journeys and our identity as God’s beloved children.

For me, this inner wisdom is the Spirit or the Mind of Christ, dynamically moving in every experience providing guidance for this present moment and for the long haul. This spirit is not ethereal, other-worldly, or abstract, but embedded in concrete moments of day to day life – choosing your vocation, finding and sustaining healthy relationships, making the most of adversity, and embracing life’s necessary losses. Truly the Spirit is embodied; but just as true, the body is inspired. Your body also reveals divine wisdom.

Guidance is only a breath away; inspiration is right here; perspective is always at your fingertips. For those whose listen, God’s still small voice guides, protects, inspires, and challenges. The best place to start is right here – by prayerfully listening. One way is simply to ask for what you need and then wait for life to unfold. For example, “God, show me the path to wholeness and service” or “God, give me wisdom to face what can’t be changed in this situation” or “God, let me see what is right in this situation.” Then, actively wait for God’s moment by moment insights – constantly taking time to open to divine guidance and wisdom emerging through your heart, mind, and hands and the events of your life. While life may not always unfold as we desire, we always have the spiritual resources for responding in a healing, reconciling, and creative way. God is near. We have the mind of Christ. There is always a pathway through the darkest valley.

Today, take time to live by the following affirmations as you breathe your prayers.

I experience God’s wisdom and guidance in every situation.
In each moment, I am receiving a vision of divine possibilities and the energies to fulfill them.
God’s Spirit speaks within every thought and emotion.
Divine wisdom guides me and gives me perspective (in this situation).

Throughout the day, ask God for what you truly need to respond to the challenges, uncertainties, and unchangeable realities you face. Ask God for guidance, perspective, wisdom, healing, and love. Pause and listen for God’s still small voice emerging from you experiences – your inner spirit as well as the events of your life. There will always be an answer. While no answer is final or solves all your problems, moment by moment you will find your way. Guided one step at a time, you will gain a larger vision and the resources to be God’s companion in healing your life and the world.

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