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Still Operating On Faith: A Painfully True Love Story

Matt Weber’s Operating on Faith: A Painfully True Love Story brings both depth and humor to the challenges of mortality, especially when they affect young adults and come when you least expect it. Martin Luther is noted for saying, “In the midst of life, we are surrounded by death.” Life holds no guarantees and nothing [Read More…]

Charles Eistenstein, Saving the World, and the George Bailey Principle

For over forty years, I’ve celebrated each Christmas season by watching It’s a Wonderful Life. I’m sure I’m not the only who has to reach for a handkerchief in the course of observing George Bailey’s adventures in self-discovery. Overwhelmed by financial failure and the frustrations of daily life, Bailey contemplates suicide until he is confronted [Read More…]

Some Footnotes on Hell: Responding to Jack Graham’s Angels, Satan, Heaven, Hell, and Winning the War for Eternity

Jack Graham’s Unseen: Angels, Satan, Heaven, Hell, and Winning the War for Eternity is a must-read for anyone who wishes to learn about traditional images of the afterlife and the spiritual world. Although I take a very different theological and biblical bath, Graham well represents a literalist understanding of scripture, and that in itself is [Read More…]

A Joyful Lent?

“There is a time and season for everything,” as the wisdom teacher of Ecclesiastes proclaims, and Lent typically has been the time of fasting, rending garments, long faces, abstention, and sobriety.  Surely there is plenty of reason to be reflective in recognition of the realities of life on both the micro and macro levels.  On [Read More…]