The Two You-Turns of Awareness

  Ramana Maharshi wrote regarding awakening: “Other than inquiry, there are no adequate means.” He said that inquiry was simple and direct. “If one inquires ‘who am I,’ the mind will go back to the Source . . . Not letting the mind go out, but retaining it in the Heart . . . ” In the first part of inquiry, the mind returns to its source and then, in order to live, a new location of mind gets established… Read more

Direct Recognition, Gradual Unfolding

Open-hearted awareness begins with awareness of awareness. It is an essence approach, also called the direct approach. The open-hearted awareness approach focuses on uncovering or discovering our essential nature and then shifting our level of mind to live from open-hearted awareness. Because awake awareness is already here, there is no need to strive to earn it, create it, or develop it; nor is it effective to adopt the passive attitude of waiting for it to find us. Awake awareness, the… Read more

Returning Thinking to its Natural Function

One of the most important developments in human evolution is the ability to think. However, an even more important development is the ability to grow beyond thinking. To do this, we need to discover the intelligence that’s inherent in awareness itself. It is important to note that growing beyond thinking is not a regressive, dumb, or irrational state. When we are identified with our thinking, then that believing creates our perceiving. It is through our five senses that we receive… Read more

Small Glimpses Many Times

The main practice I teach is small glimpses many times, but sometimes one small glimpse changes everything. These shifts can be done in the midst of our daily life. The reason the glimpses are small is that when we shift into awake awareness, our true nature, we let go of efforting and allow the new knowing to know on its own. We can’t use the effort of the egoic doer to help in any way. It can be helpful to begin… Read more

Awakening as Daily Practice

Imagine what our world would be like if more and more people began to awaken. What if awakening became available to us as a normal stage of development? It can happen, and I am hopeful it will. In these contemporary times with so many choices, we can become distracted and end up living on the surface. I designed these practices to encourage experiences of the simplest and deepest dimensions of our human experience in the midst of our daily life…. Read more

Hear How To Shift Into Freedom

Today marks the new release of the unabridged audiobook Shift Into Freedom, read by Loch Kelly! The book has been a bestseller and won a number of Best Books of the Year Awards. However, this kind of subtle teaching is often best listened to and absorbed directly. There is a tradition in the East of communicating these kind of teachings by “ear-whispering.” Enjoy! Foreword read by Adyashanti. Below is a selection from the book, which you can hear directly from Loch… Read more

Unhooking from Thinking

Normally, local awareness is identified, attached, or obscured within the thinking mind and ego function. Yet we cannot know awake awareness through thinking; our contracted, isolated sense of self prevents us from recognizing it. We may begin with a few preliminary practices such as reading, chanting, meditating, or yoga. These initial practices are done by ego-identification with the goal of relaxing the grip of ego identification. However, ultimately, it is imperative to let go of any initial technique, level of… Read more

Suffering from Ego-Identification

On the physical level, if we forget to eat, we will die, so our body registers our need for intake of food as hunger pains. Hunger creates unpleasant feelings of dissatisfaction that motivate us to crave food, seek it, possess it, and consume it. As such, desire, seeking, and dissatisfaction are natural on the everyday level. When our bellies are full, our bodies produce sensations of pleasure and satisfaction. Our suffering begins when ego-identification mistakes itself to be a real… Read more

Where Am I?

The small sense of self feels separate, and this location makes us feel contracted, isolated, and in our heads. The experience of opening up during the process of awakening first brings spaciousness, emptiness, and freedom; these qualities can then be followed by embodiment, unity, and flow. In our journey of awakening the sense of no-self is a freedom from a specific place of viewing. We can feel infinite, everywhere, nowhere, here, and now. Location matters: Where are you viewing from?… Read more

Open-Hearted Awareness and Emotions

When we don’t shift into open-hearted awareness, our hearts can be painfully closed, or they can be too open so that we’re frequently overwhelmed. Then we end up looking to our thoughts to create a sense of self. The result is a small, mental sense of self that makes us fearful and unworthy. Sadly, a thought-based identity cuts us off from our greatest resources for connection, loving-kindness, and wellbeing. While identified solely with a mental self, we may not be… Read more

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