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This Post Contains R-Rated Subject Matter: Viewer Discretion is Advised.

Watching the trailers before Chef on Friday night, I was reminded by the smirking comments of viewers around me that the “This Motion Picture is Rated…” screen before a preview does as much, if not more, to intrigue viewers about the violence, language, or nudity included in the film than it does to dissuade anybody, [Read More...]

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Is Chef the Greatest Movie Ever Made About Sandwich-Making?

What are the greatest movie moments that involve sandwiches? [Read more...]

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In Memory of My Friend, My Boss, My Mentor: Jennifer Gilnett

The last 13 days have been a harrowing experience of heartbreak and loss for me and many who are close to me. I haven’t said anything about it here at Looking Closer, but I think the time has come. [Read more...]

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Have You Ever Changed Your Mind About a Movie? (or How I Got “Dead Poets Society” Wrong)

Alissa Wilkinson, chief film critic for Christianity Today, asked me if I’ve ever changed my mind about a movie… and would I write about that? So I’m asking you. What’s a movie you loved the first time, or hated the first time, and then experienced a total change of mind? I chose to write about [Read More...]

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Up for a Celebrity Impressions Road Trip?

It works as a buddy movie, as a “foodie” film, as a meditation on a mid-life crisis, as battle of brilliant improvisational comedians, and as a surprisingly dry and bittersweet comedy about celebrity. [Read more...]

U2′s Songs of Innocence: Not Bad for Four Guys in Their Mid-50s!

Okay, for the one reader out there who doesn’t know: You can download the new U2 album for free right now on iTunes. [Read more...]

She’s Growing Up So Fast! Auralia’s Colors is 7 Years Old

My first novel Auralia’s Colors — currently on sale at Amazon for a bargain price — is 7 years old today! She’s growing up so fast.  [Read more...]

Q&O: What I’d Change in My Memoir. My Favorite Moviegoing Companion. Top Albums of 2014 So Far. Why You Rarely See Me Smile. More “Noah” Bashing. And More!

Who do you take to the movies? Why are you such a snob? What’s your favorite album of 2014 so far? Why do you rarely smile in pictures? Questions are coming in, so… time for another Q & O = Question and Overstreet! [Read more...]

Best Use of Music in a Movie: Share Your Favorites

On Twitter, the poet Amy Newman asked me to share my pick for “Best Use of Music in a Movie.” When a poet as gifted as Amy Newman asks you a question, you answer it. [Read more...]

First Impressions of Steve James’ Film About Roger Ebert: Life Itself

“Drama holds a mirror up to life, but needn’t reproduce it.” Roger, Roger, Roger. Here I am watching a film about your departure, and I’m still jotting down things you said that will be worth quoting in my own film reviews. [Read more...]

Snowpiercer (2014): A Few First-Impression Notes

Terry Gilliam’s Brazil + Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Delicatessen + Peter Weir’s The Truman Show + Alfonso Cuaron’s Children of Men + John McTiernan’s Die Hard. Link those cars together and, wow, what a helter-skelter train! [Read more...]

Boyhood: The Podcast!

Listen to my conversation about Richard Linklater’s “Boyhood” with Christianity Today’s Chief Film Critic Alissa Wilkinson and the Christ and Pop Culture Superfriends — Richard Clark and Wade Bearden. [Read more...]

From the Director of “Metropolitan” and “The Last Days of Disco”

I’m excited to find, among the new Netflix original series, “The Cosmopolitans,” a new series from Whit Stillman. [Read more...]

Critics Vs. Audiences: Whom Shall We Trust?

When I shared some reviews that question the quality of a faith-based film, I received a scornful comment.  [Read more...]

Looking Closer at When the Game Stands Tall

“When the Game Stands Tall” is getting a lot of attention in evangelical Christian culture because it’s a match made in evangelical Christian movie heaven: It’s about football, and it stars Jim Ca-jeezus. [Read more...]

The Flood Hits Home Video: Give Noah a Chance

Since Aronofsky’s surprisingly (and maddeningly) controversial film “Noah” has finally arrived on home video (video on demand, streaming, blu-ray, and DVD), let me point you to my own review and the best reviews of the film I have come across to date. [Read more...]

Who Among Us Is Thirsty? — A Reflection on the Loss of Robin Williams

I am sick at heart over the loss of one of my favorite imaginations. [Read more...]

Looking Closer at Lucy

I haven’t seen “Lucy” yet … but the clash of opinions about it among critics I respect has been entertaining and intriguing. [Read more...]

Overstreet’s Favorite Films of 2014 — So Far

What are your top five favorite films of the year so far? Most reviewers post their “Best of 2014 So Far” lists at the end of June, because that’s the year’s halfway point. But since a lot of films that qualify as 2014 films for American moviegoers because they opened in New York and L.A. [Read More...]

Boyhood (2014): A Three-Part Response

In which I think through Richard Linklater’s movie “Boyhood” by interviewing my 7-year-old self, my 15-year-old self, and my 20-year-old self… [Read more...]

Back to the Budapest Hotel: Second Impressions

Under the cover of night, Monsieur Gustave (Ralph Fiennes) escapes from prison and finds that “The Divine Zero” (Tony Revolori) has dutifully arrived to rescue him… [Read more...]