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Latest Must-Read Response to F9/11

Matt Labash will make your head spin with his revelations about Moore's "revelations." … [Read more...]

The DaVinci Load

From Language Log's musings on The Da Vinci Code: … [Read more...]

Spider-man 2: First Impression

Has there ever been a sequel so substantially superior to its predecessor than Spider-man 2 is superior to the first film? … [Read more...]

CT Movies Gets Buried in Pro-F9/11 Mail

I'm already anxious to be done talking about this movie, but this is worthy of note. CT Movies has been swamped by a tidal wave of mail ranting about Peter Chattaway's review of F9/11. … [Read more...]

My review of Fahrenheit 9/11… finally.

Okay, I give up.I've spent more time on this review than any other review save The Passion of the Christ. It's been a challenge. And I'm considering my posted review a work-in-progress, as there are so many nit-picky reviews of this movie out there. I don't want to be merely redundant when it comes to the factuality (or non-factuality) of the movie. I want to focus on the spirit of the whole affair... what it is, and what it could have been.So, let me know what you think, in comments or … [Read more...]

Moore Dodges the Questions…

Slippery, slippery, slippery that fellow is! … [Read more...]

Two Brothers (2004)

My review of Two Brothers was originally published at Christianity Today.-There are at least ten good reasons to go see Two Brothers, especially if you take children along for the ride. It's a delightful success thanks to …1. Director Jean-Jacques Annaud. The director's "grownups-only" films have been hit-and-miss affairs (The Name of the Rose, The Lover, Enemy at the Gates, Seven Years in Tibet), but his "all-ages" films are delightful, unusual, and exemplary. In 1988, he gave us T … [Read more...]

Chattaway and Parks Review Fahrenheit 9/11

My friend and colleague Peter T. Chattaway offers his view of Fahrenheit 9/11 at CT Movies today.At the same time, my good friend, and an exemplary film critic, J. Robert Parks has turned in a review. I've posted it on the Looking Closer film page. … [Read more...]

CT Interviews the Filmmaker Behind America’s Heart and Soul

You'll get more out of this film than you will out of Fahrenheit 9/11... because, for the most part, it's true. … [Read more...]

An Instant Classic is Born?

Boasting equal parts Beatles-esque invention, Sonic Youth recklessness, and Neil Young fuzz-guitar solos, along with an invigorated passion for long instrumental diversions and some of Jeff Tweedy's most provocative lyrics, A Ghost is Born surpasses my hopes for a grand follow-up to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. I sat down and listened to it at rock-concert volume last night, and discovered that Wilco is far more confident, bolder, and possessed of a more cohesive vision on this album than on … [Read more...]