That’s Me… “Shatterer of Dreams”

I received this in my email box today, with the strange subject of “Remainder”…

Dear sir,

I read your article at the ( the film Titanic. I was overwhelmed at the handling of the rviews about the film and my curiosity,anxiety and eagerness to see the film increased in bonds. But I do not get the original version of the film here.I am residing in India. So I request you to send me the original uncensored VCD version of the film for free to

[address deleted]

I hope you not shatter the dreams of true admirer of the film Titanic. Please inform me by mail that you have sent the CD. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully,

[name deleted]

Note:I had already sent a mail regarding this.But you had not replied.So I request you to take appropriate affort kindly for the sake of mine.Thanks.

Do I have a sign up somewhere that says, “All reviewed films available for free by request”? If so, please show me where it is so I can take it down. In the meantime, I guess I’m going to go take appropriate affort kindly.

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  • Martin

    India doesn’t have a censorship board — does it?

    Ain’t some o’ that there Bollywood stuff pretty racy?

  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    I did respond, thanking them for reading the site, and assuring them that Looking Closer has no access to movies for giveaways, except in the one case in which I offered some “Secondhand Lions” DVDs as a gift to those who donated to the site. I also reminded them that offering “free VCDs” of Titanic would be illegal.

  • -B

    HA! HA! HA! Don’t respond and just let the guy continue thinking you are going to send him the DVD. :-)