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How Fair is Fahrenheit 911?

From The Hollywood Reporter: Even if one agrees with all of Moore's arguments, the film reduces decades of American foreign-policy failures to a black-and-white cartoon that lays the blame on one family. He ignores facts like the policy to arm and support Afghan rebels that began in the Carter administration. For that matter, the Clinton team never mounted a serious effort to go after al-Qaida even after the 1998 embassy bombings in East Africa.The Iraq violence is more gruesome than what … [Read more...]

Ten Questions You’re Asking about Spielberg’s The Terminal

1. Is it worth seeing?Yes.2. Why is it worth seeing?Because it's Tom Hanks at his very best, with the most multi-dimensional and convincing character he's played in a long time. The movie set itself--an airport terminal constructed for the film--is a thing of beauty, and Janusz Kaminski films it in a spectacular array of kaleidoscopic light.3. Is it as good as Catch Me If You Can? … [Read more...]

Fred Clark on the Rampage about Christian Art

Check out this three-part series on "Christian art"... … [Read more...]

A New Head Honcho in the the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Office for Film and Broadcasting

Mark Shea reports on the appointment of a new head guy in the Catholic office of film. … [Read more...]

“Charming and Dangerous”

My collegue-in-blogging Clint M. pointed me to this review of Sam Phillips' "A Boot and a Shoe," which includes this excellent description of Sam's work: … [Read more...]

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, a True Time-Waster

Just came out of Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story beaten senseless by the locker room humor. It's like someone said, "Let's do something like Zoolander, but with a lot more of the really really dumb parts, and then recycle a few of the funny parts."I got tired of this kind of humor when I was a sophomore in high school. … [Read more...]

First Look at The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

Can you feel the chill? The Witch's winter is coming... … [Read more...]

It Probably Won’t Be Remembered As “Around the World in 80 Raves”

Decent Films' Steven D. Greydanus raves...  … [Read more...]

A few snippets of my wild day today…

My brother Jason, singer/songwriter/composer for the a capella group Rescue, is in the emergency room due to a very serious spider bite, and is getting heavily dosed with painkillers and antibiotics. Apparently he'll have to go through a series of treatments before the volcano on his arm goes away. I'm told his elbow swelled up to the the size of a tennis ball, to say nothing of what happened to the rest of his arm. Yikes. The scary thing is that he's never seen the spider, so he doesn't know … [Read more...]

Email of the Day

For what it's worth, I posted a response at CT Movies to all of those readers who wrote in to tell me that I will be severely judged by the Lord because of my earlier-posted article, in which I argued that profanity is sometimes an appropriate element in art.But not all of the responses to the article were negative. … [Read more...]