Archives for June 2004

After Reading the Rage-Mail, Take a “Long Pause”

Darren Hughes’ Long Pauses is one of my almost-daily stops. … [Read more...]

Weirdest Movie News of the Day: Joan of Bark?

Since Paul Thomas Anderson recently directed Adam Sandler in a film, hey, why not have David Mamet work with Will Ferrell? … [Read more...]

Rating the Churches

Oh how we love to rate things.I love top ten lists. They’re fun, interesting, and there’s an art to writing one well so that it reads with some music, humor, and suspense.I reluctantly rate movies by a letter-grade system when I review them, so that I have simple language for separating the rewarding experiences from those that are a waste of time.But this? … [Read more...]

Sam Phillips… live in Seattle this Tuesday.

Sam Phillips is playing this Tuesday at the Century Ballroom in Seattle. I’ll be there. … [Read more...]

Move Review Quote of the Week: The Day After Tomorrow

The New Yorker's Anthony Lane, describing what happened in the theatre halfway through The Day After Tomorrow... … [Read more...]

Listen to Anne Lamott… she talks with Dick Staub. … [Read more...]

Masked and Anonymous… and Misunderstood?

David Dawes has just posted an argument, postulating that the all-star box-office flop Masked and Anonymous was one spectacularly misunderstood motion picture. … [Read more...]

Tarkovsky’s Polaroids

Turns out the great Russian film director Andrei Tarkovsky had a talent for Polaroids as well. … [Read more...]

100% Pure Yorkshire Beauty

Ever dream about going down to a pub and discovering one of those mysteriously gorgeous Yorkshire lasses with that mysteriously gorgeous way of singing, the voice that just carries you off into melancholy storytelling about the sea, about unrequited love, about hardship and longing...?Okay, maybe that's my sort of thing.I basked all weekend in the glow of the new album by Kate Rusby. Underneath the Stars is my favorite Rusby record yet — beautifully recorded, giving her voice all the spac … [Read more...]

Now You Can Edit the Violence Out of Movies!

CT Movies posted a point/counterpoint today regarding the new "U-Edit-the-movies" ClearPlay DVD Player, which can be set to filter out cussing, violence, and nudity. … [Read more...]