Bono Asks, “Why Isn’t Africa on the Convention agendas?”

Bono’s back, ready to attend both the Democratic and the Republican conventions, asking why in the world the Africa crisis is not listed as a subject for discussion at either one.

Here’s his Boston Globe editorial.

I hope he knows better than to carry any copies of the new album with him if he DOES go the conventions…

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  • Bryan Zug

    Funny — your link is to my hometown paper — the San Bernardino County Sun — and it also quotes a friend of mine, Barry taylor, who used to be a rhodie for AC/DC — not kidding

  • amcorrea

    Congrats, Jeffrey!

    (Yes, I’m still alive… Feel free to come visit!

  • Matt

    In a way, it’s likely that the President will address Africa. He’s already dealt with funding for AIDS in previous SOTU addresses. This time around, he’ll likely comment on the Sudan genocide (the genocide that the UN isn’t stopping). Likewise, rooting out terrorists and Islamic radicals in Algeria, Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya, Libya, etc etc. will go a long way in stablizing the region, making it possible to do the humanitarian work that Bono rightly struggles to achieve.