How good is Alien vs. Predator?

So good that a Vancouver, B.C. film critic informs me that there will be no early press screenings, no opportunities for critics to offer an opinion of the movie before it opens.

Translation: It’s beyond awful.

The studio is hosting some “courtesy screenings” for critics just a couple of hours before regular crowds get in for the matinees. But by that time, they will have ensured that nobody will know what a stinker this movie really is, and thus the oblivious crowds will march right on in and spend their money.

(I’m trying very hard here to believe, for a moment, that reviews would make any difference whatsoever…)

UPDATE: The reviews are in. What a surprise.

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  • Darren

    Bush is still reading Oswald Chambers? Jeffrey, you might enjoy this post from Slacktivist.

  • CTDelude

    Supposedly the first 35 to 45 minutes are derivative junk but then come the part’s they actually fight…it gets good for those who geek for such things.

    Unfortunately you do have to check your brain at the door. The script is a stinker but the direction isn’t all that bad.

    All of this coming from the review of the film over at