Laws of sequels: Item 231a

Laws of sequels: Item 231a

A sequel must introduce the father, or at least a close family relation, of one of the first film’s main characters.

And for Pirates of the Caribbean, we’ll be meeting the father of Johnny Depp’s character Jack Sparrow. He will be played by the very man who inspired Depp’s endearing, odd performance …

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  • Thom

    Huh. He’s shocked. I thought they toned a lot of the most controversial stuff way down (or took them out of the story completely).

    Gabriel was far more arrogant under Ennis’ pen. Constantine less sympathetic. I was surprised at how much less “antagonistic” the film was to faith than the comic which inspired it.

    If his hope was really to offend, he should have stayed moer true to the comic.

    I’ve found when you go out of your way to offend, you don’t cause near the stir as the folks who stumble into it.