Report: The Voice of Aslan is…

Bryan Cox.

(At least, that’s what Ain’t It Cool News is reporting.)

I’m thrilled.

Cox has a big, booming, rough voice. He never wastes one line of dialogue. His voice has so much more character, personality, and complexity than the large-but-dull voices usually employed for characters of commanding authority.

I was afraid they’d go for a voice that would be instantly recognizable to the moviegoing public, but Cox is lesser-known than James Earl Jones (who’s already played a Lion King) and Sean Connery (who proved with Dragonheart that he should never voice a big animated character again (because, really, who wasn’t thinking about Sean Connery every time he spoke)?

I have little doubt that when Cox growls, we will feel that hot lion breath on our faces, and something in even the bravest soul will tremble.

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  • Darrel Manson

    Best Narrative film: Brothers
    Best Director: Susanne Bier – Brothers
    Best Original Screenplay: Susanne Bier and Anders Thomas Jensen – Brothers
    Best Actor: Ulrich Thomsen – Brothers
    Best Supporting Actor: Nikolaj Lie Kaas – Brothers

  • Darrel Manson

    Best Narrative Film: Crash
    Exploration of Spiritual Issues: Crash
    Best Original Screenplay: Paul Haggis & Bobby Morescu – Crash
    Best Score: Mark Isham – Crash
    Best Ensemble Cast: Crash

  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    Okay, I’ve added those.

    I’ve also repaired the broken Matthews House link.

  • Dale

    Murderball for doc, thank you.


  • Matt Page

    Hi Jeffrey,

    I’d like to Nominate The Woodsman for best overloooked film (The IMDB lists it as being released around Chritmas) and Somersault (which I think you are yet to get in the US) for best cinematography. As a film it’s wonderful visually if a bit problemmatic.


  • Eriol

    It just might be my computer but the Matthews House project link does not work.

  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    There ya go. It qualifies for 2005 for us, since it only recently opened around these parts.

  • Peter T Chattaway

    I would like to nominate Dear Frankie for a number of things — perhaps picture, director, lead actress, script, music — but I am wondering if it qualifies for this year. I first saw it on the festival circuit back in September, but I don’t think it was given a proper “release” in North America until a month or two ago. At any rate, I’ve seen it twice now, and I am rather impressed by it.

  • Martin

    Good move for Cox. He’s a great stage actor whose film roles are too frequently stereotyped. I think he’s played a few too many bad-guy operatives of late, and a good turn as Aslan may help break that mold.