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It Makes The Exorcist Look Like an After-School Special

I've seen the new comic-book action film Constantine, which opens on February 18.When it opens, I'll have a full review in Christianity Today Magazine and at the CT Movies site. … [Read more...]

Clint Eastwood Denies Advocating You-Know-What

I'm not going to spoil the ending to "Million Dollar Baby."But for those of you who know how it ends, and think that the film is advocating such behavior, listen to Clint Eastwood's sharp retort: … [Read more...]

How to Watch The Passion

Some of the best words about The Passion of the Christ that I've ever read. … [Read more...]

Over the Rhine – Drunkard’s Prayer – March 29 – Tour!!

I've just heard from Linford Detweiler of Over the Rhine. The new album is coming (no longer titled "Born"), and the band's ready for an ambitious tour. They *will* be at the Cornerstone Festival this summer (and I hope to be as well).Here's the scoop: … [Read more...]

Should Christian Critics Be Applauding Certain Oscar Contenders?

UPDATE: Okay, I admit, I posted a somewhat reactionary entry earlier after reading Barbara Nicolosi's post about the Oscars today at Church of the Masses. I'm a big Barbara Nicolosi fan, even though I don't always agree with her, and today's post just rubbed me the wrong way. So, to make up for my disrespect to Barbara, I'm going to re-word this post, since Barbara's been gracious enough to clarify...-Act One screenwriting guru and blogger Barbara Nicolosi is on the attack today, … [Read more...]

Rolling Stone rolls over — takes Bible ad.

See my earlier post... … [Read more...]

The Secret Meaning of The Life Aquatic

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the most surprising email I've received today.Warning: If you haven't seen The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, beware! … [Read more...]

Oscar Abominations 2005

THE OSCAR NOMINATIONS 2005: Click here.Isn't it interesting that 1 of The Passion's three nominations is for an "original score" that was largely plagiarized from Peter Gabriel's soundtrack for The Last Temptation of Christ?Here are a few more Oscar abominations: … [Read more...]

Bowman’s blessed by Bawdy Bono

U2 tickets go on sale tomorrow.And to celebrate, let me direct you to Kate Bowman's article about the way that Bono continues to bewilder his evangelical fans just as U2 continues to bewilder the music world.Good luck getting tickets! … [Read more...]

U2’s fan site welcomes special guest: Philip Yancey!

Bono's got good taste in books.First he becomes a big fan of Eugene Peterson's The Message ... a translation of the Bible that I'm very fond of. … [Read more...]