Clint Eastwood speaks.

Eastwood addresses the controversial conclusion of Million Dollar Baby

…in this in-depth interview,

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  • Anonymous

    I’m only a moderate geek (haven’t read the books yet) and have never smoked pot. I am a pretty picky/critical film viewer. James and I saw the film last night and I loved it!! I’m sure being married to an Englishman helped – it enhanced my ability to appreciate the English humour.

    Kari Stewart

  • Joel Buursma

    Agree completely, BethR. If you’re light-headed at all, it would be from the silliness, not the smoke. After a while, my wife tends to groan and roll her eyes at this stuff, so it isn’t for everyone. Anyway, I’m not sure that the reviewer quoted appreciates how many people are aware of these books & at least know some of the major points (like the meaning of LTU&E).

  • BethR

    All you really need to enjoy The Hitchhiker’s Guide is a lively sense of the ridiculous and an appreciation of paradox. Being British may help, but it’s not necessary. Drugs definitely not required.

  • James Stewart

    Haven’t seen the film yet, but I love the books. And my only pot experiences have been passive…