All Credit to Richard Seven

I can only thank Richard Seven once again for letting me be a part of Pacific Northwest Magazine. Look at the letters coming in to The Seattle Times. I hope the higher-ups take note of this and give the guy a bonus.

I expected the typical Seattle anti-Christian outrage. (Ahh… the city of the New Golden Rule: “Tolerate others, as you would have them tolerate you.”)

So, imagine my surprise when I read these…

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  • MattPage

    Well actually I thought it was an appropriately witty put down to an overzealous bit of hyperbole by myself. I wasn’t the least bit offended – it actually made me laugh!

    No probs.


  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    I owe Matt Page an apology for my previous post. I came across as snide and sarcastic, when I meant it more as a playful elbow-to-the-ribs jab. Forgive me if you took offense, Matt. I should be more careful with my tone in comments.

    If I EVER come across as snide or mean-spirited here, please, anyone, do not hesitate to email me. The Internet is an easy place to have terrible misunderstandings, to offend, and to speak hastily and rashly. I am not immune from such failures, but I do want to avoid them wherever possible.



    The ending of Millions completely reminded me of the beautiful work of World Vision! I love that org. They provide clean water for the poorest of the poor worldwide. (Plus a lot of other good stuff to say the least.) I immediately thought of World Vision’s work when I saw the end of that movie.. Great movie & great ending!

  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    [SPOILERS] You predicted that the family would all climb into the box, that the box would blast off like a rocket, and that they’d land in Africa????!! You are blessed with the gift of prophecy, man!

  • Matt Page

    I seem to be in a minority that didn’t like Millions. I don’t know whether mny expectations were just too high, but it just did nothing for me. The adult leads were so awful they took me right out of it, and , to me, some of the visuals just smacked of cheap adverts. I’m not used to finding myself at such variance with the rest of the FFCC, and I’ve friends here that enjoyed it too (including my wife), but most of the group I went with felt the same as me.

    By the way what was the surprise ending? It all seemed a bit predictable to me.