Bruce Springsteen and the Catholic Imagery on His New Album

I heard the new Bruce Springsteen song “Jesus was an Only Son” this morning, and it was a beautiful thing.

Then I learned more about what’s driving that song in a revealing New York Times article.

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  • Bethr

    I hope the SciFi broadcasts bring in a whole new group of fans, despite being at 7 p.m. on the East Coast.

  • Rick R


    I picked up the DVD series on a whim about 2 months ago. My wife and I watched all of the episodes over the course of a week. We couldn’t wait for the kid to be in bed so we could watch the next episode.

    Since then, I’ve got my sister and my sister-in-laws whole family hooked on them.

    This series is what good writing is all about. Great characters, great plotting, great tension/conflicts, great humor. I’m hoping the movie does well enough that someone decides to give the series another shot.

  • Hope McP

    I know a woman who’s been talking about FireFly and this new flick for weeks and weeks. I’ve now heard that the series was originally aired in the wrong order, and this weekend (starting tonight, I think) will air on the Sci-fi channel in the right order. I never saw the show when it was out, but she’s got me curious. And I don’t get that channel, so I’ve put in dibs on NetFlix. May have to see Serenity, too.