Deny the flesh! Go on a Star Fast!!

A long time ago, on a Web site far far away…

I almost thought this was serious. Then I clicked on “How to Really Be Saved.”

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  • jasdye

    Nuts! I was looking for that joke that Peter T. C. told earlier, about the swords and all that, but I couldn’t find it.

    I did quote it on my blog – from memory – today. Funny that I actually missed the joke the first dozen or so go-arounds.

    Nothing new there.

  • Martin

    Uh, Jeff …

    It’s real, man.

    I actually edited one of the pastor’s books when I freelanced for a small Christian publishing house. (The book isn’t as bad as the title might suggest, but nonetheless…)

  • Joel Buursma

    I’m not sure why I’m bothering to reply to this, but scroll to the bottom & there is a FAQ item:

    Is this some kind of joke?
    No, it’s absolutely serious (Hebrews 12:14).

    (I don’t understand the relevance of the Scripture reference.)

    There are some serious pamphlets on the site. It is apparently affiliated with another organization and a church, whose website refers to the StarFast & carries a pastor’s blog that is extensive and has a similar tone.

    I was disturbed by some of their stuff & the sweeping generalizations made. I’m a bit leary of people who rush to adapt the prophetic tone when it applies to others.

    However, they do have some worthwhile points, although some are unbiblical. I appreciate their call to radical obedience. But I believe their view of Creation is seriously flawed. I am moved & challenged by Jesus’ fast & overcoming of temptation. But “deny the flesh” is not the same thing as “Creation is bad”. It’s the presence of sin in Creation that is bad.

  • jasdye

    I don’t know, man. They really spent a lot of time on this one. A good sarcastic site like or lets you know right away — if you’re half-way observant — that you’re in on the joke with them. This site is just plain creepy. Maybe they just found somebody else’s un-funny fundamentalist propaganda and ad-libbed to it (e.g., “2. Realize that God regrets making you; you are worthless and hell bound.”). But I’ve spent my time around some stricter sects of fundamentalists. It’s just eerie.