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Which interpretation of Star Wars will you buy?

Is this what a "culture war" looks like? … [Read more...]

Deny the flesh! Go on a Star Fast!!

A long time ago, on a Web site far far away...I almost thought this was serious. Then I clicked on "How to Really Be Saved." … [Read more...]

And the Denise Levertov award goes to…

News from the house of Wolfe... Image journal and the Department of English at Seattle Pacific University established the Levertov Award to honor one of the twentieth century's greatest poets. Levertov, who spent her last years in Seattle , embraced the landscape and culture of the Pacific Northwest. Levertov's identity as a Christian believer—a pilgrim whose faith was inextricably entwined with doubt—became another important facet of her work, particularly in her later poetry.The Levertov A … [Read more...]

Best. Silent. Movie. Trailer. Ever.

Dante's Inferno. Made in 1911. And it has better special effects than anything you'll see this year. … [Read more...]

2005 Film Nominations for [AFC]2 … so far …

Time to resurrect this post, if only to point out how lame the year 2005 is when it comes to movies in U.S. theaters.(Notice how carefully I said that. Elsewhere in the world, there are, no doubt, amazing films being revealed, films that U.S. distributors don't understand and won't let you see.)The soon-to-be-renamed Arts and Faith Film Critics Circle haven't nominated much of anything for consideration at the end of the year, and it's already April.Can you think of any suggestions … [Read more...]

U2 Fan of the Week

Let's hear it for Coma Guy!! … [Read more...]

Millions (2004)

This review was originally published at Christianity Today on March 11, 2005. -A particularly reliable source once said, "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." When he said this, he was referring to children like Damian.Damian is the young hero of Millions, and you've never encountered a hero quite like him. Unlike the Bart Simpsons and Malcolms in the middle of most family entertainment, Damian is not a … [Read more...]

Who needs "Indiana Jones 4" when we’ve got THIS?!

I've been reading about this project for years, it seems like. But the momentum is building, and we may finally get to see this amazing work of fan filmmaking.... … [Read more...]

"Left Behind": Evangelical Pornography?

Ken Morefield examines the outrageously popular saga, and considers how it plays to evangelical "appetites." For most readers who are not evangelical Christians (and for many of us who are), the representation of reality in the Left Behind series can come across as oddly distorted. I have adopted the term "Evangelical Pornography" to describe the Left Behind franchise because its methods of representing its characters, particularly those who differ from its target audience, fit the description … [Read more...]

Over the Rhine – Drunkard’s Prayer (2005)

All marriages are broken.We’re broken people, and when we commit to each other, for better or worse, we are guaranteed that there will be difficult — sometimes severely painful — times. How we respond to those trials will depend largely on our priorities and our beliefs. Am I in this for my own personal satisfaction? Or am I in this to give myself to the other person as a living sacrifice? When I made those sacred vows, did I believe them to be sacred — a promise before God as well as my spou … [Read more...]