Serenity Now!

My how things have changed. In the year of the climactic Star Wars episode, I’m actually far more excited about this.

If you don’t understand, go rent the Firefly TV series on DVD and get hooked. The fun, smart-aleck dialogue, edgy action, and strong storytelling of the original Star Wars trilogy are better manifested in Firefly than in the Star Wars prequels. Check them out.

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  • mojave

    Well, a Browncoat, I’ll have to stop by here more often.

  • Drew

    Jeff is a fan of FIREFLY!
    Just when I thought there would be an end to the similar tastes in film and music we share. Great Series!I don’t watch television, threw away my antennae(sp?)years ago, but I bought the series on a whim based on what I had read elswhere and I was pleasantly surprised, a fantastic and well developed universe. My wife loves it more than I do even. Bring on September!

  • Rob

    No, he’s right. Serenity is a really great series. It is to sci-fi what Star Trek slowly screwed up since the original series.

  • Anders

    I’m sure you’re right Jeff, but still, if I want that I’ll go watch “the fun, smart-aleck dialogue, edgy action, and strong storytelling of the original Star Wars trilogy,” I’ll go watch the original Star Wars trilogy.